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Eric Pulier Achievements in Entrepreneurship and Philanthropic Activities June 24, 2017

Eric Pulier is an American Entrepreneur with remarkable achievements. He has many professional achievements in the fields of publishing, writing, philanthropy, public speaking and investment. During his successful career, he has founded over fifteen companies. All the business ventures that he has established have earned him millions of dollars. Being a serial entrepreneur, he has invested in several funds for venture capital. His investment initiatives have made him to partner with many venture capital organizations and charitable groups. Most of the startups and seed level companies he has incubated in technology and media operations have acquired massive financing.

Some of the seed level startups that he has nurtured to success include and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, which is partnered with TM Forum, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, Desktone, US Interactive, and Akana. A man who started programming computers when he was in the fourth grade, Mr. Eric was brought up in Teaneck in New Jersey. He established a computer company for databases while he was still in high school. While studying at Harvard University, he majored in American Literature and English in 1984. He wrote for the Harvard Crimson while taking classes at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1988 he graduated cum laude.

When he moved to Los Angeles in 1991, he founded PDT or People Doing Things which is an organization that addresses issues affecting education, health care, and other progressive matters through technology. He was behind the effort to establish Starbright World, which is a private social network for chronically ill children. It gives the children an opportunity to post their content on blogs, chat and meet people like them. The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Eric Pulier to execute and create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C in 1997. After the exhibition which was called The Bridge to the 21st Century, he participated in the technology and healthcare initiative by the then Vice President Al Gore where he gave advice on technology and health initiatives. Apart from being a donor to various charities, he also sits on the X-Prize Foundation’s innovation board, the kids with chronic illness camp known as the Painted Turtle and many other charities.

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How Highland Capital Management Sees The Health Care Industry As The Next Financial Opportunity June 20, 2017

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a company in the financial industry and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They have a number of subsidiaries and maintain additional offices in New York City, Singapore Sao Paulo, and Seoul. The company was established in 1993 in a joint venture between Protective Life Insurance Corporation, Mark Okada, and James Dondero. A number of years ago Okada and Dondero bought out Protective Life’s share of the company and so they now wholly owned the company.

At Highland Capital Management, the focus is on providing funds made up of alternative assets. The types of assets the specialize in include collateralised loan obligations, real estate, currencies, small cap companies, private equity, and other alternatives to investing in stocks and bonds. The funds they create are sold through retail channels, broker-dealers, and banks.

The Highland Small Cap Equity Fund (stock ticker HSZAX) has a huge return in 2016, achieving a result of 31.6%. Michael Gregory is the Chief Investment Officer at Highland Alternative Investors, one of Highland Capital Managements subsidiaries. He, along with James Dondero, is the manager of this fund. He said that the fund was showed so much success because of their decision to add oil pipeline partnerships to the fund earlier in the year. This decision greatly paid off and accounted for half of the annual return.

The area that James Dondero and Gregory have their eyes on for 2017 is health care companies. Gregory has talked about there being a new generation of drugs coming out on the market to replace opioid’s. Opioids are very addictive and can lead people into hard drugs once their prescriptions run out. The new pain relievers will be much harder to abuse and won’t be as addictive. Due to this, they see a great deal of promise in this industry.

Highland Capital Management takes its duty to being socially responsible very seriously. They financial contribute to a number of worthy charities in the communities in which they operate. One of the nonprofits they have supported in Dallas is the Family Place which provides shelter to families that are leaving abusive situations.

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Arthur Becker Journey in the Real Estate Industry June 15, 2017

Arthur Becker is a man of many business portfolios. He has been in the world of technology and various application management services for a significant period. He ventured into the industry in the year 2003. Arthur Becker was then the chief executive officer of NaviSite. Over time he was attracted to the real estate sector. In the year 2011, he started the Madison Partners. The inspiration to start this company came from the experience he had had while still working with Vera Wang Fashion Company. To this corporation, he owes all his knowledge on matters regarding design as well as fashion.

