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Madison Street Capital: International Investment Banking Firm February 24, 2017

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm and was the financial advisor in completing arrangements for a minority equity and subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is based in Vienna, Virginia and is a leading security risk management company. They provide extensive end-to-end security software problem solving. Madison Street Captial’s Reginald McGaugh managed the transaction. “We were truly impressed with the entire process,” stated President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta. Mr. Eazzetta also commented on the hard work and diligence Madison Street Capital used to find ARES the right financing partner. ARES is excited for the future with the new structure of their capital provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Madison Street Capital helped ARES determine that working with Corbel to creatively structure the investment was the best choice toward significantly increasing equity value. Corbel offered a flexible capital solution and the partnership will be operationally supportive while enabling the Company to continue its sales momentum while capitalizing on new revenue opportunities within Corbel’s wealth of contacts in the industry.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm with integrity as a top priority. Madison Street Capital reputation for high standards, being leaders in their field and in delivering corporate financial advising services and merger acquisition expertise is well established in the industry. They also provide helpful opinions on financial matters and valuation services to both publicly owned and privately held businesses.


Madison Street Capital’s services put their clients in a position to succeed in the global marketplace. The client’s goals and objectives become the goals of Madison Street Capital as well. The goals of the client may range from financial advisory and successful capital raises to M&A transactions or transfer of ownership. Madison Street Capital sees the core components of the global growth of clients driven by the emerging markets. They focus significant assets on these markets. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of worldwide clients through continued dedication to the highest levels of professionalism. The company also offers philanthropic support of organizations like United Way as a way to make a difference in the communities of the businesses who employ them.


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Planning An Event With Tips February 20, 2017

There is a lot that goes into planning an event. To help relieve some of the stress that can happen with event planning, some professionals are telling us some of their tricks. The main idea is to plan ahead and to stay relaxed.


To begin the planning process, start by planning early. Getting organized allows for all areas to be covered and to have ample time in case something comes up. Decide on a date and a theme for the event. Once these have been decided, the details of the event can be determined.


Make lists to stay organized. There can be many lists or just one master list. The list should include anything that pertains to the event such as supplies, items to be shopped for, and guests who are invited.


Invitations are needed. Invitations can be electronic or paper. More people are using electronic invitations these days, but there is something to be said for a mailed invite. The timeline for your event will determine which route you go for your invitations.


When the day of the event arrives, start setting things up early. This will allow you time to get yourself ready once everything else is. Keeping things simple is the best way to go. Set up drink and food areas around the event. Offer your guests options for both what they can eat and what they can drink. The stations also allow them to serve themselves and takes some stress off of you.


Not everyone wants to plan an event. For those who do not want to, or do not have the time, they can seek the services of a professional. One of the best companies out there is Twenty Three Layers. The founder and CEO is Jessica Boskoff, and she has been in business for over ten years. She and her team have planned countless events and do everything they can to make each event special and different from the rest.


Hosting and planning an event does not have to be stressful. Remember to plan early and stay relaxed, and the event will be a success.

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Norman Pattiz Announces The New Paranormal Addition To The Jericho Network February 17, 2017

Chris Jericho is best known as a professional wrestler. He’s also the lead singer of heavy metal band Fozzy, an accomplished actor, and, as of 2013, the host of a popular podcast. Talk is Jericho is available on Podcastone and has featured several rock legends, including Lemmy Kilmister and Paul Stanley, along with famous wrestlers, adult entertainers, and paranormal experts.

In 2016 it was announced that Chris Jericho had entered into an agreement with Podcastone to launch the Jericho Network, a series of podcasts that would focus on wrestling, paranormal activity, music, and pop culture highlights.

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman and founder of Podcastone, recently announced the newest addition to the Jericho Network: Beyond the Darkness. The podcast, which airs on Mondays, is hosted by famed radio personalities Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis. It delves into the world of paranormal happenings, exploring everything from angels and demons to ghosts and aliens. With so many people sharing a curiosity about the unknown, the show is expected to be a huge hit.

