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Wessex Can Help Graduates Find Employment April 27, 2017

Wessex Institute of Technology located in Amhurst Lodge in Southampton in the United Kingdom has many career opportunities. One of the many career opportunities includes their publishing house where they publish their many educational journals. The journals need both writers and editors. Wessex Institute offers many clerical jobs in their administrative office and secretaries to teachers.

The research department employs as many as 11 to 50 employees. Wessex Institute can find employment for people who want to work away from the school. They host annual job conferences where people come looking to interview new prospects in the field of technology.

Wessex hosts job fairs many times a year. They also have an online job board that can be found 24 hour a day, seven days a week. These jobs include industrial research, fluid mechanics, environmental modelling. Computational mechanics, and many other extraordinary career.

Online Business Education Guide UK – by Wessex

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Give Your Hair A Pamper Look With Wen By Chaz April 21, 2017

Get the benefits of having an all-natural hair care product that transforms dull thin hair into healthier nourished hair with unmistakable volume with Wen by Chaz products.

They infuse your hair follicles and encourage hair growth by removing excess oil and dirt. Discover a cost effective way to restore your hair from the effects of perms, dyes, and styling tools. In fact, Wen Hair by Chaz can protect your hair from extreme elements. Their products are reasonably priced at under $40 a bottle with the proper usage clearly listed on the outside of each container.

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Wen by Chaz has been known for providing a unique blend of organic ingredients that have been known to restore the texture of the hair for centuries. You get eleven essential amino acids with the proper blend of vitamin C and E. Give in to wonderful fragrances that include Mandarin Italian and Almond Milk Mint. After a long day at the office, pamper yourself with the superior infused Wen by Chaz beauty care products. You never have to spend over $40 for their hair care products and can find them exclusively on their website. Join thousands of women around the world that have transformed their untamed dry hair into lustrous locks.

You’re cordially invited to visit the exclusive Wen by Chaz website for more details today. The summer peach cleansing conditioner has been one of the most popular beauty care care products for their brand.

Learn more about WEN at

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Bob Reina Pens Video Marketing Column for MarTech Advisor April 20, 2017

Bob Reina established the video marketing solutions company Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since then he has been focused on developing his work and cornering the industry as one of the biggest names in the marketing game. Reina properly forecasted just how integral video marketing solutions would be int he year to come. As a result he was brought on to pen a column in the Mar Tech Advisor back in 2016. The column was so successful that Mar tech invited Reina back for another chance to spread the word of what he’s doing with Talk Fusion.

CEO Bob Reina was excited to get back to work on a piece of writing for MarTech Advisor. MarTech Advisor is one of the top publications read by Chief Marketing Officers in the world. There are more than 1 million subscribed readers to the mailing list which makes it a great chance to really get solid marketing information out into the public. Reina decided to focus on his specialty: video marketing. Reina’s newest article is titled ‘Video Advertising Trends of 2017’. The article is now live on MarTech Advisor and it is currently racking up both page views and shares on social media websites.

Reina has written for more than a couple of huge publications during his public career as a marketing expert. Reina has content written for The Huffington Post, MarTech Advisor, and his own Talk Fusion social media outreach. Reina was more than happy to share his thoughts on MarTech Advisor. Reina stated, “I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers, so they can grow with this medium and learn why now is the time to make video the center of their marketing strategy.”

If you go back to 2004 you’ll get Reina’s first thoughts on Talk Fusion — three years before the company was established. Reina stated, “When I thought of the idea for our first product, Video Email in 2004, it was because I foresaw online video’s uncapped potential early on.” Reina goes on to explain how integral this strategy can be for start up companies and stalwart industry professionals.

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EOS: The Story of How A Tiny Ball Makes Big Waves in the Lip Balm Industry

A few years ago, if you wanted soft lips, you had a few options. You could either buy a Chapstick that you’d probably forget was in the pocket of your jeans or run through the laundry, or you could take a chance on one of the Well-known products. Some were sticky or asked you to rub your finger into a little pot to dispense the product. None of them tasted or smelled particularly like the flavors they were supposed to be.

Suddenly, popping up in magazines and on your co-workers desks like little brightly colored Easter eggs, EOS lip balms were everywhere, bringing color, flavor and quality to an otherwise lackluster field of lip balm choices. So how did an upstart lip balm company come to dominate a product field that’s been largely unchanged for the last century?

Co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky saw a hole in the lip care world. Coming from a corporate background, Mehra knew the ins and outs of big business while his partners came from startup incubators and had the sideways thinking habits to see a product we all use every day in a new way. They gave lip balm, a formerly gender neutral product, a purpose; targeting the women who make up the industry’s core demographic with feminine scents and colors for their packaging. Pairing organic ingredients with design that appealed to all five senses, EOS lip balm did something the lip balm industry hadn’t seen in decades – they innovated.

