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Sheldon Lavin Is The Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group September 18, 2017

Sheldon Lavin took his time to build a meat industry career. He entered the industry more than four decades ago. Lavin was an outsider who had success in investments. He worked in the banking industry and owned a consulting firm. Lavin took an unlikely path to become Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He has transformed the formerly family-owned company into a worldwide supplier of food products. OSI operates under several brand names that include OSI Industries LLC, OSI International Foods LLC and OSI International Inc. OSI International Inc is the parent company of OSI’s international investments.

OSI Group currently employs more than 20,000 workers. Lavin is proud of the fact that he has established a culture of employees that believe in the company’s vision from the top ranks to the very bottom. He feels that the environment he created is unique and family-oriented. This is proven by the tremendous longevity of the company’s workforce. There is very little turnover at OSI, which is indicative of a healthy work setting.

Sheldon Lavin initially became involved with the meat industry in 1970. Otto and Sons was the predecessor to OSI. Lavin arranged the financing for Otto and Sons to build the plant they needed to secure its business relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. The business venture needed funding. The bank recommended that Lavin play a role and suggested that he have an ownership position at Otto and Sons. Sheldon Lavin was not interested in such a business arrangement at the start. However, he did offer his services as a consultant. His stipulation to the Otto and Sons family was that he would have the same degree of leverage within the company as the current owners if he was to come in as a partner.

By 1975 Sheldon Lavin was thoroughly involved in the inner workings of Otto and Sons. He initiated overseas investments. Lavin became a partner with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons after Otto retired from the daily workings of the business. During this time McDonald’s executives requested that Lavin be involved in the business on a full-time basis. Lavin’s respect for the McDonald’s corporation convinced him to come in to Otto and Sons full time. The company then became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group expanded across North America and into Europe throughout the 70s. Eventually South America and Taiwan became working territories. By the early 80s Lavin had secured half of the controlling interest in OSI. This was after one of the original partners decided to sell his stake. The last partner retired over 13 years ago. This gave Sheldon Lavin 100% control over OSI Group.

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Getting Everything Together As An Entrepreneur September 14, 2017

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it is important that everything is thought through. For one thing, if one does not think about thing he wants to do as an entrepreneur, then he is going to have a rough journey on the way to the top. He is also not going to be able to focus. The most important thing to do for people that are hoping to be entrepreneurs is to look up information on what it would take to succeed. The most important pieces of information are articles on marketing and networking. Also, getting advice from successful entrepreneurs can go a long way towards success.

Among the examples of successful entrepreneurs to follow is Sawyer Howitt, he is someone that has gained a lot of success because of his wisdom when it comes to business and marketing. Sawyer Howitt is also someone who has a lot to offer when it comes to advice. One thing that he says is that it is important to be focused. Now there is more to focus than just having every mind and thought on the task. One must also make sure that he is organized in his efforts.

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One of the best things to do as an entrepreneur is lay out some plans so that he can be move forward with his initiative according to He must have a goal in mind and then break the major goal down into steps. Once steps are thought out, then he can move forward with his work in a focused manner. One of the best aspects of being organized is that it enables entrepreneurs to make more progress than working in a chaotic environment says Howitt on Then they will be able to not only succeed as marketers, but also hire others so that they will be able to grow their company if they want.

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The Brown Agency: For the Well-Rounded Individual

The Brown Agency, the biggest modeling agency in Texas, was established with the merging of Texas’ two largest talent agencies- Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Separately, these two agencies were the best of their kind, but once they joined forces they started producing some of the most talented and well-rounded models in the area.

Previously, Wilhelmina Austin dominated as a modeling agency in Texas, whereas Heyman Talent-South took the cake as a successful acting talent agency. The idea was to create one full-service agency with the ability to hire those looking to model, to act or to do both and to help perfect their skills in both areas. Later on, an area was even created for those interested in theater. Employees of the Brown Agency say this alliance was the best thing that could’ve happened- the combination of people so skilled in these two very diverse talents has created something that is quite close to indestructible in terms of agencies of their kind.

