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Before venturing into the world of business, Cassio Audi was a renowned musician. His early years were spent in music and were full of excitement. He was known well for by heavy metal fans especially the young generation.

When the Brazilian metal band Viper was founded, each member was given a role and Cassio was given the role of a drummer which he played with a lot of professionalism. He was respected for his role by the rock fans and also for spreading heavy metal to Latin America. He together with his band colleagues was praised for both talent and skills.

Apart from being a drummer in the band, Cassio wrote one of the songs for the Soldiers of Sunrise album which marked his last appearance in the band. The album became very famous among heavy metal fans in the late 1980’s. Up to date, it continues to be the most popular album done by the band.

Cassio contributed a lot toward the development of the band and was also featured in two of the band’s albums. Cassio had joined Viper as a teenager and practiced his music career in the band for nine years until when he left in 1989 after feeling that his time to be in the band had come to an end. The band, however, continued even after Audi left and released another album called Theatre of Fate.

Although it is said that Cassio was so good with drums and could have prospered in it, he left to pursue a career in business. He began by joining University to do a degree in business administration and later enrolled for an MBA in Finance at the University of Sao Paulo. Audi is now an advisor in the stock exchange and also has experience in real estate.


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