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Slyce’s Visual Products Improving Users Experience October 30, 2015

Slyce Corporation has developed a new line of visual search technologies to enable visual search recognition more proficient. Slyce signed a contract with Urban Outfitters to present users with technology that powers visual search for mobile versions.

Slyce search technology enables retailers to snap an image of any format and get a full matching of products from retailer’s inventory. Retailers can connect directly with clients’ from around the globe by sharing images of products at the convenience of their mobile applications. These products can be purchased through any mobile e-commerce application.

One of Slyce Inc. new products is Snap to coupon technology that allows users applications to snap any image and generate a mobile version optimized of the same. This edition will be stored in applications, and the retailer is notified to redeem when the token expires.

In September 2015, they announced the commencement of its primary data analytics service that extracts significant information in a related format from products images. The information includes prices, a location of the products, varieties and available retailers of such products. The new line will boost users visual search experience in an amazing way by helping them make relevant enterprise choices.

More so, the firm introduced Universal Scanner Technology. The expertise allows users to scan any visual document and immediately receive matching information. The results are readily available online. Scanning of images to get matching data is a user-friendly process available in applications developed for mobile versions.

Other than universal scanners, Slyce has introduced new visual search capabilities aimed at providing users with the precise information. The information is based on data input by the users. For example, it will allow users to compare the data they enter into Slyce’s market data results. The firm’s new tools sense images put by the users and analyses information details such as color tones, temperature and schemes concerning available results. It will ensure users get what they seek.

Finally, there is the Attribute matching that uses out of stock mitigation tool. The tool offers users and retailers any applicable alternatives to information they sought. The technology uses complex visual relevance attributes analysis.

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Adam Sender’s Art Investment Strategy October 21, 2015

Investors like Adam Sender are absolutely one in a million. He is someone who invests in art for the passion and love of it, and not necessarily just for the money. He invests in art because he loves and admires the artists that he invest in, he is very quick to put an unknown artist in the spotlight for others to see.

Adam Sender once purchased a photograph for $100,000 and today, that same photograph goes for $2-$3 million. When he purchased that photo, the expected price for the artwork was somewhere around $20,000. In fact, the person that took the shot would be happy if she earned maybe $10,000 from the piece of art, instead Adam purchased the painting for $100,000, which appeared to be completely ridiculous in the year 1999. When other people saw how much Adam was willing to pay for this brilliant artists piece of work, they clamored to commission the artist that orchestrated the piece and commission more pieces from her, thereby making her a very rich girl.

The entire world of art collecting is completely subjective, yet primal all at once. Good art is of scenarios that people identify with and want to amplify in their lives.

The science behind art collecting is one that is very sensual. If you like the way a piece of art feels, looks or makes others feel, then you are much more likely to invest in the piece of artwork. It is almost as if the piece of art inspires the people in your world to feel a certain way about you, which increases and improves the value and quality of your life.

I want you to imagine this – you go to a website and there are no images to convey the message that the site builder is trying to convey. All you see is a blank white screen with a bunch of script. This is probably not a website that you would be willing to spend hundreds of hours of time on, unless there was something very important there for you. And even so, you could probably think of 1000 things to do that are more of a positively sensual experience for you. Now, imagine that same, exact site had a very sensual undertone with different pictures, images and a web layout that was extremely beautiful to look at. Now, there is actually a chance that you are willing to spend hundreds, or even thousands of hours browsing and engaging in that website. Adam Sender looks at art investing as visual therapy for his clients and employees.

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Susan McGalla Helps Women Shatter The Glass Ceiling

In the 21st Century, with a woman potentially well on her way to the White House, it can be easy to be fooled into believing that the glass ceiling has been shattered for women in leadership. But this is far from true. While there will, of course, always be men that legitimately hamper the upward trajectory of women, they are not the only problem nor are they possibly the most rigid obstacle to equality. The reality is that the most stubborn obstacle to true equality may in fact be ourselves.

Anyone who has ever been thrust into the limelight of leadership – man or woman – knows firsthand the discomfort of being put in such a position. Leaders are required on a regular basis to make decisions that have to constantly and consistently take into consideration the needs of multiple factions that are often in direct opposition to each other. To expand in one area often means having to make painful cuts in another and saying yes to one request often means having to say no to ten others. Invariably, there is almost always someone that is going to be unhappy with a leader’s decisions, and this can be extremely difficult on women who have been raised since childhood to believe that their primary goal in life is to keep people happy. What is commonly referred to as being a “people pleaser” is often the norm for how little girls are raised.

This can be a very difficult belief system for women entering into leadership positions to break out of. And there are many women who don’t want to break free of this belief system and they don’t want anyone else to either. These are the women that will often actively hamper and hinder the upward progress of any other women into leadership positions. Many women are very happy with the status quo where men lead and women follow – period.

