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Lacrosse Training That Offers Players Proven Results for Reaching Next Level Skills November 25, 2015

There is no replacement for skills taught at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, say longtime players who comment online on founder Jon Urbana’s Facebook wall about this camp being “the premiere choice” for youth playing this sport in Colorado. In fact, this famed camp is all about refining young player skills; while also paying close attention to the player’s style, interest and field positon choices. At the same time, this camp features top professional lacrosse players who have reputations that are second to none.

Founder Jon Urbana Promotes Lacrosse

Another aspect of Next Level Lacrosse Camp is linked to its founder and famed player Jon Urbana. According to a statement from Urbana on the camp’s user friendly website, he created this lacrosse camp to help himself and other pros “build skills amongst the players of tomorrow.” Fans of Urbana know that he was the Colonial Athletic Association’s “Defensive Player of the Year,” and played as a defensive anchor for the Villanova University “Wildcats” All-American Lacrosse squad. Prior to creating the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Urbana served as one of the nation’s top Twitter promoters of this specialized sport.

More recently, Urbana has made his own brand of electronic music on the side during the offseason. Jon’s artist page on MTV provides an early preview of some of his upcoming tracks.

Lacrosse camps fine-tune player skills

The great thing about trending lacrosse camps such as Next Level is “they teach the basic skills young players need to succeed and enjoy the game,” stated a longtime player on Urbana’s Instagram page. In turn, the player noted how these specialized camps focus on such things as footwork, offensive and defense team skills and other important tips such as stick grip suggestions. For instance, Next Level is all about sharing tips through Slideshare and its founder’s blog with young players on how to improve their “draw technique.” The camp instruction often takes place at actual lacrosse stadiums so new players can actually feel what it’s like to compete in a multi-use artificial turf facility.

Another common activity at the camp is community service, and one event that’s gone over very well is a new campaign organized by Jon Urbana to promote Earth Force. The campaign, which harnesses the power of environmental activism amongst youth in Colorado, has a plan to raise over $1,750 to support the charity and was written up by Bloomberg last week. Promo videos like the one below have also gained traction.

Overall, there is nothing in the game of Lacrosse that compares to the training and mentorship featured at Next Level and other camps that cater to skills needed to win and excel at this popular high school, college and professional sport.

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Young Entrepreneurs Can Show Off Their Skills Online November 23, 2015

YouTube has become a great source for entertainment and jobs over the years bringing in a lot of revenue from ads and sponsors. This is a site where young entrepreneurs can show off their skills online for an audience to seek out fame and fortune. There are all kinds of different videos uploaded every day. It takes a lot of time and effort to edit these videos, but it can be well rewarding seeing the nice comments under videos. Sometime it may take extra out of pocket money to buy equipment depending on the type of video.

Here are several of the most popular YouTubers that make all their money from ads seen in the beginning and sometimes the middle of videos:

1) PewDiePie:
This foul Swedish video game commentator is by far the most popular guy on YouTube. He commentates on a variety of video games and records his funny reactions on screen. There was recently an article about him describing the road to his success. He is the first YouTuber to reach a billion views. He has 32 million subscribers.

2) Smosh:
This comedy group does role play comedy series about video games and pop culture. It is sort of a satirical atmosphere featuring two guys named Ian and Anthony.

3) DisneyCollectorBR:
Believe me, this was surprising to me when I found out this information. But I guess anything is possible on YouTube. Basically what this Brazilian women does is open up Disney toys and commentates on them. She currently has 2.8 million subscribers.

4) TobyGames:
A lot of you might have heard about this guy. He is a very popular comedian that stated making parodies of the movie Click. Now he has been working on several other great parodies to add to the collection. He is also working on traditional media. He currently has 15 million subscribers.

5) BlueXephos:
This is more a group of video game comedians commenting on video games such as mine-craft and World of War Craft. They are also known for their great work raising money for charities in Europe. They have 7.2 million total subscribers.

Wendy Haung is another very successful YouTube entertainer and entrepreneur. Wengie has vast experience and expert knowledge on the subject of digital marketing. This is especially true with social media and video streaming.

She is also the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. This is a well known beauty channel that she created and manages. It is one of the most subscribed to channels in Australia. There have been blogging campaigns that she ran listed in famous cosmopolitan publishers. In addition, Wengie is the CEO of StyleAlley where users buy, sell, and swap fashion.

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The Diverse Characters and Actors of One Life to Live November 20, 2015

In the history of daytime drama, few soap operas have shocked and delighted fans quite like One Life to Live. Known affectionately to soap fans as OLTL, this drama owes its longtime success to creator Agnes Nixon, a host of writers, as well as the fine actors and actresses who played characters from both sides of the socioeconomic tracks. One Life to Live aired on ABC for 48 years, and then continued on for two more years via episodes on Hulu and ITunes.

