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The Handy Selection Process November 23, 2016

People who use the Handy website ( to get what they need for their home to be cleaned are able to get the most out of the process because of the way that it works for them. They are able to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they can get the best cleaner for their home. Handy makes sure that people can do it and the process by which they are able to find a house cleaner in their area is easy if they follow the couple of steps that it takes to find someone on Handy.

People who are looking for a house cleaner must first make an account on Handy. When they make an account, they will be able to include information about what they are looking for in a house cleaner. They can also list whether they are looking for someone who is able to clean one time or who is able to clean their home on a regular basis. This will allow them the chance to find the best match possible and will give Handy the option to make sure that they are doing things right with the business.

Once someone has made an account on Handy, they are able to look through the listings of people who are offering their services. They can compare cleaners next to each other to have a full understanding of what they are getting out of the service. They can also look at the different prices and options that the cleaner has to offer. The listings can be set up so that they show only the area that the customer is in, the area surrounding where the customer is or cleaners who are able to come to different places to clean the customer’s home.

After settling on a cleaner who will work well for their home, the customer can then make the decision to book with the cleaner. Depending on what the cleaner has to offer, the customer can choose to book for a one-time cleaning or they can set up a regular cleaning service on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Most customers choose to have the cleaner come one time before they make the decision to book again for regular service. Handy allows customers to change the way that they book and make modifications to it anytime that they want to change their cleaning services.


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James Dondero Takes His Talents to the Execute Board of SMU Cox Business School November 10, 2016

Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business has a new Executive Board member by the name of James Dondero. Dondero is the co-founder and president of asset management firm Highland Capital Management, L.P. The relationship between Highland Capital Management and Southern Methodist University has now been strengthened due to Dondero’s new position.

There has already been a bond between the two ever since the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, a program that rewards pursuits in public policy, as well as the outstanding support of the George W. Bush Presidential Libray and Museum.

“The Cox School at SMU contributes to the vibrant business community here in Dallas of which Highland is among the many beneficiaries,” James Dondero said. “I am honored to assist with the numerous growth and excellence initiatives currently underway.”

Roughly 100 appointed members make up the SMU Cox Executive Board. Most of the members are there to advise on the strategy of the business school. The Executive Board holds three meetings per year in the spring, fall, and winter.

James Dondero has specialized in the credit and equity markets for over 30 years. He is the current president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Today, Highland Capital Management has over $19 billion in assets.

In 1984, Dondero was accepted into the Morgan Guranty training program where he began his career as an analyst. He graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce that same year and earned majors in accounting and finance with highest honors.

According to NexBank, the next year, James Dondero became a corporate bond analyst after joining American Express. He later was assigned to account for approximately $1 billion worth of fixed income funds after being named portfolio manager. In 1989, he left American Express to join Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer.

Under Dondero’s leader ship the subsidiary grew to $2 billion. From there, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management and grew the company into the great asset management firm that we know today.

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Town Residential Launches its 10th Branch in Manhattan November 4, 2016

Town Residential, the fastest expanding residential brokerage company, has launched a Meatpacking District-based office, which is the company’s 10th Manhattan outpost. With the new office, Town’s staffs and management team will easily access a series of residential buildings based in Hudson. In addition, customers will meet with brokers and discuss on properties that are available for sale or lease.


Andrew Heiberger’s statements


Heiberger is the brains behind Town Residential and currently leads the company as its chief executive. He stated that the new office is close to the story-high park. Therefore, brokers will accompany their clients to buildings located in the Hudson neighborhood. Heiberger said that allowing Town’s representatives to work more closely with customers differentiates the firm from other competitors in the industry. He hinted that the West Village-based Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage that specializes in sales deals would relocate into the new branch at Meatpacking District.


Lease deal


The real estate brokerage firm has rented the entire second floor of a commercial building based in the 14th street of Meatpacking District. The new office has 16-foot ceiling and the right to utilize a private roof deck above the three-story building. The new space is developed to attract brokers. Thor Equities, one of Town’s major investor, own the building. Although, Heiberger declined to reveal the rents in the 446 w. 14th St deal, Meatpacking District’s offices have escalated to $90 per square foot and above. The district has gained popularity as a commercial area for both retailers and tenants.


A look at Town Residential


Town Residential is a real estate firm established in 2010 by a vibrant, energetic team. It has strived to become a powerhouse in the New York’s real estate scene. Its founding members comprise of a close-knit team of astute leaders with an excellent track of record and in-depth background on luxury sales, property development, and rental business. Innovative, competent, and founded on sound business practices, Town Residential has all it takes to provide exceptional services in the ever-changing real estate market.