The current venture that Arthur Becker is involved with encompasses investing in a variety of residential developments. Here, he develops townhouses for different individuals. His main idea is to refurbish the townhouses and later sell or lease them. The concept has earned him a name all over the world. Over time, Arthur Becker has broadened his scope to the larger New York as well as Florida. All through, his businesses have proven profitable. The reason for the success is because he has never doubted the workability of his ventures. He had done enough survey on the kind of investment to get into as well as the houses to invest in. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

Arthur Becker recommends a thorough review on all the verticals of a business before starting it to avoid any confusion. For the investors who are new in the word of business, Arthur Becker highly recommends a marketing team to help in getting people to know about their investments. For individuals who have been in the entrepreneurship industry longer, Arthur Becker recommends that they use the name they had created for themselves in the previous ventures. They could also use referrals.

Arthur Becker has always been above since he got into the business at the right time and with the right attitude. He has never at a single time stopped working hard and keeping an eye on the firm. Arthur Becker is inspired by books that focus on the real estate since they help him in furthering his business. He has in turn inspired young entrepreneurs.

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The US Money Reserve’s Refurbished Website With Great New Features

In February 2016, the US Money Reserve announced a new and upgraded online appearance of the company. The site’s improved look sought to consolidate the company’s position as a leader in the precious metals sector.

New features on the site, on the other hand, were meant to represent their commitment to quality customer service. This site features great new pictures of the new coin gallery and Philip Diehl, President of US Money Reserve. Philip previously served as US Mint Director.

The main objective of the site is to provide important information to its consumers. It educates them on the importance of having bullion provided by the government and improves the precious metal buying experience.

The move saw increased interactions with clients and generation of quality content on numerous platforms. This also saw secure online purchasing of precious metals for the company’s clients. Clients can also get access to frequently updated information on precious metals and terms associated with the same,

US Money Reserve’s online shop is growing. This has translated into competitive live pricing on silver and gold bars and bullion. The US Money Reserve also provides PCGS certified coins as well as other exclusive precious metal products. Information on precious metals can be accessed from the Knowledge Center section on the US Money Reserve website. Latest news in the precious metal market is also provided in another section of the website.

The new site comes with a feature known as Client Connect Advantage. This allows the US Money Reserve to easily contact the customers for consultations, transactions as well as purchase assistance. The US Money Reserve provides a very nice return policy, the BuyBack Guarantee. It offers a complete refund within a month on certified coin orders. US Money Reserve works with Gold Standard IRA and employs an efficient insured shipping method.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is arguably one the biggest private distributors in the world of government-issued precious metal legal tender products. The organization which started in 2001 now serves hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States. These customers rely on the organization to diversify their wealth with precious metals.

The precious metals usually come in the shape of US silver and gold coins. US Money Reserve boasts of highly trained and skilled personnel to ensure quality service to the customers.

Highly Skilled personnel translates to high-profit potential products for the customers at all levels during the purchase of precious metals. The Texas-based company is committed to providing the best service to its customers and maintain a long-lasting business relationship.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:,28.htm

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Jason Hope knowledge in tech June 14, 2017

He is one of the experts who has contributed a lot to the industry. He has been in the segment for quite a long time. Apart from being a reviewer of some of the goods being offered at the moment, he is also an entrepreneur. He has been investing in many firms in the tech sector. A good portion of them is performing quite well and thus making him a huge sum of money. When looking for the right property to acquire in the near future, you have to go through the review offered by Jason before making any purchase. By so doing you will end up learning a lot about the facility. Apart from knowing its advantages, you will be in a better state of learning the negative impacts of using the same property. This will put you in a better state of making the right move. This is key since you will save a good sum of money in the long run and to know more click here.

Jason has an article which fully explains the importance of current technology in our lives. The article also explains the improvements which need to be done in the facilities we are using at the moment. There has been a breakdown of utilization of information we are exposed to by the facilities we are using. In case our facilities start using all the data available, we will end up optimizing the utility well will be getting from the facilities. It is also important for all the facilities to be synchronized into one. By so doing you will not only get the best out of all goods but also save a significant sum of money which could be incurred through the logistics of utilizing the property.

