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Dog Foods Making Big News January 27, 2016

Dog food is no longer just about crunchy pieces of something that is akin to corn meal. More and more pet parents are concerned about nutrition and dog food companies have quickly capitalized on this trend. You can now find dog food on Purina Store or on Amazon in every flavor from buffalo to wild salmon. Some of the other ingredients that are touted include things like sweet potato, blue berries, and flax. Foods are being sold on the benefits of what they can do for nutrition, skin, coat, eyes and longevity of life. There are also special formulas with glucosamine added to help with joints of the older canines in the family. While it is a great idea to feed the best foods you can get, it is possible that some of this is simply a marketing play and a great way to get pet owners to spend a lot more than necessary for proper nutrition. A decent brand that appeals to the tastes of virtually every canine tested also happens to be in a much more affordable price range. Beneful for dogs, made by Purina, is not only a very well known name that is there to stand behind their product, but dogs actually like it. In fact, they love it. Beneful doesn’t add a lot of fluff to their foods but they do formulate recipes for puppy, senior and adult dogs. Their formulas are straight forward and dogs like them. Beneful meets are exceeds the daily nutritional needs of your pet in every major category. There really isn’t much more that you need than that.

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  1. Lyra Elian says:

    It is been on air for the period of time all people who heard it could be saying Purina Purina because it impressed. So does have the market under the control by bringing in their promotion to bare. For a dog food to be that popular it show they have put a lot of work to the brand and are sure.