Today, EOS ( is the second best-selling lip balm in the US. Though making an excellent product is important, you don’t get to sell over a million units a week on good lip balm alone. In addition to finding the right market early on, EOS targeted its advertising in unique ways that go beyond the industry norms of print ads and TV spots. Working with Facebook and other social media platforms, beauty bloggers, YouTubers and pop culture icons, EOS has found a way to grab the attention of the ever-skeptical millennial market. Through innovative thinking and marketing, in a very short amount of time EOS has become a major player in a game that’s been dominated by the same giants for over a century and that is something to smile about.

Try EOS lip balm! Click here:

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Fabletics Adopts Unique Strategies To Establish Themselves In The World Of Fashion April 4, 2017

The world of fashion is a rather interesting one, with a lot of people wanting something new almost every day, but only a few brands being able to make it big in the market. Particularly in the current scenario, with the dawn of online shopping, it has become harder and more difficult for brands to establish themselves. Large e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon are currently the go-to destination for people who want to find something for themselves. Even then, a few brands managed to establish themselves and make a mark in the world of fashion – like Fabletics.


Fabletics was the brainchild of Kate Hudson. Kate, being one of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, has a large fan following, which she has managed to translate to her brand Fabletics. Fabletics mainly divulges into the sector of activewear and leisure wear, with a specific emphasis on being fashionably comfortable, and they have managed to do so extremely well. Because Kate is known for her fit body and healthy lifestyle, women all over America want to achieve the same thing, and with her beautiful activewear, they aren’t too far from it. Being a fitness freak herself, Kate was able to aptly discern what someone would want from their sportswear and what they wouldn’t want. Putting that knowledge to good use, she was able to give the world a brand that not only makes women feel like they are worthy of a cover of Sports Illustrated but also comfortable clothing that doesn’t put a damper on one’s fitness plans.


Fabletics was the answer to the fitness related prayers that women have been saying for a long time. Women want to look fabulous wherever they go, including the gym. But even if a brand’s clothing looks stunning, it does not guarantee that the brand will do well amongst its competitors. That’s why Fabletics had to take on a rather unconventional approach when it comes to selling their products. To retain their customers longer, Fabletics decided to launch themselves with a membership plan. With this program, people who sign up on their website receive a package from Fabletics every month with the latest trends in active wear and leisure fashion, all for a small monthly subscription fee. When customers log onto their site, they are directed to a form which they have to fill so that the site can give you the best products as per your needs and requirements. What makes Fabletics different is that their customers are still buying something from them every month without having to go through the effort of browsing a store, offline or online. With fashionable clothing, Fabletics has given their customers one other thing – convenience.


Fabletics has always strived to break away from the crowd and be unique, and they have surely been successful at doing so. Even when it came to starting up their showrooms, they adopted the technique of reverse showrooming. This allowed their customers to browse their clothes online and then come to their showrooms and try on what they saw, to get a better feel of their products.

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Chris Burch Advises The Business Owner To Set The Tone March 29, 2017

One of the best things to do with employees is to set the tone early on in the relationship. Some people need to know what is expected of them. For one thing, leaving people to guess is one of the worst things a business owner could do because it takes up a lot of energy in order to figure out what is expected. Also, inconsistent people are not going to get respect, especially from experienced workers. This is one of the reasons that one has to not only set the tone, but maintain the tone throughout the career of the individual.


Chris Burch is really good about setting the tone with his employees. For one thing, he writes a lot. He understands that it is important for writers to set the tone of the story they are going to write and make an effort to be consistent with the tone. One thing that does not help is if one is reading something that is all over the place. The same applies to management and business running. A leader that is all over the place is only going to stress his workers out. This is another reason that Chris Burch makes sure that the tone is set in his business.


One thing that a business owner does not want to do is stress out his employees. At some point, the employee is going to check out and his work performance is going to suffer. Job burnout is a common issue that is best avoided. Therefore, it is important for the business owner to make sure that a little bit of care is given to the employees so that they will be more willing to do their job. Structure and honesty is one of the best things to give an employee of the business.


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The A – Z Guide of Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus March 26, 2017

Eric is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a technology company that built a system to help fight cancer. Apart from Tempus, he is the founding partner of Lightbank – a venture fund that invests in disruptive tech, Groupon – global e-commerce market and uptake technologies, which is the number one predictive analytics platform for the world’s largest companies. Others are MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings.Ten years ago – 2006, together with his wife Liz, Eric started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This charitable foundation helps advance high impact initiatives in the community. Eric also serves as a trustee of other institutions such as The Art Institute of Chicago. He is also a board member at Steppenwolf Theatre Company and an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Follow Eric on Twitter (@lefkofsky) and Facebook (@eplefkofsky) to know more about him.

ChicagoInno article recap

The article was about how Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus used data to help fight breast cancer by giving University of Chicago doctor’s data. The startup announced the partnership on Thursday. It will provide analysis and molecular sequencing to UChicago’s breast cancer specialists to come up with effective treatment plans for cancer patients. Tempus will sample data from more than one thousand patients to help cancer specialists know patterns that can predict how patients react to treatment. This data will lead to better treatment over time, which is the primary goal of the deal.