Town Residential has become an influential firm in the real estate sector after just six years since its inception. The real estate giant focuses on three lines of business: marketing/selling/leasing of luxury residential properties, developing properties and selling them, as well as commercial & retail. A team of real estate veterans who possess unrivaled industry expertise and experience is responsible for promoting an entrepreneurial culture within the firm. It has scooped several high profile awards due to its fantastic accomplishments in the industry. For instance, Town Residential appeared on the list of Top 50 Best Places to Work and was voted in the category of the Best Firm to Work For in New York City.

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Three Reasons Why So Many Celebrities Practice Kabbalah November 3, 2016

Everyone comes to their own conclusions concerning spiritual matters. But one thing is generally accepted no matter which religion or spiritual path one decides to take, the journey and the end result should be one that satisfies the soul. Also, the person whose life is changed by a spiritual journey will likewise precipitate changes within the world. Maybe this is why so many celebrities endorse and practice Kabbalah Centre. From Paris Hilton to Demi Moore, Madonna, and other well-known celebrities, it may well be the following three reasons why so many celebrities follow Kabbalistic teachings.

Kabbalah is based on the ancient wisdom of the Zohar, the oldest body of spiritual wisdom. At its foundation is a universal wisdom and presents itself as a supplement to the established religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. The Zohar is a collection of commentaries based on the Torah and is interpreted and perceived to enlighten a person’s spiritual state.

Kabbalistic practices have been taught for thousands of years.The teachings reveal how the universe works and how to benefit the most in life. The idea is that everyone has a connection to the religion world and unblocking that energy opens individuals to experience more than the five senses allow.

Those who study Kabbalah live more fulfilling lives.By receiving answers to the existential questions regarding life, persons are free to experience higher levels of love, financial security, and stable relationships; all of which all lead to better physical, emotional and mental health. The practices embrace a system of logic, knowledge, and ultimately spiritual enlightenment.

The first step in this life-transforming journey is to seek a teacher to translate the complexities of this universal wisdom into practical life-affirming steps.The Kabbalah Centre, which was founded in 1922, has locations in over 40 cities – and makes available a wealth of indispensable online knowledge and guidance to beginners. To receive the greatest potential, instructors guide students into the practice of Kabbalah, and not simply the study of it.

The Centre’s methods require no previous knowledge of Jewish or Hebrew biblical text. But during studies, valuable direction is given to navigate the many disappointments and chaos which are a natural part of life. To help keep students actively engaged, The Kabbalah Centre offers books, mobile apps, and well-being products. Their teachers span the globe with a mission of teaching a living wisdom that adds meaning to life’s purpose here on earth.

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Handy Saved My Dinner Party By Cleaning My Home Beforehand

Having a dinner party was something that was my idea, but I didn’t think of everything that needed to be done beforehand. Home cleaning is what I completely forgot about, and there was a lot of cleaning that had to be done. I told my husband to clean the home while I was away at work, especially since he had the week off, but he doesn’t listen so well. I thank goodness for my friend who told me about Handy because they really saved me, especially since it was only a couple of days before my dinner party.

I went on to the website, and it was the first time that I had ever been seen so many services in one place. I made sure to read all the details that I could find as well as some reviews, and to say that I was impressed is really a big understatement. I found that a lot of people were very satisfied with the cleaning services that Handy was providing them, and many stated that the workers were some of the best professionals that they’d ever seen. I was sold, so I created my account and made payment for the cleaning services.

Those workers are no joke because they were supposed to be at my home by 12 PM and were there by 11:50 AM. I was so delighted that they were early, and I had to go off to work by 1 PM, so having them there early was great for me. My husband stayed to supervise, but I came home to an exceptionally clean place, and I hadn’t seen my place that clean in years. I couldn’t believe that within the few hours that the Handy workers were my home that they made it cleaner than it’s been since I first moved in.

I know my home is very clean because some of my guests that came to my dinner party a day later were very impressed and notated how beautiful the place looked. I absolutely couldn’t thank Handy and their workers for everything they’ve done for me, and I’ve decided that making a regular appointment with Handy is something that I will do. I would always recommend a company like Handy to those who need their home cleaned quickly for any type of party or because they don’t have time to do the cleaning on their own.

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