One woman who understands full well the challenges and difficulties of being a woman in leadership is Mid-Western executive Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company, where she worked her way from a marketing position to a managerial positions, before being offered an executive position at American Eagle Outfitters. When she started her tenure at American Eagle, her fellow executive officers were quite literally “fellows” who focused heavily on the interests of its male consumers. As the daughter of a football coach, however, she was raised to not see herself as being less than any man and this has helped her enormously to succeed in numerous heavily male dominated business arenas. She eventually rose to the office of president of the brand, and oversaw the launch of two offshoot brands: Aerie and 77Kids. Since then, she has founded her own private consulting practice and is the Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Jaime Garcia Dias: A Prophetic New Voice In Brazilian Literature October 19, 2015

As the author of “Fell From Heaven”, “Canal”, “Tiny”, “Two Ways”, “Clouds”, and many others, Jaime Garcia Dias is well on his way to staking a claim as the best known representative of a whole new wave of world class literature originating from Brazil. As the son of a well known author and a world renowned architect, Dias brings a positive, constructive flavor to the table, and his artistic penchant for character building has taken the nation by storm.

Dias May Be The World’s Next Major Influence In Literature

At the comparatively young age of 45, Jaime Garcia Dias has already carved out a name for himself, as well as a devoted base of fans in his native land. However, it is only now that his works are beginning to be translated into languages outside of his native Portuguese. While such recognition for his achievements is coming later rather than sooner, it is certainly no exaggeration to state that Dias is already being talked about as the next new major influence on world literature as a whole.

Jaime Garcia Dias: An Inimitable Stylist And World Class Artist

Jaime Garcia Dias is already winning recognition from literary critics, industry pundits, and fans of great literature for his inimitable style and precise, yet laconic, artistry. His portraits of Brazilian country and folk and townspeople, coupled with his rich, gripping “slice of life” reportorial style have won him comparisons with such regional giants as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz, Anais Nin, and many others.

Painting Pictures In Prose: The Remarkable “Dias Touch”

A technique that could be referred to as the inimitable “Dias touch” consists of placing ordinary, down to Earth characters in extreme situations – or, sometimes, placing very extreme personalities in laughably mundane circumstances.

Forecasting The Future In A Firm And Hopeful Voice

Perhaps the one overriding factor that separates the work of Jaime Garcia Dias from his past and present Brazilian and South American peers is his ability to forecast the future of global culture in a firm and hopeful voice. By this is meant his seeming prescience when it comes to elucidating the struggle and discomfiture of the ordinary Brazilian citizen that arises from having to make sense of a rapidly changing world.

As trends in literature come and go, oh his WordPress blog, the voice of Jaime Garcia Dias continues to be heard and responded to by a growing number of fans all across the world. His contribution to literature is sure to remain a vital part of the canon of world classics for many years to come.

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Kenneth C. Griffin; Self-Made Billionaire and Business Mogul

Kenneth C. Griffin is the CEO, founder and president of Citadel, a worldwide investment firm with an estimated capital of $25 Billion investments in capital. The Citadel is an alternative investment giant, and its hedge firm ranks among the biggest and most successful hedge companies in the world. Ken Griffin is ranked by the Forbes magazine the top earning manager of a hedge funds organization as well, and he makes top four hundred of Forbes rich list. The estimated net worth of Kenneth Griffin by May 2015 stood at $6.6 billion. Kenneth Griffin generosity is unrivaled. He has made of $500 million in donations. Kenneth Griffin, who is a former alumnus of Harvard University, made a donation of $150 million to the organization making the contribution the largest since the institution was established. He has also been an active funder to other agencies including backing politicians to offices.

Frank C. Meyer was he first person who to fund Ken Griffin on wsj when he started his business. Mr. Meyer gave Kenneth Griffin $1million to invest, but Kenneth Griffin exceeded the expected return on investments by making a 70% return investment. The journey to his successful career state likes that, and he has never looked back.

Consequently, Kenneth Griffin got into CFO magazines Global 100, the list of the most influential people in the world. Kenneth Griffin has received various accolades in his various stages of his age and career. He has featured severally in the Forbes magazine rich list. He was first included in Forbes magazine rich list in 2003 as the youngest self-made individual with estimated net worth of $650. At 35 years of age, he appeared in Forbes top 10 list of self-made individuals under the age of 4o. He also appeared in the list in as having a net worth of $3 billion. Currently, his net worth is estimated to about $5.5 billion despite his generous contribution to various causes and he funding of politicians running for office in Chicago and various parts of the United States of America.