According to Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, a professor, and dean at the University of Chicago, there is less accessible data on former breast cancer patients. This is despite it being a common type of cancer. He added that they were excited to collaborate with Tempus on the initiative.Tempus was founded in 2015, and it uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to help cancer specialists make effective treatment decisions. Its headquarters is 600 W. Chicago. UChicago is one of the latest strings of partners. They are working with Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan, Penn Medicine, Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center of Northwestern University, and Rush University Medical Center to use data to fight breast cancer.

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Clay Siegall has made massive contribution to the field of biotechnology and science in general. Widely known as a philanthropist, he has made the fight against cancer a subject of great concern to him. He is an author of more than 70 publications and holds 15 patents. In his official blog, Clay Siegall has several articles which include one article where he writes about how the human decisions affect their environment. This article is based on the arguments of Dan Ariely; a behavioral economist. Another post is on how scientists are working on a yeast project which is significant because it provides insights into how human cells work. Other articles include how the ring on planet Saturn is mouthful yet looks tiny and how hard choices empower people by Ruth Chang.

Clay Siegall Ph.D. is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive chairman of Seattle Genetics which was established in 1998.Clay Siegel is one of the founders of Seattle Genetics which aims at helping cancer patients through innovative biotechnological research. Thanks to Dr. Siegall’s impeccable business approach, ADCETRIS was entered into several strategic licensing deals including Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline. Seattle Genetics has also achieved so much by working with other biotechnological companies. Dr. Siegall has played a significant role in the company including the company’s major funding that occurred in 2001. He has since then tried to secure funding from private that amount to more than $675 million.

Dr. Siegall has contributed significantly under his company in the Cancer research program .He has given a lot of hope to people who suffer from Cancer by promising 12 new cancer drugs. He clearly understands the pain that these patients go through and thus is willing to use his knowledge in developing more options for them. Dr. Siegall’s success in his career can be attributed to his previous experiences such as working with the National institutes of health and cancer. He also worked for several research organizations. Dr. Siegall graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a degree from Maryland University.



How EOS Succeeded in a Crowded Market March 16, 2017

EOS has emerged in a short period as a major player in the lip balm market. How they were able to do so was recently highlighted in an article in Fast Company.

The success of EOS is at least partially based on the co-founders of the company spotting an industry that provided a significant opportunity, and then designing a product that appealed to customer’s tastes.

The opportunity in the lip balm market was a result of the existing companies in the industry resting on their laurels and not designing a better product that appealed to the tastes of the typical consumer today. Customers increasingly were looking for more varied in their lip balms and were trying to obtain lip balm blends that had flavors that were more enjoyable to use than the standard flavors such as cherry and medicinal that were issued by the existing competitors in the market such as Chapstick, Blistex, and Carmax. EOS created fun and unique blends such as Vanilla Mint and Blackberry nectar which captured the tastes and preferences of the feme shoppers who primarily bought lip balm. They used all-natural and organic ingredients which removed the artificial taste of existing lip balms and provided better protection for customers.

To create a product that stood up to possible competitive pressure, EOS had their production machinery custom designed to make it harder for their competition to copy their products. EOS created an orb shaped application case that provided for a sanitary application of lip balm in a thick application that proved that EOS’ full name, the Evolution of Smooth, is no misnomer.

Finally, EOS concentrated on developing their distribution network and forged relationships with many large retailers and online stores to distribute their product such as eBay, Walgreens, Amazon, Target, and Walmart. This strategy paid off and EOS has emerged as one of the major players in the lip balm market.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook and website at

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Robin Williams Dies as his Legacy Lives On March 7, 2017


Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians of the century and a famous ENFP, passed away on August 11, 2013. His death was ruled a suicide, and it was a sad end to a man who brought decades of joy to the world. Few people knew at the time that Mr. Williams suffered from severe depression and anxiety. He also had a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, which he kept private until his death.


His memorial service, called the “Celebration of Life”, was held some six weeks after his passing. Billy Crystal opened the service at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. According to his closest family and friends, he would want to be remembered with laughter rather than tears. There were plenty of both during the “Celebration of Life”, as his family and fellow comedians spoke from the heart about this incredible man.


Williams’ first most notable role was as the loveable alien, Mork in the hit series “Mork and Mindy”. He played the role for four seasons and became more and more popular as the years rolled by. He starred in such films as “Good Will Hunting”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”.


It seems his life, even at the age of 63, was cut incredibly short upon his entry to the celebrity morgue. His fellow celebrities have often lived far longer; for instance, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles, and Sidney Poitier are all currently 90-years old and going strong. It is amazing and it also makes many people sad to know that there is a chance that all of these brilliant celebrities will be gone in the next ten years.

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