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The Philanthropy Activities of Businessman Dick DeVos to the Arts and Education December 29, 2015

Recently Dick DeVos donated about $1 million to the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. As a result this donation helped the organization reach its goal of raising $125 million for its latest upcoming projects. While it was able to reach its initial goal of $125 million it has decided to increase the goal to $150 so that it will have even more funds to use for its projects. Since 2013, the center has looked to improve on its facilities and also help improve the overall infrastructure of its community. Since it has had a lot of wealthy individuals and organizations provide funding, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has been able to get the money it needs to stay in operation. 

One of the donors to this organization is businessman Dick DeVos. He has been involved in a number of businesses such as Amway, the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team and also the Windquest Group. As well as being a part of some key business ventures he has also participated in a wide variety of charitable activities as well. One of the main charitable activities he has played a role in is the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. DeVos has donated millions of dollars to this organization annually for a number of years. Since he is really into the performing arts he believes that giving this organization the money it needs is a worthy and beneficial cause. 

Another charitable activity that DeVos participates in scholarships. With this charitable activity, DeVos donates money to organizations that help provide money for those looking to get a free education. Since getting a good education is very beneficial, having the money to fund it helps very much and DeVos is very interested in helping people in this regard. He has donated a considerable amount of money for students looking to get advanced degrees in business. This will therefore help a number of aspiring top level managers get the education they need to improve their career prospects. 

DeVos goes beyond sending a check or two to educational institutions. He founded an aviation academy for high schoolers interested in aeronautics whom might never otherwise be able to pursue their passion without the academy. Dick is a talented helicopter pilot, which sparked his interest in founding the school. Check out his landing in his beautiful home of Grand Rapids.

Besides his charitable work, DeVos has been quite successful in a number of business ventures. He is the son of the co founder of Amway and he was the long time chief executive officer of this company. He has also been a part of the company known as Windquest Group which is an investment management firm. Lastly, DeVos has run for governor of Michigan back in 2006 but lost that election. Therefore Dick DeVos has had a very interesting and successful background in both business and philanthropy. 

Learn more about DeVos by visiting his personal website,

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Slyce Inc has announced a partnership with an unnamed Fortune 500 global toy retailing company that will see it double its revenue. It is expected to provide several image recognition and digital coupon related services. It also announced a new proprietary technology called Slyce Link. This technology is supposed to eliminate the “out of stock” nightmare for retailers among other uses. The system is currently in beta testing and has taken over a year to develop. It allows retail companies to get highly similar products showed strategically during the online purchasing journey. It is expected to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. It is available as an API to be integrated into the browser and will use visual relevance analysis to provide the experience.

It was triggered by research that showed 75%-85% of customers abandon their cart during the shopping experience. It is a significant problem for retailers and several big hitters like Home Depot have already showed interest. An area that suffers especially high abandonment is where a customer has already showed interest but that product is out stock. It will solve that by showing a similar product via a link and replacing the out of stock product. It can also be used to send an email or SMS to customers who experienced an out stock notice or used the system with a Slyce Link installed. It can also display “you may also like” pop up on a customer’s page. It has a ”show me similar and ”finds similar ” buttons on any product image. This functionality is meant to make the shopping experience easier for the customer and retailers.

The company has good cash flow thanks to its ability to generate multiple revenue streams. These include licensing it software to retailers, consumer apps, program promotions and data analytics. The sale of data is especially big nowadays. It collects a lot of data which when mined can reveal valuable information.

Slyce is a Toronto-based Canadian company in the visual search technology field. It has been providing the services for some time. It is currently focused on enabling a dominant sales channel for major retailers and their customers. In the current drive, it will take visual searching to a whole new level as it allows consumers to search things online by just taking a picture of the product. It offers quick product recognition and will redirect customers to its partner retailers.


Healthy Teeth Treats for Dogs Provide Owners Relief From Stinky Dog Kisses December 4, 2015

Dog and owner approved, Beneful, offers treats for fresh doggie breath. No matter what breed of dog you have Beneful makes some of the best treats on the market that Charlie and Otto will love. They come made packed full of healthy ingredients that your dog will fall in love with from the first bite. They are not only nutritious but they also help keep his breath smelling great. So when you hand your human friend with bad breath a piece of gum, make sure you also give a teeth twist to your pup, after all no one wants kisses from a dog with bad breath.

Beneful offers a fantastic line of dog treats called Healthy Smile Dental Twists. They work to help eliminate both tartar and plaque from a dogs teeth. In addition to that they freshen the dogs breath. Dog owners all over, truly appreciate when dogs have fresh breath and these treats certainly provide it. They also come in a flavor that dogs love. Peanut butter with real parsley, what dog doesn’t love peanut butter. They offer these treats in four different sizes: mini, small, medium and large treat. They also come in different size packages: 7.4 oz, 8.4 oz and 20 oz.

In addition to the teeth twists, Beneful also offers Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These come with real savory meat in the middle and parsley as well. They come in different size packages: 7.4 oz, 8.4 oz and 20 oz.

Beneful offers other treats that are sheer baked goodness on They are baked delights which come as heartfuls, hugs, stars and snackers. The heartfuls are made of apples and bacon, hugs contain beef and cheese, The stars come in two varieties bacon and cheese, chicken and cheese and lastly the snackers are peanut butter and cheese. No matter what your dog fancies there is something for him or her in the Beneful on purina snack line. These treats come in 8.5 oz pouches.

If a treat is part of your dogs food regimen be sure to check out all that Beneful has to offer. They have an incredible line of other products besides their treats, as well.

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