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Madison Street Capital: International Investment Banking Firm February 24, 2017

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm and was the financial advisor in completing arrangements for a minority equity and subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is based in Vienna, Virginia and is a leading security risk management company. They provide extensive end-to-end security software problem solving. Madison Street Captial’s Reginald McGaugh managed the transaction. “We were truly impressed with the entire process,” stated President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta. Mr. Eazzetta also commented on the hard work and diligence Madison Street Capital used to find ARES the right financing partner. ARES is excited for the future with the new structure of their capital provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Madison Street Capital helped ARES determine that working with Corbel to creatively structure the investment was the best choice toward significantly increasing equity value. Corbel offered a flexible capital solution and the partnership will be operationally supportive while enabling the Company to continue its sales momentum while capitalizing on new revenue opportunities within Corbel’s wealth of contacts in the industry.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm with integrity as a top priority. Madison Street Capital reputation for high standards, being leaders in their field and in delivering corporate financial advising services and merger acquisition expertise is well established in the industry. They also provide helpful opinions on financial matters and valuation services to both publicly owned and privately held businesses.


Madison Street Capital’s services put their clients in a position to succeed in the global marketplace. The client’s goals and objectives become the goals of Madison Street Capital as well. The goals of the client may range from financial advisory and successful capital raises to M&A transactions or transfer of ownership. Madison Street Capital sees the core components of the global growth of clients driven by the emerging markets. They focus significant assets on these markets. Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of worldwide clients through continued dedication to the highest levels of professionalism. The company also offers philanthropic support of organizations like United Way as a way to make a difference in the communities of the businesses who employ them.


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Martin Lustgarten Enjoys Protecting Animals April 25, 2016

Hardworking people around the world are looking to plan for retirement. They rarely think about it, but these people need smart investment bankers on their side. Investment bankers notice patterns that others would miss, and make the smart investments necessary to help the economy grow. There are thousands of talented investment bankers throughout the world, but one of the most talented investment bankers in the industry is Martin Lustgarten. Martin is extremely talented, and his eye for investment banking has helped him get to the top. This has not always been easy, but Martin continues to leave a huge impact on the world.


Martin has worked in the investment banking industry for many years. He helped thousands of clients achieve their dreams. He is talented at looking into the future and seeing what trends will matter and what trends are merely temporary. He’s made millions for his clients and has garnered a reputation throughout the industry.


It took years for Martin to work his way up in the industry. He put in long hours, but eventually he was considered one of the biggest names in the investment banking industry. After years of leaving his mark, Martin chose to open his own firm, the Lustgarten. This company operates out of Miami and is one of the premiere names in investment banking. The company has a fantastic record and is constantly reaching new clients. Martin is proud of his work with the Lustgarten, but he also has many philanthropic endeavors.


Martin loves dogs, and he wants to ensure that all dogs live happy and healthy lives. He cares deeply about sheltered dogs and is constantly raising money for dog rescues. Recently, he started a GoFundMe for the Florida Little Dog Rescue. This rescue is committed to keeping dogs happy and healthy, rather than send them to a shelter that participates in killing the animals. The existence of kill shelters breaks Lustgarten’s heart, so he is constantly acting to prevent these dogs from being put down.


Lustgarten ( is one of the most talented names in the industry, but he also dedicates his time to protecting animals and helping others. He hopes to spend future years working towards a bright future for society and building his company.

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