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Dr. Sergio Cortes’s Advice on Zika February 26, 2016

The Zika virus is a fairly new phenomenon, with evidence of the virus dating back to the 1940’s. The first people to display signs of the virus were inhabitants of African countries, such as Sierra Leone and Tanzania. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the disease has spread to other countries around the world as well.
Very recently (as of 2015), Zika has been a regional problem affecting the health of residents in over nine Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. This caused the World Health Organization (WHO) to warn the world of of this disease, the symptoms it causes, and the consequences of not getting receiving treatment.
The first case of Zika in Brazil was recorded in April of 2015, and has spread throughout the continent rapidly since then. This outbreak has raised concerns for health experts in Brazil. Luckily though, the symptoms of the Zika virus aren’t very serious and the disease can be cured as quickly as it is spreading. This is according to Dr. Cortes, who also says that the main concern regarding the virus is the links between it and other disorders, such as microcephaly and Gullian-Barre syndrome.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a licensed medical expert who states that Guillain-Barre syndrome affects the neurological and autoimmunity systems of the human body. According to research done by the WHO, Guillain-Barre syndrome may be linked to Zika. The relationship between Zika and microcephaly was confirmed in late August, 2015 after it was found that the regions most affected by microcephaly are the same ones that are impacted by the ZIka virus.
Dr. Cortes has selected some key issues to help people understand more about the Zika virus.

• How the Virus is Spread
The virus is non-contagious and cannot be spread between humans. The only way to acquire Zika is to be bitten by the mosquito species, Aedes aegypti. However, Dr. Cortes says that if an uninfected mosquito bites someone, then it will become contaminated. In turn, this will cause the disease to spread once the same mosquito bites another person.

• Symptoms
Symptoms of the Zika virus are very mild and usually only last up to a week. Dr. Cortes says that these symptoms will not be the same with everyone, but the most typical signs of infections are fever, aches, and rashes. As of right now, there are no other known indicators or examinations to learn about the virus. The only way to receive a diagnosis is through a complicated exam, which is offered by three units of Fiocruz throughout Brazil.

• Treatment
According to Dr. Cortes, the type of appropriate treatment will vary by the person’s symptoms. Because of this, there is no specific treatment to cure the disease. Often, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are prescribed to counteract the symptoms of Zika. Dr. Cortes warns that products with acetylsalicylic acid in their makeup should be avoided, as this can cause bleeding in patients.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a trained surgeon with credentials in orthopedics from the University Souza Marques, as well as institutions outside of Brazil. A quality orthopedic, the WHO honored him in 2002 . You can learn more about Dr. Cortes by visiting his website at:
More information about Sergio Cortes can also be found on his social media sites. You can learn more about Dr. Cortes by following him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in the links listed.

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The European Union in 2016 February 14, 2016

The grand experiment of the European Union has been several decades in the making. The current embodiment of the EU, as it is commonly referred, presents a homogeneous group of European States from Great Britain to Greece and as far east as slovic eastern european countries. Those that are serious students of history understand that the centuries of strife on the European continent has produced some type of unification or another spanning from Hitler’s near complete conquest of Europe through Napoleon’s invasion of Europe and the numerous wars before and in between. Europe both benefits and is cursed by the contiguous nature of its member countries. The common boundaries make trade much easier but it has also facilitated easy access in times of invasion and other military actions.

The modern era sees the nature of the EU is still a work in progress. The formation of the Union is one of this centuries success stories but the compactness of the member countries still concern some. One of those concerned is global investor George Soros. Soros is closely watching what happens in Europe and believes that the viability of the EU is still in question as the world deals with the declining economic markets. So far in 2016 all European markets have been in bullish territory, with most losing 2% to 4% of its value since the start of 2016. The market fluctuations is not what worries Soros though. It is the actions of the European Central Bank which has mirrored the money printing policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve which has Soros concerned.