Kenneth Griffin personal success goes head to head with the success of Citadel. The organizations has scooped numerous awards most notably the best organization to work for according to a survey taken by the employees of Citadel. His strategy of offering his employees incentives like free lunch, paid museum tours, fitness programs and offering them personal gifts motivate them to work for Citadel.

Kenneth Griffin is considered by many as an economist. He involved himself in various activities involved in shaping the economy, in particular, the Equity market structure, and electronic trading. He has spearheaded campaigns aimed at creating industry regulations that capture changes in market structures that increase the fairness of the American Equity Markets. His criticism of the current market structures has seen him conflict with the management practices of Wall Street. According to him, Wall Street is controlled by people who have no experience in the capital market due to their relatively little knowledge when I come to the actual practice of equity business.

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Artificial Intelligence Discovery Engine Flipora, Rebrands Itself And Goes By The New Name Of Rover October 16, 2015

When Flipora was initially established, the company proclaimed that their vision was to connect people with content that they genuinely cared about. As the company gradually grew over the last few years, the app has become so refined and intelligent that it is able to discover content that is highly relative to the individual user who is utilizing it even more so that it was previously capable of doing. Now, as the company rebrands its app to be named Rover as opposed to Flipora, it is pretty clear that Rover stands on a pedestal by itself when it comes to being the ideal companion for discovering inspiring, interesting and engaging content that strongly relates to the essence of who you are.

The advent of Rover is just on time. Many aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs are well aware of the profound effect that content marketing can have on a marketing campaign such as search engine optimization for example. As such, many entrepreneurs are heavenly investing on content discovery as a way to gain some traction in their business sector. And they invest rightfully so, as many website owners have proclaimed that content is one of the best tools that they utilize when it comes to sending traffic to their professional and personal websites.

Rover stands in a class on it’s own and literally has no competition. Similarly to that of NASA’s Curiosity whose tasked with going where no other human being has previously gone to discover tantalizing new territory, Rover has the ability to ultimately learn what your interests are and scours the surface to discover engaging content that flows in sync with your interests and personality.

While it may be true that search engines can display relevant content for a search query, the Rover brand takes that a step further by offering personalized discovery which in essence offers of a unique experience.

When you take a step and look at NASA’s Curiosity and Rover, you can see that they have some characteristics. For starters, they both utilize the concept of machine learning, in the sense that they are taught how to venture out and to conduct tasks on our behalf due to the share difficulty that’s associated with each respective task.

Rover has been essentially trained to gradually learn your interests, even if your interests fluctuate over time. However, as it gets more efficient at learning your interesting regardless if it changes, it still has the ability to discover content that you more than likely will enjoy.

It is this unique feature about the Rover brand, that can help us to connect with people of a similar interest on a level that we have never experienced before. It endlessly searches through vast amounts of topics that range in the tens of thousands, so that it can bring back the most relevant content to you as well as the people who share your interests.

What makes Rover so unique is the fact that what you see through its usage, will be completely unique to you which enables a highly personalized world of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

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Find Luxury in the Aspire October 15, 2015

If you live in the New Brunswick area or are planning to move there from somewhere else you might want to check out the new seventeen story luxury apartment building, The Aspire. As the city of New Brunswick continues to flourish with new bars, restaurants and shops it only makes sense that new and native inhabitant want a home to match. The Aspire is perfectly located in the center of the night life and a few steps away from the New Brunswick Amtrak. It’s also right across the street from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Whether you’re a single person or have a roommate or two, The Aspire offers multiple floor plans and styles. You can choose from either a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment that all come with top of the line amenities. Each apartment has in-home washer and dryers, brand new hardwood floors in the living and dining areas, beautiful kitchens with quartz counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

The Aspire has a twenty-four hour door man to ensure the safety of its residents as well as an attached parking deck with direct lobby access. There are two green space roofs available for use on the 18th floor and has a resident club that includes a library, dining area and kitchen. There’s onsite management for any issues that may come up as well. It’s a pet friendly building that also has indoor bike storage and general storage for their residents.

The Aspire is one of the many great buildings  Boraie Development has created to revamp the city of New Brunswick in the last three decades. The Boraie Development has been helping enhance developments in urbanized parts of New Jersey and has helped bring people and business back to neighborhoods around the state. They delve into the development of mixed commercial, mixed-use properties, retail establishments and residential properties. In 2012 they partnered with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and have managed to develop residential and commercial real estate in in Newark and other cities. By continuing to develop luxury apartments and commercial real estate, The Boraie Development is helping New Jersey’s residents by providing luxury homes, stores and night life. Follow them on Twitter.

