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Up and Coming Health Care Corporation January 14, 2016

Nobilis Health is a company that is based in Canada that works with physicians in the development and management of ambulatory surgical centers. This company is formally known as Northstar Healthcare Inc. While it is based in Canada, it is a well known company in the United States with surgical facilities in Dallas, Houston and Scottsdale. Nobilis Health also has partnerships with other facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. Nobilis Health offers a wide variety of treatments with the best trained physicians in the field. Nobilis Health is a company that prides itself with the use of the most technological based treatments and non-evasive procedures possible to all of its patients. All of the treatments available are done so with the lowest health care cost to the patient. This combined with the excellent care that the patient will receive by the world renowned physicians and staff will provide the patient with a peace of mind about receiving excellent health care from Nobilis Health and its partners. As more people begin to look to more affordable and comprehensible health care outcomes, the success of Nobilis Health will only continue to skyrocket within the industry. Due to the unfortunate aging of America’s society and the incline in the America’s obesity rate, Nobilis Health will be targeting a larger pool of patients that will be eager to choose the best health care solutions available. Financial analysts have deemed Nobilis Health as a company with investingĀ  in Yahoo finance and a strong buy. This is a company that will become known around the country as a large player in the health care system as it is already up and coming in the health care industry.