George Soros believes that economic production has decreased globally and the data that supports this is the reduction of imports and exports among advance economies. He also notes that stock inventories are declining. He states that this is a sign that purchases of durable goods are declining and that the lag in orders is finally catching up to the purchase order pipeline.

The more immediate threat to the EU is how the current immigration crisis is handled. With the influx of millions of refugees and concerns that terrorist may be among some of the groups, the once solid EU block is showing signs of fracture as countries such as Germany adopt a more hardline position on the immigrant issue. Soros warns that what an economy does not need when it is going through times of uncertain economic times is social unrest. The immigration crisis has been just such a social event which the EU is struggling to deal with.

The EU just recently survived the threatened departure of Greece during the Greece 2015 economic crisis and Great Britain is evaluating its position in the EU among fears that instability in the weaker economic countries could spread economic instability across the entire EU landscape.


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FreedomPop’s New Attitude February 12, 2016

FreedomPop is the name of a mobile phone service company with wireless internet capabilities based out of Los Angeles, California. The company is local but has been looking to expand its base across the world, and has had some success recently.

Only this past January, the company announced that it had raised $50 million in financing for future projects, in addition to the $30 million already raised just six months earlier after launching its first service in the United Kingdom. The total amount of money raised was upwards of $109 million.

The funding from this latest fundraiser will be used to launch a brand new global hotspot and continue the growth of this mobile application to multiple countries and continents all across the world. The app is already known for having a unique way with cellular networks and allows its customers to have a single data connection anywhere across the world. Along with providing service in the United Kingdom, FreedomPop is also available for usage in other countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, to name a few locations. The company expects to have coverage available to well over forty countries by the end of 2016.

Before the mobile app can be used, however, customers will have to buy the device first and will then have access to the service. The global plan already in place readily offers 200 megabytes of data in all countries that have access to FreedomPop’s service and is also compatible with just any about smartphone. The company also offers a 500 megabyte data plan, for an addition $10 to whatever was originally purchased.

According to FreedomPop CEO Steven Sesar, the money gained in the past fundraisers will allow FreedomPop to thoroughly compete in the market and become a top global service provider.

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Kyle Bass Made Some Very Bad Decisions That Are Bound To Be The End of him February 11, 2016

Kyle Bass is the winner of them all when it comes to making bad decisions one after another. He started out a champion with a successful Dallas based fund called Hayman Capital Management and The Sixth Sense movie. It is hard to understand what went wrong afterwards.

One bad decision was that he started making TV appearances instead of giving more time to his work. His TV appearances are almost inversely propotional to his fund’s performance.

Another bad decision was keeping very close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kitchner. Kitchner’s country, Argentina, defaulted its debt second time in thirteen years which Bass seems to defend with all he’s got.

Not only defending Kitchner’s bad performance, He also defended GM for deaths caused by their faulty power-steering. His strategy was to blame the passengers of either being drunk or not wearing seat belts to prove GM innocent just because of his investment in GM.

His insensitivity does not end at supporting GM. He schemed the pharma industry so that their stocks went down and he profits from selling them when they normalize. The pharma industry suffers and so do the patients who use their medicines. He even had a justification ready for this action. He said he was doing this to make medicines cheaper for patients. When confronted by Celgene, a pharma company hit by Bass, He admitted to being greedy for money but justified it saying pharmaceutical companies are also in it for money.

His bad decisions are costing innocent people a lot of money. There are many people who are trying to stop him. Such as, Patent Trials and Appeals Board is looking into his patent fraud.

According to Jim McTague and UsefulStooges Kyle Bass’ funds are not doing well. They are doing worse actually, being 30% down in 2014. McTague said Bass himself admitted to having a tough year. Bass said life is difficult when everyone else is winning and you are not.

He won’t be much in power for long though. Bills have cleared both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees that would limit his activities for good. The future seems glum for him.