Although these two agencies were superstars on their own, uniting them seemed to only make them all the more powerful. With the establishment of the Brown Agency, Justin Brown took on the roles of both CEO and president. The company’s headquarters are located in Austin, although offices have been created around Dallas and the company frequently shows its face in Los Angeles.

Models lucky enough to join this agency leave with very substantial additions to their resumes; throughout their time working with the Brown Agency, they become very well-versed in both acting and modeling. This experience helps shape them into highly qualified candidates for any future jobs they may take interest in. Whether one wants to be on the front cover of a magazine, strut down the runway or be the next aspiring actor, the Brown Agency provides these talented individuals with the fundamental stepping stones (as well as a few extras) to reach their goals.

Already having helped many aspiring actors and models reach goals that far surpass their wildest dreams, the joining of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South to create the Brown Agency has proven to be a good idea for everyone involved. Visit their Instagram account for more.


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Securus Technologies is on the Forefront in the Quest for Preventing and Solving Crimes September 11, 2017

With its main offices strategically positioned in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has become a leader in the correctional facility technology. The firm supplies technological products and services to 3,450 law enforcement, jails, public safety, and corrections facility. It also serves more than one million incarcerated people in North America and Canada. Services offered by this technology heavyweight range from public information, communication, monitoring, emergency response, investigation, and incident management products and services.


The innovative Video Visitation service


Through Video Visitation, Securus Technology enables you to enjoy a quality time with your imprisoned friend or relative. Depending on the availability of the facility, you can use a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to pre-schedule your online visit.


Anywhere Visit


With Anywhere Visit, you can start visiting your imprisoned loved one remotely utilizing a computer that has a web camera linked to the Internet. Ensure that you have a Securus Online account to enjoy this fantastic service. Then, scheduling an Anywhere Visit will be your next step.


Clients’ comments on utilizing Securus’ technology to stop and solve crimes


  • A jail officer applauded Securus Technologies and its employees for the many innovative products they have introduced to the corrections market. This officer said that information obtained from phone calls had helped his facility to acquire a search warrant for a fraudulent worker. Due to the evidence gathered, the individual was arrested and charged with contraband’s introduction.


  • Another client said that the investigative tools enable correction facility’s workers to carry out investigations when harassment complaints are filed or when there is a security threat.



  • A prison warden said that Securus’ covert alert feature had played a crucial role in generating enough evidence for arresting a suspect.


  • Sheriff’s department commended Securus for its exceptional LBS software that made recovery of illegal money, assets, and drugs easy.


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Business and Change – The influence of Eric Lefkofsky September 10, 2017

Eric Lefkofsky is described by most as an entrepreneur and philanthropist and has a fascinating life story that has led him to where he is today. Born in 1969 he was one of three children in the household. After he finished high school he pursued law at the University of Michigan and eventually completed his program, receiving a Juris Doctor in 1993 and learn  more about Eric.

After completing school Lefkofsky began his journey through into the entrepreneurial world along side a friend from college who together purchased an apparel company. Over the next several years Lefkofsky would be a part of several other businesses and eventually would come to co-found his current focus, Tempus. Lefkofsky currently serves as the CEO for Tempus.

Tempus broadly speaking is a technology company, and specifically, focuses on aiding doctors in combating cancer. They do this by supplying physicians with a transcription of genomes and in combination with their research data can produce personalized results for patients on an individual basis that could potentially help with their treatment.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lefkofsky has also made his mark in the world of philanthropy. In 2006 along side his wife, Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is a private foundation with the purpose of providing quality education to youth, protecting basic human rights and helping to pilot new medical research. In addition to creating the foundation, Lefkofsky is a current member of The Giving Pledge, a charitable organization which focuses on promoting the wealthiest members of the planet to give away a large portion of their wealth to aid in charity work.

Today Lefkofsky spends most of his time in Chicago where he is very involved in the community. He is on the board of directors for The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and the Children’s Memorial Hospital. He also lectures at career business schools in the area about entrepreneurship and technology-based business and more information click here.

