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Mini pups love the flavor of Beef BenefulIncredibites August 29, 2017

Your small sized adult dog will love the big flavor that they will get in each and every bite of Purina BenefulIncrediBites. The mini sized dry dog food kibble that is made with real farm-raised beef as the main ingredient will have your pup begging for more. In addition to fresh beef, peas and carrots are also added to increase the nutritional value and the taste. Each cup contains 27 grams of protein to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. In addition, there are23 essential minerals and vitamins found in every serving. You can confidently serve Purina BenefulIncrediBites at every meal to your adult pint sized pup. A 15.5 pound size bag is available in most local retail stores or online for under $15. For best results, store this food in a dry place. There is a money back guarantee on the package, so there is no financial risk to you if your small dog does not totally enjoy this easy to chew mini bite-sized kibble and to know more

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