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The Handy Selection Process November 23, 2016

People who use the Handy website ( to get what they need for their home to be cleaned are able to get the most out of the process because of the way that it works for them. They are able to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they can get the best cleaner for their home. Handy makes sure that people can do it and the process by which they are able to find a house cleaner in their area is easy if they follow the couple of steps that it takes to find someone on Handy.

People who are looking for a house cleaner must first make an account on Handy. When they make an account, they will be able to include information about what they are looking for in a house cleaner. They can also list whether they are looking for someone who is able to clean one time or who is able to clean their home on a regular basis. This will allow them the chance to find the best match possible and will give Handy the option to make sure that they are doing things right with the business.

Once someone has made an account on Handy, they are able to look through the listings of people who are offering their services. They can compare cleaners next to each other to have a full understanding of what they are getting out of the service. They can also look at the different prices and options that the cleaner has to offer. The listings can be set up so that they show only the area that the customer is in, the area surrounding where the customer is or cleaners who are able to come to different places to clean the customer’s home.

After settling on a cleaner who will work well for their home, the customer can then make the decision to book with the cleaner. Depending on what the cleaner has to offer, the customer can choose to book for a one-time cleaning or they can set up a regular cleaning service on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Most customers choose to have the cleaner come one time before they make the decision to book again for regular service. Handy allows customers to change the way that they book and make modifications to it anytime that they want to change their cleaning services.


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Skout Impresses on Many Levels June 6, 2016

In the popular tourist destination of San Francisco, a host of northern California-based tech professionals consistently come up with great ideas and equally great companies. Skout arrived on the scene not too long ago and debuted an excellent dating/friendship app. The app connects users to a mobile-centric social network. The mobile component is among the most beneficial to those seeking a new social networking app.

The management of Skout knows people want to meet others for dating and friendship. They also know it can be more than a bit difficult for someone on the go to meet others. The concept of a mobile social network for people looking to meet new friends or more-than-friends proved to be a popular one as Skout now has members across the entire world. Skout has absolutely lent a helping hand to those persons.

Skout has also helped out a host of people in need in the San Francisco area. The company has run a number of promotional surveys to coincide with fun holidays such as National Superheroes Day and National Potato Chip Day. The surveys focused on arriving at interesting information about Skout members. The surveys were performed in conjunction with Skout’s donations to local charities. The amounts contributed ended up being substantial.

All the many charitable endeavors Skout is involved with has surely helped the company. People are going to be more comfortable becoming members once they see all the good things Skout does.

The vibrance of the community absolutely has helped Skout grow globally. Members of the community are extremely active. The user-friendly nature of the platform adds to this activity. Members do not have much trouble accessing any of the features on the platform. This means they do not deal with impediments to meeting new people for friendship or more.

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The Face of Dating Has Changed Thanks to Skout February 3, 2016

Years ago, people used to meet others in a rather archaic fashion. They would basically hope for the best by meeting someone on the street or they were left to their own devices by going to bars, restaurants or any other public location where there was some small hope of meeting someone they could spend some time with. It was a frustrating situation, even under the best of circumstances. The truth is, people spend much of their adult life looking for someone to spend time with, only to come up short. There had to be a better way.

Fast forward about 20 years and almost no one meets people this way any longer. Instead, there is an entire collection of dating apps that are frequently used by people that are in the market to meet someone, be it for a long term relationship or a single date. This instantly speeds up the process and as a result, it is becoming one of the most popular things that have ever graced the Internet. The biggest problem is that there are so many of them that it becomes easy to get lost in the fray when trying to decide which one is actually the best. In many cases, people use a combination of different apps in order to make sure that they have all of their bases covered, so to speak.

As far as the popularity of dating apps, and more specifically, the popularity of certain apps goes, Skout is easily one of the most popular apps in the entire group. There are a lot of reasons that this one is the most well-liked apps out of all of them, but most of it is because of its rather easy going nature. It works especially well if you have no experience with dating apps and you are a little bit nervous about the entire idea of using them. Its atmosphere is so relaxed that it can help you feel more relaxed in the process, simply by taking away a lot of the emotional aspect that is related to using dating apps in the first place.