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How Market America Miami Has Impacted the Lives of Miami Residents September 9, 2017

Market America’s high-quality services and products have made it grow in popularity, and this has led them to start operations in several other places in the US and beyond. One of its most lucrative operations is Market America Miami. The world conference held in February 2017 in Miami attracted well over 25,000 people from all over the world. During the conference, the attendees were told about the amazing new products, technologies and services that Market America recently launched and how they can take advantage of them to improve their wellbeing. They told attendees about their Shopping Annuity program, through which customers can get up to 50% cash back on their Market America purchases. This was also an opportunity to boost the operations of Market America Miami.

Market America Miami has a wide range of products and services for its customers, from garden equipment and health and beauty products to water purification systems and so much more. It serves residents of Miami and other nearby areas. Through its UnFranchise business, Market America Miami is helping entrepreneurs make extra money without the hassles of having to pay for licensing and other expenses such as royalties. This enables them to be financially independent and people are eventually able to leave their unrewarding office jobs and run their UnFranchise businesses fulltime.

These are just a few of the ways in which Market America Miami has impacted the lives of the residents of Miami and other places in the US and beyond. The operation continues to grow in leaps and bounds and reach more people. This is all thanks to their high standards of operation and the high-quality products and services provided.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Warm and Empathetic Personality Shines Through in All Areas of Her Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden is often described by her patients as being warm, outgoing and empathetic to their needs. As a minority of female plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Walden considers herself to be a rarity within her field. Right from the start, Dr. Jennifer Walden gained early recognition for the dedication she had to her field. In her graduate year at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas, she was given the distinction of being her student body salutatorian. She attended this university after having obtained her Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden often discuses the philosophy behind her choice to specialize in cosmetic surgery. She understands the connection between mind, body and spirit, which is why she and her team strive to provide their patients with the type of information needed to help them feel better about themselves. They also commit themselves to providing their patients with the highest quality of care possible. They exhibit professionalism in all areas within the field of cosmetic surgery, which encompasses everything from breast augmentations and face lifts to Botox injections.

As a medical practitioner who excels in her field, Dr. Jennifer Walden has also had the privilege of becoming a member with many societies within the field of plastic surgery. Some of the societies she is associated with include the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Association of Women Surgeons and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She also has a long list of awards and honors, which date back to her attendance at the University of Texas, during which time she received the golden key honor. Dr. Walden’s warm personality also gained her the honor of serving as the current spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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Suing for Justice; defending the Meek September 5, 2017

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin might not have founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund had they not endured a gruesome ordeal of violent detention. They endured it though, and hence, through the darkness, an opportunity to provide light was formed.

Nonetheless, they would have still found a way to get justice for the oppressed members of the Hispanic community in Arizona. Already, the two veteran journalists had exposed Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his oppressive and abrasive tactics of silencing the media and any verbal critic of his.

The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America had subjected them to subjugation for far too long and their cries had been finally had.

The genesis of the conflict between Larkin and Lacey and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio began through a former journalist at the Phoenix Times. The Phoenix Times was co-founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and, therefore, they took up the journalist’s work when he departed for better career prospects.

He had picked up several complaints about Mr. Arpaio’s abuse of office and began investigating him. He had found out that despite the sheriff’s 72,000 dollars annual salary, he had made cash deposits of 690,000 in local real estate investments.

He had also recorded numerous complaints from locals in Hispanic neighborhoods that the sheriff would raid their homes with either search or arrest warrants, and take some of them into custody. Some never came back as they died in jail of treatable illnesses that they didn’t suffer from before their arrests. The numbers were alarming: 60 deaths in less than three years.

The situation got worse when the Village Voice Media executives and founders published an expose detailing all the transgressions of which county law enforcer was guilty. The sheriff used intimidation in response and a grand stand off ensued.

The defiant reporters ended up on the cold floors of the county jails as the situation got bad real quick. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County for wrongful arrest and malicious conspiracy by its officials to silence the media.

They won the lawsuit which dragged in court for five years and were awarded 3.75 million dollars. They founded the Frontera Fund and donated to it the 3.75 million dollars.