Norman Pattiz had faith in Chris Jericho’s ability as an entertainer and businessman from day one. Pattiz has said “Chris has distinguished himself as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network. When he started The Jericho Network collection, we knew it would evolve beyond wrestling. He’s delivered comedians and now takes us into the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness”.

Mr. Pattiz is certainly qualified to determine what will be a successful broadcast. The National Radio Hall of Fame member founded Westwood One, a company that would grow to be the largest producer and broadcaster of news, entertainment, sports, and traffic alerts in the United States. He’s served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America under two different presidents. He also created America’s Arabic language radio and television services and distributed it to 22 Middle East countries.

Norman Pattiz is a proud recipient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. He is responsible for founding Podcastone, which has grown to be the nation’s leader in podcast marketing and sales. Podcastone is home to over 200 unique podcasts with over 100 million weekly listeners.

Aside from his broadcasting career, Norman Pattiz is a Regent of the University of California. He also serves as Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

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Roles of Comparative Law in Democratization, Internationalism, and Economic Globalization February 15, 2017

Definition of Comparative law

Comparative law is the academic discipline involving the study of different legal systems around the world, together with their constitutive elements, how they vary, and how those elements combine into a system.

These legal systems include:

• Civil law
• Common law
• Socialist law
• Canon law
• Jewish law
• Islamic law
• Hindu law
• Chinese law

In a nutshell, it’s the study of similarities and differences between various countries’ legal systems. However, even when there is no explicit comparison to be made, comparative law is employed to describe and analyze foreign legal systems.

The main aim of the comparative law is to:

• Perfect countries’ legal systems
• Attain more profound knowledge of the various legal systems in effect
• Contribute to the amalgamation of legal systems

Sujit Choudhry
One man who understands comparative law inside out is Professor Sujit Choudhry, an internationally renowned expert in comparative constitutional law, and comparative constitutional development.

Thanks to his decorated academic background, wide-ranging research agenda and exceptional field experience, Choudhry is a much sought-after advisor to constitution building processes.

He has played major roles in the making or amending of several countries’ constitutions including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, South Africa, and Tunisia.

Academic background
The comparative law guru has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts in Law from the University of Oxford, and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the McGill University.

Sujit Choudhry is the founder and Faculty Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions (Constitutional Transitions) – world’s first university-based center generating and mobilizing knowledge to support constitutional building.

This is done by bringing together and leading international networks of specialists to complete thematic research projects offering evidence-based policy options to practitioners. Based on

They also extend research support to constitutional advisors through Constitutional Transitions Clinic.

Benefits of Comparative Law

Comparative law is vital in these modern days. It plays an important role in democratization, internationalism, and economic globalization.

The civil and political laws, climatic conditions, and principal occupation of the natives of all nations are not identical.

Comparative law thereby helps nations of similar nature to adapt laws that suit their people by identifying laws from other comparable nations. In the end, it simplifies the law making process.

The other benefit of the comparative law is managing democracy in matching countries; for example, the ethnically divided societies, by using constitutional design as a tool for managing the transition from violent skirmish to peaceful democratic politics. see also this related link

With Comparative law knowledge, people understand their own country’s legal rules comparing with others. This awakening is what marks the naissance of new and better laws. Hit this for additional details.

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Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Touts Internet Of Things February 14, 2017

Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope has hit the internet, writing and guest blogging for various tech outlets about the benefits that the upcoming Internet of Things will give people. Hope believes this next phase of networking evolution may prove to be a revolution in its own right, dwarfing the role even the internet itself played in transforming people daily lives.

A total transformation

Hope foresees up to $6 trillion being spent on development for the new networking technologies that will make up the Internet of Things by 2020. He believes that soon, everything will be permeated by technology. Things that were previously dumb devices, like doors, windows and thermostats, will be fitted with data collection capabilities, automated and even given some degree of autonomous decision making through the use of artificial intelligence.

