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Whitney Wolfe Continues To Grow “Female First” Dating App July 7, 2017

Bumble is an app that is changing all of the modern rules when it comes to online dating. In this day and age, many people turn to online in order to form relationships. That’s because their home lives are busy. People are busy with work, family, hobbies, and they don’t have time for much else. The CEO of Bumble Whitney Wolfe understands this fully. She also understands just how difficult it is to be able to meet quality people online.

That’s because so many online dating apps are focused solely on two people hooking up. People match on geographical location and not much else. Whitney Wolfe understood that there was a need for more meaningful conversations and deeper connections. That’s why she came up with Bumble.

Bumble is an app that is breaking all the traditional rules of online dating. With Bumble, women call the shots. They have to message someone first. It’s great to have an app that puts the ball in a woman’s court to start off with. Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe did this because she’s trying to break the typical setup of online dating. This gives women the option of only talking to people they feel comfortable with. Another difference is that Bumble isn’t just for dating. Ladies from all over can log in and form friendships.

Bumble isn’t just another online dating app and Whitney Wolfe is making sure of that. Bumble BFF is quickly becoming a community for people to form friendships, relationships, and connections. Bumble is even coming out with physical locations to further help friends and couples get together. Wolfe is making sure that anyone who uses this app feels comfortable. She doesn’t want women to be put off by creepy men and unwanted advances.

Whitney Wolfe never thought that her “female first” app would become as big as it has. Every day, it seems to be growing. Wolfe has helped the app gain millions of downloads. Now, Bumble is growing even more with the addition of a physical location and the launch of BumbleBizz. At the end of the day, Wolfe cares about her app and does what she can to make sure that she’s upholding the values of Bumble.

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