The Frontera Fund liaises with other entities that lobby for civil, human and migrant rights. It supports all causes that undertake the protection of the First Amendment from any violation. The initiative primarily focuses on the emancipation of immigrants and Hispanics in the United States, especially in Arizona. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

It does so by partnering with lobby groups that prosecute biased laws and policies. Popularly referred as the Closed Fist Approach, lobby groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) use constitutional litigation to challenge the constitutionality of policies that criminalize immigration.

Another approach, the Open Fist Approach uses civil litigation against abrasive county, state and federal officials to set precedence against any violation of the First Amendment. Most lobby groups which further similar causes as those of the Frontera Fund receive publication and legal support from it. It also offers financial support in just situations.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Wanted a Way to Help Cancer Patients September 1, 2017

Even after Mikhail Blagosklonny had treated many different cancer patients and after he had dedicated his life to their treatment, he knew that he would have to do something that would make an even bigger difference in the cancer treatment world if he wanted to actually help more people out with the issues that they had. He was well aware of all of the issues of communication between different people and between the others who were in the same situations as him and that is what has allowed Mikhail Blagosklonny the chance to experience more out of the practice that he has.He wanted other oncologists to be able to do this, too. Not only did he want them to actually be successful on their own but he also wanted them to be successful so that they could treat more patients and make their lives better. This is what made sense to Mikhail Blagosklonny and what allowed him the chance to continue working hard so that he could help other people out and allow them to actually treat their own patients with the things that they had learned about from the publication that he was going to set up.

Oncotarget was the perfect answer to everything that Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted to do. It was a great way for him to try and do things and it was something that made it easy for him to make the right choices in his business. Even when Mikhail Blagosklonny was doing what he could to show people what they needed, Oncotarget was still something that was going to make a difference and was something that was going to change the way that things were done for different people who tried their best to experience more out of the situations that they were in.For Mikhail Blagosklonny to do all of this, he had to work hard at Oncotarget. He also had to work to ensure that he was doing things the right way and that he was allowing people the chance to experience more in their own situations.

For Oncotarget to be as successful as what he wanted, he chose to include other specialists. The most important thing that these people did was provide valuable insight into what was going on and what they would be able to do to get more from the best cancer treatment that they were dealing with so that they would be as successful as possible.When Mikhail Blagosklonny first created Oncotarget, he knew what he could do and how he would be able to experience more for his practice. He liked all of his patients and he also liked the fact that his patients knew a lot of the things that he was doing. He tried his best to always keep them informed so that they would be able to know what he was doing with cancer treatment and the other things that he did to make the patients more comfortable while fighting a horrific type of disease.

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The achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a columnist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, published author, technologist, public speaker, and founder of more than fifteen successful companies. These business ventures have helped him make millions of dollars. As he helps to transform the revolutionary technology available today, he also assists entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to reality. He offers advice on how to achieve one’s goals by having passion in the business being practiced. He has always been passionate about technology, which led him to realize that he could make a difference in this sector. He also realized that ideas are not of any relevance if they cannot reach the larger industrious market.

To ensure continuous capital flow, Mr. Pulier is constantly in search of new ideas from which he can make investments. He holds interviews with forwarding thinkers and listens to their ideas. If they are relevant and life changing, he assists the entrepreneur to bring up their business by investing in them. With the help of the skill to read people, he can determine a passionate business person from one who is not serious. Therefore, he assists those who seem committed to their ideas, thus helping them to achieve success.

Eric Pulier is a very optimistic man. Thus he has had faith in all of his ideas. What has ever caused him to worry is figuring out ways on how to manage his business ventures. As much as he has never doubted the success of any of his ideas, he has been highly concerned about how to make it through learner situations. As a result of these struggles, he has been able to achieve tenacity to survive through the thick and thin situations. One of the major challenges he faces is selecting the most suitable company for the next investment. To determine the best, it takes a lot of time and plenty of resources. A high level of diligence is also required in the search for new investment and acquisition for more info about us: click here.

Mr. Pulier is a father of four and resides in Los Angeles with his amazing family. He offers assistance to children suffering from chronic illnesses through The Painted Turtle organization. He is also a member of Board of the X PRIZE Foundation.

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