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John Goullet Leads Diversant January 27, 2017

Diversant is one of the top technology staffing firms in North America. It specializes in helping both companies and technology professionals reach their goals. For companies, Diversant will screen and evaluate a number of technology professionals. They will evaluate their qualifications and then refer the best candidates to companies. As a result, a number of companies will have the ability to find the ideal candidates to fill their job openings. As well as working with companies, Diversant also works with a number of technology professionals as well. When working with a number of technology workers, Diversant looks to match them up with the ideal jobs and employers. Therefore, Diversant has established itself as one of the most efficient companies when it comes to staffing technology workers to a number of different organizations.

Part of what makes Diversant one of the top technology staffing firms is its leadership. The company is currently managed by John Goullet. He is the principal of Diversant and often provides the firm with the direction it needs in order to achieve its various objectives. Over the years, Goullet has used his knowledge and expertise to help guide the staff at Diversant. One of the things that has allowed him to make Diversant into one of the top technology staffing firms is his belief in the companies core values. On a regular basis, John often urges his staff to use discipline and teamwork as well as emphasize diversity when helping both companies and technology professionals. By adhering to these values, Diversant is in position to help both parties get what they need when it comes to an ideal employment arrangement.

While John Goullet has experienced a lot of success as the principal of Diversant, he has also succeeded as an entrepreneur and a consultant. He began his own staffing firm in the middle of the 1990’s in order to capitalize on the growing demand of skilled computer technology workers. Before he started up his own firm, Goullet worked in the consulting field where he would help a number of his employers take advantage of the most efficient technology sources. As a result, Goullet has established himself as highly value professional in the computing industry.



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Igor Cornelsen Notable Accomplishments as a Latin American investor/Banker January 20, 2017

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker currently working with the Bainbridge Group as an expert in the stock market commodity and foreign exchange investment. Igor Cornelsen also works as a consultant for other banks and investment institutions. His vast experience working in financial institutions enables him to guide investors to make long-term investments choices. Advising clients to focus on moving stocks, Igor is an accomplished capital markets advisor.

He made his name in Brazil where he rose to prominence with the country’s top banks. He has also managed some of the biggest banks in Brazil. Currently, he lives in South Florida, golfing while also making money. He always relishes on buying cheap stock opportunities that practically guarantee profits to pay off in the long term.

Igor Cornelsen financial advice

According to top Brazilian investment banker expert Igor Cornelsen, the secret to successful investing is knowledge of the market. Brazilian private sector bankers only lend to creditworthy borrowers which streamline costs and provides banks with a sense of security looking ahead. The poor credit scorers can only turn to public sector banks, cash-based spending, or do without business plans on A challenge no doubt, to the macro economy development of the country.

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Brazilian banks are major players

As the largest economy in South America and the eighth largest economy in the world, the country enjoys backing from ten commercial and investment banks. Notable banks on include HSBC, Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica, Federal Bank, Banco do Brasil, BTG Pactual, and Santander, among others.

Pay attention the indomitable China

Brazil’s largest trading partner is China. These two economies are fundamentally linked. “A stable Chinese economy means good prices for Brazilian unprocessed resources,” says Igor Cornelsen. China, On the other hand, is Brazil biggest industrialized goods exports competitor in Latin America. “When investing in a country, consider their trading partners,” says Cornelsen. “Keep a keen eye on all connected markets for a greater understanding of your investments, which leads to more success and more profits.”

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Radiant Skin Whitening Cream January 16, 2017

For over 10 years, Makari has offered one of the best skin brightening creams around. A true leader for both women and men worldwide to enhance their beautiful skin with safe products. Makari’s advance formula is clinically proven to give you the utmost luminous skin, as well as give you the confidence you need. Whether your skin has unwanted dark spots, age spots, and blemishes; this cream will actively reduce them naturally without harsh topical chemicals like hydroquinone. Look your best and gradually fade those acne scars away, has the ultimate formula to give you flawless and baby soft skin.


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The Time To Get Ready For The Big Game Is Now January 13, 2017

As they often say, there is no time like the present. That clearly applies to the Super Bowl and Super Bowl odds. To me, it seems like only yesterday that the NFL season was just starting and just getting into gear. Now, there are only eight teams left and two of them will battle it out in February to call themselves the Super Bowl champions and hold the Lombardi Trophy over their heads. Who would have thought that the Green Bay Packers would still be in this discussion in late January? In November, they looked like they were goners for sure. They had lost four in a row and were at 4-6.

The NFL odds and clearly their Super Bowl odds did not look very good. They just wanted to win a game at that point. They went into Philadelphia on a Monday Night Football game and won and now they have won seven in a row. They are two victories away from the Super Bowl. That just goes to show you how crazy, wacky, strange, and bizarre the NFL can be week-to-week. That is why people need a website like to help them with football odds. When it comes to Super Bowl odds, that is when they are especially needed and helpful to football fans.

Football odds are not an exact science, as all it takes is a team’s starting quarterback to get hurt and the whole thing can get thrown for a loop. However, when it comes to the Super Bowl odds, anything can truly happen. The 2007 Giants taught us that by beating the 18-0 Patriots. That is why the NFL is filled with such ups and downs and so much fun. It is not by accident that it is the most watched sport in the entire world. That is because of the drama.

As far as Super Bowl odds, the stakes get even higher and more dramatic. All we have to do is also look at Super Bowl 49. The Seahawks looked well on their way to punching their ticket to back-to-back Super Bowls until that fateful interception on the goal line. With football odds and NFL odds, that is the kind of thing that sets you up for, so when it happens, you are still surprised, but in a way, you had a sense that something like this could occur in the game as it unfolds.

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