Read more: Talking Net Neutrality & The Internet Of Things With Jason Hope

Jason Hope believes that things that may seem simple, such as central climate control, may be able to yield efficiency savings that dwarf anything previously thought possible. Thermostats that will be able to actively control all doors, windows and heating and cooling appliances will be able to optimize indoor climates. Centrally controlled environments will mean that the climate control system will be able to open and shut doors and windows as it deems necessary. It will be able to let in or block sunlight through the use of electronically controlled photosynthetic shades. All these things may amount to energy efficiency gains of 50% or more, Hope thinks.

Data collection will also become possible in some businesses. The same mechanisms now being used to produce self-driving cars may be able to be used in virtually any activity that requires physical human intervention but not a high degree of skill. Hope sees assembly line and other menial jobs all but disappearing. He believes that such technologies will usher in an era of unprecedented leisure time and freedom from menial work.

Find more details about Jason Hope on Crunchbase and

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How EOS Lip Balm Outsmarted Chapstick?

Analysts estimate that the global lip care market is poised to reach $2 Billion in sales, by 2020. Generally, it is believed that the growth is due to the needs of consumers who have become accustomed to traditional lip balms such as chapstick and Blistex. However, the potential in the market is also the result of innovation by new upstarts such as EOS, Evolution of Smooth,

This new company has revolutionized the traditional lip balm product by launching a unique and trendy sphere-shaped product. Not only the new lip balm contains organic products, but its new flavors have become favorites of editors of fashion magazines including Allure and Cosmo. Actually, it seems that the new product is set to become a new benchmark for the industry as many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian are regularly seen using it. Evolution of Smooth can be bought from a wide range of retailers such as Well, Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart(, Amazon, eBay and many more.

As one of the fastest growing companies, it is interesting to note that EOS found it difficult to compete with its large competitors who were backed by the big money. In the first few months, the company only managed to sell few thousands of its product. However, awareness among users skyrocketed the sales in subsequent years. In only its seventh year, the company is producing nearly $1 Million units every week. Its revenue has exceeded $250 Million, which is encouraging because lip care is a requirement of the millennial generation.

As such, the company initially focused on sales of its product, which was helped by an equally innovative production unit and supply chain that continues to roll out EOS lip balm products on par with the demand. Now, co-founders of EOS are ready to generate awareness by partnering with celebrities and media to increase its current potential. In fact, the entrepreneurial mind-set and big-company discipline has helped a small company topple giants in its sector.


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Securus defeats GTL by way of forfeiture February 9, 2017

Securus Technologies has established its place at the forefront of the prison communications industry. Yet some of its competitors, notably GTL, have insisted on being poor sports and disrespecting the venerable industry giant. Securus has graciously handled the ruthless vitriol and wild lies of its wayward competitor. But finally, it said enough is enough. GTL had built a bridge too far when it deludedly claimed that its video visitation technology was clearly superior to that of Securus.


The giant was waked from its benevolent slumber. It thundered at its opponent to present evidence of its parity or to cease its empty pleading at last. Securus, thus, offered a challenge. GTL would pit its video visitation system against that of Securus and the results would be judged by a third party. But GTL, in its craven frailty, declined. By forfeiture, then, Securus solidified its position as the undisputed heavyweight champ of the world of inmate communications.



Juggling two opposing interests


Despite the limp jabs of its opponents, Securus has performed admirably in a difficult and unique business climate. Securus has always viewed its sole mission to be in serving its customers and delivering the solutions that they need in a way that maximizes their individual satisfaction. While this may sound like a trite sound bite, it becomes much weightier when it’s considered that the two main customer groups who Securus serves are often at considerable odds. Those customers are prisoners and the guards whose job it is to control them.


How can one company create a product that serves two diametrically opposed customer groups simultaneously? The answer is in high-definition, low cost calls to inmates and a suite of investigatory tools and controls which help guards keep illicit activity in check. The needs of both of these customer groups can be met simultaneously through understanding both their needs and delivering with top-quality products.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Treating Sleep Apnea with Dental Appliances February 8, 2017

Although Avi Weisfogel is a talented, experienced, excellent dentist, he’s widely known for his work with people suffering from sleep apnea and other disturbed breathing sleep related conditions. It’s an area he developed an interest in while at NYU College of Dentistry working towards his DDS. That was 20 years ago and his interest in and passion for finding ways to use dental appliances and dental procedures to treat people with sleep problems has never wavered. Instead he has created a number of organizations designed to help dentists, physicians, people from other industries and patients with sleep problems work together to address sleep related issues.