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Queens of Drama: Soap Opera Stars

Queens of Drama is an American reality television drama series following various former soap opera stars as they form a production company to create and pitch an original TV series pilot with the goal of scoring landing a pilot deal. The actresses appearing on the show work together to secure the deal by the end of the season. The team of the 2015 released first season (being debuted on the POP network) showcases the talents of Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills and Vanessa Marcil. Donna Mills appears and acts as a fictionalized persona, reigning as the forthright defacto leader, or “queen bee” of the crew. The first season aired on April 26, 2015, and consists of a total of 10 episodes. Having been selected for their daytime and primetime television drama careers prior to the scripting of the series, all actresses present in the show are noted for their soap opera experience for their making relevant contribution to the foundations of their series pilot project goal.

Notably, the beautiful, Emmy-nominated Crystal Clarese Hunt has had such a career, both as an American actress and a producer for some of her previous television projects. While the Queens of Drama was being filmed, Hunt worked tirelessly to give her outstanding performance on the drama while splitting time between two different, distanct locations, keeping up with a demanding and arduous acting schedule. This dedication to her career and exceptional professionalism is reflected in her wonderful overall performance in the series. Her skillset involving talent management and aquisition is also likely to have contributed to the first season’s successful run.

Before shooting Queens of Drama, Crystal Hunt has acted in and produced an extensive variety of television related projects. The star is most famous for her role as Lizzie Spaulding, the misguided teenaged character written for the iconic CBS daytime series, “Guiding Light,”the longest running television soap opera, airing from 2003 to 2006; this role lead her to first capturing the country’s at the age of 17. Since then, she has appeared in other noteworthy roles. On the ABC network’s soap titled “One Life to Live,” Hunt appeared as Stacy Morasco, first appearing in it on 2009. In addition to her successful acting career, she is currently producing her first full length feature film, “Talbot Country,” a horror film inspired by a true story. Hunt has been strongly recognized for her ethic and achievements, being nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series (Guiding Light). In essence, Instagram shows that Crystal Hunt is a pinnacle star in today’s television industry whose significant career success truly contributes brightly to the projects she’s been passionately involved with.  Check out Crystal Hunt’s acting reel from YouTube.

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What Can The Manse On Marsh Do To Help Seniors February 10, 2016

Health is one of the most precious things seniors need. The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility that is dedicated to serving senior citizens and give them a comfortable life. This facility located in San Luis Obispo is close to restaurants, public offices, parks and other places of interest in this little town. The facility itself is in a safe place and provides everything from fresh meals and clean beds to medical care and transportation.

The success of life after retirement depends on seniors being more willing and able to make life changes. That means living in a place that is not only affordable but one that offers social life as well. The Manse on Marsh is designed with seniors’ needs and budget in mind. Their programs work well for the residents. Many people living here have realized the benefits of these programs. People who are missing out on treatments elsewhere can obtain them at this facility. The powerful health and medical team at the Manse on Marsh has devoted much effort to addressing their concerns and health issues. They seek to get a more healthy balance in general.

For the sake of convenience, this facility offers individual caretakers to tend to the needs of residents upon request. From laundry service to dressing and bathing, these caretakers will assist seniors in their day-to-day activities. Besides, the residents get to enjoy common places like club house and in-house library. This facility is not only for people who are ill or seeking advice from health professionals but people who want to live independently as well. Everyday, choices are made that will have positive impact on their health conditions. It might be what these residents choose to eat, whether they get enough exercise or not or whether they have one another to share thoughts. It also means discussing their stories with others as well. The choices and decisions the seniors make at this facility will affect the chances of staying healthy and maximize their chances of recovery. They are able to mange their conditions in a better way. In every sense, the Manse on Marsh provides greater control over their health and health care.

On the Twitter Manse says many seniors have become too reliant on the medical industry. Unfortunately, nursing homes and medical centers are very expensive. The Manse on Marsh on the other hand brings affordability and comfort under one roof. Taking more responsibility for their own health in this facility has brought many benefits for seniors. It has led to real improvements in their well-being as well. It has also saved them from unnecessary treatments and medications. There is much evidence that the Manse on Marsh is the right choice when it comes to retirement living.

