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Securus Technologies is on the Forefront in the Quest for Preventing and Solving Crimes September 11, 2017

With its main offices strategically positioned in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has become a leader in the correctional facility technology. The firm supplies technological products and services to 3,450 law enforcement, jails, public safety, and corrections facility. It also serves more than one million incarcerated people in North America and Canada. Services offered by this technology heavyweight range from public information, communication, monitoring, emergency response, investigation, and incident management products and services.


The innovative Video Visitation service


Through Video Visitation, Securus Technology enables you to enjoy a quality time with your imprisoned friend or relative. Depending on the availability of the facility, you can use a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to pre-schedule your online visit.


Anywhere Visit


With Anywhere Visit, you can start visiting your imprisoned loved one remotely utilizing a computer that has a web camera linked to the Internet. Ensure that you have a Securus Online account to enjoy this fantastic service. Then, scheduling an Anywhere Visit will be your next step.


Clients’ comments on utilizing Securus’ technology to stop and solve crimes


  • A jail officer applauded Securus Technologies and its employees for the many innovative products they have introduced to the corrections market. This officer said that information obtained from phone calls had helped his facility to acquire a search warrant for a fraudulent worker. Due to the evidence gathered, the individual was arrested and charged with contraband’s introduction.


  • Another client said that the investigative tools enable correction facility’s workers to carry out investigations when harassment complaints are filed or when there is a security threat.



  • A prison warden said that Securus’ covert alert feature had played a crucial role in generating enough evidence for arresting a suspect.


  • Sheriff’s department commended Securus for its exceptional LBS software that made recovery of illegal money, assets, and drugs easy.


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