In the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania, the Lord family lived in a mansion on the hill, called Llanfair. Although rich, the Lord family had their share of scandals including multiple personality disorder, missing twins, and political scandals. When the upper crust of Llandview fraternized with blue collar townies and newcomers, fireworks naturally ensued.

Llanview seemed like a real town to the viewers, as each locale had similar names. all beginning with “Llan”, be it Llanview University, or the famous Llantano river, where more than one fascinating character made an untimely exit.

One of the female characters from the shady side of life who met her end by falling into the icy Llantano river was Stacy Morasco, a beautiful blonde schemer (and former stripper), who left Las Vegas and came to Llanview to reclaim the heart of her first love, sexy reformed bad boy Rex Balsam.

The character of Stacy Morasco was played by a talented, young performer named Crystal Hunt, who was already a seasoned soap star from her role as Lizzie Spaulding on CBS’s Guiding Light. During the dramatic climax of her intriguing storyline on OLTL, and even through her Instagram posts from behind the scenes, Crystal Hunt left fans both cheering and weeping when Stacy fell through the ice and plunged into the frigid waters of Llantano River. Alas, Rex was only able save his true love, Mimi, along with Stacy’s baby, whom Stacy tried to unsuccessfully pass off as Rex’s child.

The end of Stacy led to a new beginning for the versatile Crystal Hunt. Among her latest projects, Crystal has been filming Queens of Drama, as well as co-starring in Magic Mike XXL. Her recent resume includes credits as a producer for Talbot County, a horror film based on a true story.

Although transformed from soap actress to movie star, Crystal Hunt, along with other fine performers, will be forever part of One Life to Live’s rich daytime drama legacy.

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Beneful: The Right Choice for Our Best Friends

There are countless studies in scientific journals that show a direct correlation between having a pet and our emotional health. Some studies have even shown that people have a drop in blood pressure and stress hormones when they are petting an animal. In the beginning, dogs were domesticated to help humans with hunting and other chores. Even though modern dogs still are raised to help us, they have become an integral part of our family. Since we are ultimately responsible for the health and well-being of our beloved pets, we take them to regular checkups with our veterinarian and make sure that all immunizations are current. We also make sure that our faithful friends have good food and fresh water daily. Even when we do all these things, we might be shocked when we start looking at dog food labels. Not too long ago, I decided to look on Youtube at the ingredient list of the food that we were feeding our dogs. I was pretty surprised at what I discovered. Our dogs are part of our family and deserve the best nutrition we can give them. So, why was I feeding our dogs food that had questionable meat bi-products. When I did some research, I found that these “bi-products” that are found in a lot of popular dog food brands are waste products such as animal innards, scrap meat, skin, feathers, or bones. I certainly did not want my dogs eating junk like that. I also learned that many dog food companies use fillers such as corn and grains, which are not part of a canine’s natural protein diet. These were just some of the ingredients that I could recognize. There were other suspicious additives with names I could not even pronounce. Why would I want my best friends eating these things? After some solid research, I decided that I was going to serve my dogs Purina brand’s Beneful. For generations, dog owners have known and trusted Purina for their dogs’ nutrition. Beneful has real protein like chicken, beef, and lamb. It also has a healthy blend of delicious vegetables, like carrots, peas, and green beans. There are no junky bi-products or cheap fillers in Beneful. It has the nutrition I want for my dogs with the flavor that they crave. Beneful is available in dry or wet dog food and has a whole line for the stages of my dogs’ lives. I am glad that I did my homework and chose Beneful.

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Child To Leader November 12, 2015

When we are all children some of us see ourselves making important choices that will have great effect on others.For others the future goal is nothing more then getting a job to support themselves and later down the road a family of their own.But today we will learn about one of hose kids who wanted to make the most out of life and his name is Bruce Levenson, the businessman and NBA team owner.That is right my friends this kid went from day dreaming to being a powerhouse in both the world of sports an business. Roots Being born into a Jewish family Bruce would learn first hand the perks of business with a solid foundation of conduct.After some time learning the ropes from his parents Bruce would later take his work effort to college where he would make the future steps to being the powerhouse that he is today.It would be during his time hitting the books he would become the co-founder of United Communications Group.In the year of 1978 This first major project would be one for the books due to its major break through getting all major forms of industrial paper work up to date with modern service to provide faster time delivery. Next Step Once Bruce completed his task according to PR Newswire of making the major step forward for the service industry he would begin to take his efforts into the world of sports.To make his future come true he would have to keep his focus in the world of technology by creating the service we now call Target Tech to provide the tools needed to serous tech shoppers so that they can get the part they need without question or massive time delay. Sports The Real Game Of Life After spending more then 30 years of working with pre and post internet service Bruce would lay his roots in sports in the year of 2004 he would buy the Atlantic sea-hawks.To sweeten the deal the Atalanta thrashes would also come with the purchase.After spending six years working out the kinks Bruce would sell his hockey team and then soon afterwards he would begin to prepare to sell his remaining team the sea hawks. Spare Time For a man that spend nearly fifty years working around the clock he must have a system to blow off steam right?Well yes he does and the best part of it is that he does it alongside his wife Karen.Since the 1980s Bruce and Karen have spend much time an money to help their communities from education to memorial services for the victims of the holocaust.So with so much done in the world of business sports and community it is hard to say that this man does not work around the clock with pride and passion that is more then needed.So remember to give respect friends.