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Dr Sergio Cortes Plans Tour of Flooded Regon to Evaluate the Situation February 5, 2016

When Extra.Global asked The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes plan was to combat all the illnesses that are related to all of the flooding and landslides that have besieged the area since the start of the new year. They were surprised that the complete and comprehensive plan that Dr. Sergio Cortes had drafted. Dr. Cortes was on his way to go survey some of the worst flooding was his evaluation team. Sec. Cortes of sergiocortesofficial is already arranged state to build seven emergency shelters that were designed with 12th hydration stations in each one. The hydration stations are needed to treat some of the first symptoms of patients have when they have contracted dengue. Dr. Cortes is plan consists of teaching the workers and emergency shelters how to be able to detect the early onset symptoms of some of the viruses and disease currently plaguing the area.

While building the emergency shelters and working with local residents as a positive step in the right direction but is not quite enough when dealing with the violent widespread rapidly growing health crisis that has been attributed to the stagnant floodwaters. The long list of diseases and viruses lurking in the these contaminated free standing waters is extensive.The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes is also arranging on crunchbase for some proactive action from the state and the local community to help engage the Aedes aegypti mosquito. With over 200,000 troops deployed across the Brazilian nation with the intention of passing out bottled water to resident and the disinfecting the floodwaters that have accumulated in the area. 3000 antibacterial tablets have been dispersed as an early intervention against against leptospirosis. Dr. Sergio Cortes and state health department workers have passed out 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to help disinfect the waters and to help kill the larvae in the waters.

Originally Zika virus was more of a sleeper in the terrible menace that has become. The reason is that apparently was just one bite from the Aedes aegypti mosquito is all it takes to practically ruined the both the lives of the the child and that of the mothers.Many governments the issued a travel advisory to the area.

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The Face of Dating Has Changed Thanks to Skout February 3, 2016

Years ago, people used to meet others in a rather archaic fashion. They would basically hope for the best by meeting someone on the street or they were left to their own devices by going to bars, restaurants or any other public location where there was some small hope of meeting someone they could spend some time with. It was a frustrating situation, even under the best of circumstances. The truth is, people spend much of their adult life looking for someone to spend time with, only to come up short. There had to be a better way.

Fast forward about 20 years and almost no one meets people this way any longer. Instead, there is an entire collection of dating apps that are frequently used by people that are in the market to meet someone, be it for a long term relationship or a single date. This instantly speeds up the process and as a result, it is becoming one of the most popular things that have ever graced the Internet. The biggest problem is that there are so many of them that it becomes easy to get lost in the fray when trying to decide which one is actually the best. In many cases, people use a combination of different apps in order to make sure that they have all of their bases covered, so to speak.

As far as the popularity of dating apps, and more specifically, the popularity of certain apps goes, Skout is easily one of the most popular apps in the entire group. There are a lot of reasons that this one is the most well-liked apps out of all of them, but most of it is because of its rather easy going nature. It works especially well if you have no experience with dating apps and you are a little bit nervous about the entire idea of using them. Its atmosphere is so relaxed that it can help you feel more relaxed in the process, simply by taking away a lot of the emotional aspect that is related to using dating apps in the first place.

Skout definitely has everything going for them. In fact, they are so popular that they are on track to have their best year ever, especially given the fact that Valentines Day is literally right around the corner. This is the time of year when everyone starts to think more and more about having that special relationship and in many cases, it causes them to kick start their search by utilizing a dating app. Why wouldn’t someone use an app like Skout that has been around longer than everyone else and has proven itself time and again?

Without a doubt, the entire dating scene has changed. It is now faster and more convenient to find someone online and in many cases, it is the preferred method for people of all ages. Finding the best apps that have a good track record is obviously one of the most effective ways of finding that next relationship in your life. With that being said, Skout is perhaps the best place to start.

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