Jason is now participating in other activities apart from his professional job. In the past years, he has been working with young people by simply motivating them and teaching them how to run businesses. By empowering young people the future of the human race gets better. He has also participated in some of the philanthropic activities. He has done this by simply offering financial support to people who are not financially stable.

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Entrepreneur Adam Milstein’s Professional Career and Philanthropy June 11, 2017

Adam Milstein found his greatest success founding his own real estate investment company, Hagar Pacific, in Encino, California. He is the Managing Partner of the firm and handles it financial affairs and property investments. Adam Milstein has developed Hagar Pacific into a company that owns about 100 properties across the United States including almost 3,000 apartment units and millions of square feet of commercial and industrial properties. Adam’s specialty is to buy worn down properties, improve them, and then profitably place new tenants in them.

As an Israeli-American who was born in Israel, Adam Milstein is also dedicated to Israeli-American causes. He has founded a number of charitable organizations that are designed to support both the nation of Israel as well as his fellow Israeli-American’s need to be attached to and supportive of Israel. He also fights back against Semitism and more information click here.

Adam and his wife, Gila, founded The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2011 and he serves as the organization’s President. This foundation is focused on helping to educate young Israeli-Americans as well as those that are in universities. He seeks to educate them about the Jewish People, the truth about Israel, and all of the challenges that they face. Their organization supports a number of charitable organizations across the United States including Hasbara Fellowships, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Stand By Me, The Israel Project, and many others.

Adam Milstein is also the Chairman of the Board of the Israeli American Council. This council, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a uniter of the Israeli-American community in the United States. It also is dedicated to the preservation and strength of the State of Israel and its right to exist. Adam Milstein’s leadership has made the Israeli American Council the largest organization dedicated to Israeli-American issues in the nation and learn more about Adam.

It was in 1978 that Adam Milstein graduated with a degree in Industrial & Business Management at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. After moving to the United States along with his wife and children, he entered the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business and earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

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Rona Borre is Setting the Pace For Women Business Leaders June 1, 2017

Rona Borre is an influential woman, business leader, and entrepreneur. She is the founding CEO of Instant Alliance, a technology and finance talent placement company based in Chicago. Rona started her recruiting career straight from college. She graduated from the University of Arizona. She quickly learned the ropes and developed an insightful eye for emerging trends in the technology space. After the company she was working for restructured, she started getting referrals from the people she had placed.

Instant Alliance is a testament that business networking works. She has been able to work directly with the hiring companies empowering them to maximize their technology infrastructure investments. Rona Borre is excited about big data and the possibilities it promises. Trends in data can influence the direction a business takes. Businesses can achieve better efficiency by making decisions based on analyzed data. She utilizes a comprehensive recruitment database with dynamic reporting functionality. For more of Borre and Instant Alliance, hit on

She believes in customer satisfaction and delivers well and beyond their expectations. This builds stronger relationships, which are key to maintain referral business. She asserts you should keep looking for solutions as an entrepreneur and adapt with the times. Build strong source information networks and learn from your mistakes. Find connection points with clients and the companies they wish to work for. This will give you insights on how to support them better.  Check this interesting interview with Borre on

Be ready to focus your energy on your strong areas in business and make an early decision to outsource. Invest in growing internal talent for long-term growth. It is important to stay abreast of the developments in your business and motivate employees to deliver their best. Rona Borre’s excellence in leadership goes beyond Instant Alliance. She supports The Chicago Network and Economic Club of Chicago among others. The non-profits focus on growing professional women leadership and networking for business leaders in the Chicago area respectively.

Rona Borre is vocal about the human capital industry and has been featured on media interviews on CNN, CNBC, and USA Today among many others. She has won many industry leadership awards. The Business Ledger honored her with the “influential woman in business” award. Enterprising Women Magazine granted her the “enterprising woman of the year” award.

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