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A Company That Has The Products That You Like November 10, 2015

Qnet is a direct sales company like no other. Qnet is world renowned for being one of Asia’s main direct selling companies. Qnet sees its people and its clients as the most important part of their business. Qnet sells to people in more than one hundred different countries, and their employees come for more than 30 different countries. Qnet has the vision to be a global leader when it comes to direct selling, and their mission is to contribute to the world community by helping their employees and their clients to reach their lifelong goals and their full potential. Qnet has the core values of service, teamwork, integrity and results. The founders of Qnet were deeply influenced by the work and the life of Gandhi. Gandhi was a great humanitarian and world leader. He was an activist, and his main goal in life was to help humanity. The founders of Qnet follow that theory with the foundation of RYTHM.

RYTHM is Qnets acronym that stands for raise yourself to help mankind. Qnet truly tries to help their employees and their clients to be successful in their business and in their life. The products that are offered by Qnet are very diverse and unique. Their products are made to enhance the life of their employees and their clients. The founders of Qnet work with scientists, researchers, and market experts in order to see what is most popular out in the market, and to deliver the clients an amazing product. Qnet always adheres to its strict product philosophy and that has the focus on life enhancing, innovation, and uniqueness. Qnet offers an E-store that is much like a high-end department store that sells luxurious items such as jewelry, and watches. The wellness products that are offered by Qnet are unique and made of the highest quality.

There are hundreds of companies around the world that work in direct sales, but none of them are quite like Qnet. Qnet is truly a unique direct sales company. It is a company that focuses on diversity and on individuals. In reality Qnet is a company that stands in a class on its own, and that is one reason why Qnet attracts so much positive attention from all around the world.

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Getting the Best Cleaning Services for Your Home November 2, 2015

Owning a home is one of the more fulfilling aspects of a person’s life. When owning a home keeping it in the best shape possible is often a top priority. One of the best ways to keep a home in the best condition is to clean it on a regular basis. When looking to get a home cleaned it is very beneficial to get a professional cleaning service. A cleaning service such as Handy Home offers homeowners comprehensive cleaning services. What separates Handy Home from other cleaning services is the fact that they offers next day appointments, professional cleaners and also a money back guarantee. With professional and insured staff you will be sure to work with the very best cleaning professionals available. With next day appointments you can get cleaning services within 24 hours which offers lots of convenience. Lastly you will be assured customer satisfaction as you can get your money refunded if you are not satisfied with cleaning services provided by Handy on recode Home.

When it comes to cleaning services, customers will be able to have a number of tasks done for them. These tasks may include, cleaning floors, washing windows, cleaning sinks and bathtubs and also dusting furniture.

The first service that you will get is getting the floors cleaned. A cleaning service will mop tile and hardwood floors along with vacuuming carpeted floors. They may also clean the carpets with detergents. A cleaning service will clean the floors in all of the rooms including the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and dining room. By cleaning the floors, homeowners will be sure to have this area of the home that is free of dirt, debris and blemishes.

Another task that cleaning services will do for you is cleaning sinks and bathtubs. These parts of the home in the kitchen and the bathrooms will often get dirty and have things like soap scum accumulate. Cleaning services will use detergents and sponges to eliminate these blemishes and make these parts of the home look better. An added scent will be provided so you will also have a nice smell in the kitchen and bathroom.

When it comes to washing windows, cleaning services will spray each window and then wash it with a certain cloth. This process will help get rid of dirt and any other blemishes. They will also help make the windows nice and clear so that homeowners can get better views from them. When cleaning professionals dust furniture they will eliminate dust and other debris to help keep the furniture in great condition.

By getting cleaning services homeowners will have a dependable professional to help maintain their home. It will also save them time as they won’t have to worry about spending hours a week cleaning their home. With high quality and dependable cleaning services, homeowners will be sure to maintain the home and help make it more valuable.

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