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The Benefits Associated With High Quality Dog Food October 13, 2015

You may have just adopted a dog from a high quality breeder or you simply picked your pup out from your local shelter. Either way, its likely that your new pet did not start out eating a great diet. Many people do not realize how important it is to feed a dog a high quality dog food that is chock full of healthy vitamins and minerals. It is actually very important to pay attention to what your pet is eating and the quality of their life will really depend on it. The importance of a human’s diet is just as true for a dog. If we as humans eat a lot of junk food that is lacking vitamins and nutrients, then we are likely to develop a host of health conditions in a very short amount of time. The same is true for dogs. Because of this, it is wise to choose a high quality dog food to feed to your pet.

You may think a certain brand of dog food is healthy. It could turn out that the specific brand you chose might actually have a lot of chemical and by products that aren’t quite so healthy for your pet. Many foods are now grain free, which is beneficial as many dogs have grain allergies that often go undiagnosed.

There are a number of varieties of pet foods on the market and you will want to pick a food that applies to your dog. A puppy food is beneficial when your pup is young and growing. Senior dog foods can provide nutrients needed for preventing arthritis and other common health issues. Beneful is a great dog food that has a number of different products for pets of all ages and sizes.

There are pets that can consume a lower quality pet food and live for many years. However, poor nutrition compromises how happy a pet can be and their quality of life is affected. A natural pet food is a great option that will ensure your pet lives a long, healthy and happy life. If you are having trouble deciding on what kind of pet food you would like to choose for your dog, you can always consult with your trusted veterinarian to see what they would advise for your specific pet. Otherwise, stick with Beneful that is low in grains and preservative free. Your dog will thank you for it!

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Extreme Quality Hand Crafted Modern Shoes for the Everyday Man

In general men own less shoes than women. It is important that when men purchase shoes that they are high quality and can be worn with a number of different outfits. These italian shoes also need to be carefully selected to ensure that they will stand the test if time and continue to look modern for years to come. If selected with high quality and a modern look, men’s dress shoes can last for years to come. What are the latest trends in men’s dress shoes?

Paul Evans was created by two guys that wanted men to have the opportunity to own amazingly high quality shoes for a price that is not in the thousands. Their model is high quality crafted shoes for men without spending a fortune. Another unique selling point is that Paul Evans delivers direct to the customer so they can cut out the middle man retail markup. This ensures the consumer can get the best price possible without losing any quality whatsoever.

Go to the Paul Evans website to see the latest hand crafted shoes that are sure to last a long time as well as make you look good in your attire. A great example of a latest trending shoe is the Martin Wholecut dress shoes. These shoes range between $300-$400 and are literally one of the nicest dress shoes a man can wear.  It is made with Italian calfskin leather, the finest around. These shoes are guaranteed to last a long time and stand the test of time while giving the look of fresh design.

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Things You Can Borrow From The Success of Shaygan Kheradpir October 10, 2015

Shaygan Kheradpir is a leading industry executive who has ventured in business and technology. His effort has been manifested in the many projects he has managed to handle successfully. He is among respected professionals, who have brought a revolution in the way things are dine in the world of business. He is also well educated and has toured many places to get in touch with different cultures. Shaygan Kheradpir understands quite well what it means to cultivate a good relationship with others, and this is something he has invested in. he has been active in many philanthropic actions and has managed to offer insight on different areas of business.

Beginning at an early age to admire technological works shaped the future of Shaygan Kheradpir. He developed interest in matters that touch about technology at an early age and has been able to get solutions to many issues that affect the way business is done. He always sought for information that could help to make it easier for people to connect for business purposes. His dedication has also been seen in the way he has managed to get things done. He always advocates for moderation and discipline in all the things that one does and this is what has helped him to grow to his current status.

Maintaining focus and unfaltering dedication in his work has earned him a great position. Although he was born in Iran, he has toured many locations and has gained much knowledge on how to deal with different communities. He traveled to Switzerland, where he was able to pursue high school education at the Aiglon College. His ambitions to become a technology executive grew further and he was able to nurture his skills. He also interacted with different people and gained some knowledge about several cultures.

The completion of high school education came as a great solution to his search for greatness. He managed to graduate with an impressive score and was invited to join Cornell University in the U.S. University education came as a great platform for Shaygan Kheradpir to put his passion into practice. Most of his hours were spent in the laboratories, where tried his best to learn about different technology models that can be applied to make business better.

GTE Corporation came forth and offered him a job after his graduation. They placed him at their laboratories to handle all network issues and routing. Shaygan Kheradpir has been a great achiever and his creativity was extended to the GTE Corporation. He delivered with massive care to ensure all the services he offered were tailored towards offering an improvement. He was later offered to work as the chief communications officer owing to the fact that he had proved capable more than the e company could imagine. This was the role that allowed him to experience growth within a short period.

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