Few people with sleep apnea and other disturbed breathing sleep issues understand the connection between dental health and restful sleep. Dr. Weisfogel has long seen and researched the connection and has come up with some very effective ways to help people improve their sleep using dental appliances. He has also had countless speaking engagements where he’s helped other dentists to understand the connection between the two. His work has raised awareness of dentists and disturbed sleep patients alike about the effectiveness of dental treatment in helping to address sleep problems.

Dr. Weisfogel has created organizations like Healthy Heart Sleep, Dental Sleep Masters and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to help dentists and physicians worldwide to see the link between dental health and sleep issues and establish and manage sleep labs. He’s also helped many dentists increase the size of their practice by offering services to people suffering with breathing related sleep issues. Dr. Weisfogel has done numerous lectures, written extensively and uses every opportunity he has to make the world aware many sleep problems can be treated with dental care.

Over the past two decades Avi Weisfogel has created numerous tried and true methods for helping dentists add sleep dentistry to their practice. He even provides help with staff training, online screening, billing and more. Plus he continues to work to develop new methods of finding, diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disturbed breathing using dental services. He’s currently working with dentists in all 50 states.

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Kim Dao Shows off a Kimono February 7, 2017

Kim Dao has gone to Kanazawa, Japan in order to show her YouTube fans all about kimonos. In the video she shows how to to put it on and the whole process of wearing them.

Her first stop is a kimono shop where she finds a kimono that she loves due to the design of flowers on it as well as it matching the color of her hair. She also purchases socks and hair accessories that match the outfit. Kim Dao has a hairdresser put her hair into the proper hair style which is called a “Moe Style”. She has the help of a professional in order to put the kimono on properly, which is an involving process of different belts and layers.

Kim Dao’s next stop is Higashi Chaya where she walks the street in her kimono and shows off its design. She also shows the beautiful cherry blossoms that cover the landscape. She stops to have a great curry lunch and then hams up in photos with her friends, as well as a short karaoke session. Kim Dao also shows us the fantastic street foods that you can buy in the area, and in particular the exotic ice creams.

Due to rain starting Kim Dao needs to go inside and change clothes out of the kimono. Taking a kimono off is almost as involving as putting one on due to the intricacy of them. Kim Dao gets to have pizza, chicken, and pumpkin soup as dinner that night to top off the day’s events. If you would like to watch this video please go to the link below.

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How did I function before White Shark? February 4, 2017


Just like any market place, success in the online market is not acquired by happenstance even when it seems so. The events surrounding viral videos and exploding visits to new sites providing success for their founders are not simply the result of excellent, but organic outreach or what would seem like outright kismet. It is actually the direct action of a savvy marketing team or person implementing a savvy plan.


I know this, so I instituted my hunt for an appropriate digital media and marketing team for one of my most important online ventures. This is where I found White Shark Media and began the ascent to success, and they really hit the mark. They are a digital marketing company so the term media could seem misleading, but content is the engine of search engines, and these search engines are the gatekeepers of success. This makes producing this content and in a ingenious way, very important.


It is this intricate digital knowledge especially in search engines that I was looking for. I understand that these search engines direct everything online and that Google owns a huge market share. I also understand that this means many people ignore search engines like Bing. So I wanted a company that has a leading knowledge in Google, but also in Bing. White Shark Media was the company for my small business, and I am proud to say that they have moved me far beyond being concerned about my business being sustainable by utilizing multiple search engine knowledge so successfully.


Before utilizing this company, my small business’s growth was contingent on how hard I worked to get the word out by old means, my time is utilized much more efficiently since hiring White Shark Media. This has created a positive cycle that has me enjoying business again.

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