Skout definitely has everything going for them. In fact, they are so popular that they are on track to have their best year ever, especially given the fact that Valentines Day is literally right around the corner. This is the time of year when everyone starts to think more and more about having that special relationship and in many cases, it causes them to kick start their search by utilizing a dating app. Why wouldn’t someone use an app like Skout that has been around longer than everyone else and has proven itself time and again?

Without a doubt, the entire dating scene has changed. It is now faster and more convenient to find someone online and in many cases, it is the preferred method for people of all ages. Finding the best apps that have a good track record is obviously one of the most effective ways of finding that next relationship in your life. With that being said, Skout is perhaps the best place to start.

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Slyce’s Visual Products Improving Users Experience October 30, 2015

Slyce Corporation has developed a new line of visual search technologies to enable visual search recognition more proficient. Slyce signed a contract with Urban Outfitters to present users with technology that powers visual search for mobile versions.

Slyce search technology enables retailers to snap an image of any format and get a full matching of products from retailer’s inventory. Retailers can connect directly with clients’ from around the globe by sharing images of products at the convenience of their mobile applications. These products can be purchased through any mobile e-commerce application.

One of Slyce Inc. new products is Snap to coupon technology that allows users applications to snap any image and generate a mobile version optimized of the same. This edition will be stored in applications, and the retailer is notified to redeem when the token expires.

In September 2015, they announced the commencement of its primary data analytics service that extracts significant information in a related format from products images. The information includes prices, a location of the products, varieties and available retailers of such products. The new line will boost users visual search experience in an amazing way by helping them make relevant enterprise choices.

More so, the firm introduced Universal Scanner Technology. The expertise allows users to scan any visual document and immediately receive matching information. The results are readily available online. Scanning of images to get matching data is a user-friendly process available in applications developed for mobile versions.

Other than universal scanners, Slyce has introduced new visual search capabilities aimed at providing users with the precise information. The information is based on data input by the users. For example, it will allow users to compare the data they enter into Slyce’s market data results. The firm’s new tools sense images put by the users and analyses information details such as color tones, temperature and schemes concerning available results. It will ensure users get what they seek.

Finally, there is the Attribute matching that uses out of stock mitigation tool. The tool offers users and retailers any applicable alternatives to information they sought. The technology uses complex visual relevance attributes analysis.

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On Line Dating Increases in Popularity With Skout as One of the Top Apps October 1, 2015

Online dating is a system for people to find and contact others over the internet to arrange a date. It is intended for people who are interested in developing a romantic and personal relationship. Online dating services normally provide unchaperoned matchmaking over the internet using personal computers or cell phones. Those who use this service will provide personal information; age, gender and location regarding themselves that will be matched to others with the same criteria.

The sites for online dating use the idea they are the place to go to “shop” for dates or romantic partners. They also list themselves as a place to “sell” yourself to a romantic partner. This metaphor in marketing is used to sell the idea of people meeting people through their service by matching themselves to others with the same ideas and interests. Through the meeting of others it is hoped they will find a romantic partner. Photos can be shared and browsed through by members to see what potential dates look like. Some sites even offer live video through webcasts or online chats.

There are online dating sites offering their services with free registration, some charge a monthly fee and others rely on advertisements for their revenue. There are also differences in the base of sites. Some sites are broad and have members from various backgrounds while others have more specific types of members. The personal information given as to interests, lifestyle and location are matched to others that fall within that same gender and age group.

One of the first mobile applications developed as a dating application and website was, Skout. The app is available for both iOs and Android operating systems and includes a nightlife app and group messaging app. Skout will not disclose a user’s exact location; however by using the global positioning system in cell phones it does help user’s find each other within a general radius. The GPS feature allows one to search for someone and view their profile as well as recent activities if they find the person interesting.

In 2013 Skout broadened its options when they designed a feature for users to meet people while traveling. The travel feature is one of their premium paid options along with the “Shake to Chat”. This feature connects their members to others who are shaking their phones at the same time. Their nightlife app connects members seeking events during the evenings. It will enable them to buy tickets, see guest list of events in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Skout has now reached more than 10 million users in their memberships.

The use of webcams and webchats has grown in the online dating sites. The overall trend in dating through these sites has become a common method for people to find others.

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