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Rona Borre is Setting the Pace For Women Business Leaders June 1, 2017

Rona Borre is an influential woman, business leader, and entrepreneur. She is the founding CEO of Instant Alliance, a technology and finance talent placement company based in Chicago. Rona started her recruiting career straight from college. She graduated from the University of Arizona. She quickly learned the ropes and developed an insightful eye for emerging trends in the technology space. After the company she was working for restructured, she started getting referrals from the people she had placed.

Instant Alliance is a testament that business networking works. She has been able to work directly with the hiring companies empowering them to maximize their technology infrastructure investments. Rona Borre is excited about big data and the possibilities it promises. Trends in data can influence the direction a business takes. Businesses can achieve better efficiency by making decisions based on analyzed data. She utilizes a comprehensive recruitment database with dynamic reporting functionality. For more of Borre and Instant Alliance, hit on

She believes in customer satisfaction and delivers well and beyond their expectations. This builds stronger relationships, which are key to maintain referral business. She asserts you should keep looking for solutions as an entrepreneur and adapt with the times. Build strong source information networks and learn from your mistakes. Find connection points with clients and the companies they wish to work for. This will give you insights on how to support them better.  Check this interesting interview with Borre on

Be ready to focus your energy on your strong areas in business and make an early decision to outsource. Invest in growing internal talent for long-term growth. It is important to stay abreast of the developments in your business and motivate employees to deliver their best. Rona Borre’s excellence in leadership goes beyond Instant Alliance. She supports The Chicago Network and Economic Club of Chicago among others. The non-profits focus on growing professional women leadership and networking for business leaders in the Chicago area respectively.

Rona Borre is vocal about the human capital industry and has been featured on media interviews on CNN, CNBC, and USA Today among many others. She has won many industry leadership awards. The Business Ledger honored her with the “influential woman in business” award. Enterprising Women Magazine granted her the “enterprising woman of the year” award.

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