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Business and Change – The influence of Eric Lefkofsky September 10, 2017

Eric Lefkofsky is described by most as an entrepreneur and philanthropist and has a fascinating life story that has led him to where he is today. Born in 1969 he was one of three children in the household. After he finished high school he pursued law at the University of Michigan and eventually completed his program, receiving a Juris Doctor in 1993 and learn  more about Eric.

After completing school Lefkofsky began his journey through into the entrepreneurial world along side a friend from college who together purchased an apparel company. Over the next several years Lefkofsky would be a part of several other businesses and eventually would come to co-found his current focus, Tempus. Lefkofsky currently serves as the CEO for Tempus.

Tempus broadly speaking is a technology company, and specifically, focuses on aiding doctors in combating cancer. They do this by supplying physicians with a transcription of genomes and in combination with their research data can produce personalized results for patients on an individual basis that could potentially help with their treatment.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lefkofsky has also made his mark in the world of philanthropy. In 2006 along side his wife, Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation is a private foundation with the purpose of providing quality education to youth, protecting basic human rights and helping to pilot new medical research. In addition to creating the foundation, Lefkofsky is a current member of The Giving Pledge, a charitable organization which focuses on promoting the wealthiest members of the planet to give away a large portion of their wealth to aid in charity work.

Today Lefkofsky spends most of his time in Chicago where he is very involved in the community. He is on the board of directors for The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and the Children’s Memorial Hospital. He also lectures at career business schools in the area about entrepreneurship and technology-based business and more information click here.

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Talk Fusion; The All-In-One Video Marketing Solution August 7, 2017

The Talk Fusion Company introduces first of its kind services that have begun to transform the business marketing sector. Talk Fusion provides unique and top of the line video solutions to companies and individuals in business. Therefore, enabling business owners and businesses boost their marketing techniques and consequently boost their sales returns. Under the leadership of their CEO, Bob Reina, the Talk Fusion and its team of experts have also introduced the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. This plan is the first of its kind in the world that purposes to transform the business sector from weekly and monthly paid commissions applied by most companies to a more instantaneous pay day.

How It Works

At an affordable rate you can use the Talk Fusion service to share business ideas, thoughts, charitable donations and seek opportunities with the use of videos. That is achieved through adding videos with relevant content to your emails, newsletters, webinars, blogs, and online chats among others. These videos are meant to captivate, attract and retain customers rather than bore them away. That is why the Talk Fusion team is dedicated to making these videos (which they use as marketing tools) to be as engaging, persuasive and memorable as possible. Learn more:

Benefits of the Talk Fusion Way

Being an affordable way of effective marketing the Talk Fusion service offers various benefits to businesses that embrace it. The assured benefit of using the Talk Fusion service is that your product will get the attention and you the intended results if not more. For instance, the engagement rates of a potential customer go up to 44% when a video is incorporated into a blog post or an email that they are reading. That has been realized to increase their chances of buying your product to up to 85% after watching it through your video. Learn more:

Conclusively, the Talk Fusion Company offers a dynamic yet simple way of gaining more clients and increasing one’s profits through marketing. It gives a business a sense of uniqueness and enables a convenient marketing strategy by the use of video technology.


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Roberto Santiago’s Experiences with Manaira Mall July 18, 2017

The Manaira Mall is a direct result of what Roberto Santiago wanted to do to make Brazil better. He tried to do everything that he could to improve the country and to make things better for people who were visiting in the area. He chose a perfect location, made a luxury mall and now has more options available than any other mall in Brazil. This has given him the chance to make things better and to try and put more into the mall. There are many options that he had when working on the mall and he chose to offer all of these to the people who were a part of the mall. Because of the way that Manaira has grown, Roberto Santiago knows that it is a necessary part of the experiences that people can enjoy while they are at the mall and in the area of Brazil that the mall is located in.


For people to be able to visit the mall in other areas, they will either need to eat or shop. This is not the case with Manaira. There are many entertainment options that people actually visit the mall just so that they will be able to visit one of 11 theaters that are in the mall. While they are there, they can also enjoy the experiences that there are able to offer to people who are in the Brazil area. This is something that has given them the chance to try the new things that the mall has to offer.


While Roberto Santiago wants to offer entertainment options to his customers, he also wants to make things unique for the mall. One of the most important things that he did that made the mall profitable was created an expo center on the roof. The expo center features cultural events and other opportunities for people to enjoy. It also has the options that people need when they want to try and make sure that things are going to work out for all of the people who visit. It has been a huge change from what people were able to enjoy in the past and has also allowed people to try new things.


Those who visit Manaira Mall are able to get more out of the experience of visiting a mall. Whether they are local people who are looking for a place for clothes and some dinner or they are tourists visiting for the first time, the Manaira Mall has everything to offer them. Roberto Santiago made it so that people would be able to visit no matter what they were doing or what they were at the mall for. It also caters to people who have different budget ranges.


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Entrepreneur Adam Milstein’s Professional Career and Philanthropy June 11, 2017

Adam Milstein found his greatest success founding his own real estate investment company, Hagar Pacific, in Encino, California. He is the Managing Partner of the firm and handles it financial affairs and property investments. Adam Milstein has developed Hagar Pacific into a company that owns about 100 properties across the United States including almost 3,000 apartment units and millions of square feet of commercial and industrial properties. Adam’s specialty is to buy worn down properties, improve them, and then profitably place new tenants in them.

As an Israeli-American who was born in Israel, Adam Milstein is also dedicated to Israeli-American causes. He has founded a number of charitable organizations that are designed to support both the nation of Israel as well as his fellow Israeli-American’s need to be attached to and supportive of Israel. He also fights back against Semitism and more information click here.

Adam and his wife, Gila, founded The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2011 and he serves as the organization’s President. This foundation is focused on helping to educate young Israeli-Americans as well as those that are in universities. He seeks to educate them about the Jewish People, the truth about Israel, and all of the challenges that they face. Their organization supports a number of charitable organizations across the United States including Hasbara Fellowships, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Stand By Me, The Israel Project, and many others.

Adam Milstein is also the Chairman of the Board of the Israeli American Council. This council, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a uniter of the Israeli-American community in the United States. It also is dedicated to the preservation and strength of the State of Israel and its right to exist. Adam Milstein’s leadership has made the Israeli American Council the largest organization dedicated to Israeli-American issues in the nation and learn more about Adam.

It was in 1978 that Adam Milstein graduated with a degree in Industrial & Business Management at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. After moving to the United States along with his wife and children, he entered the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business and earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

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Troy Mcquagge’s Career Excursion May 29, 2017

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of US health group. His reputation spreads to the entire world after he was awarded the world’s winner as the chief executive officer of the year. This took place in the prestigious one planet awards. As a global premier awards program, One Planet awards takes into account all the professional excellence and honors them around the entire world. The program is open to all organization around the globe where interested eligible teams are free to submit nominations. There are no limitations to either public or private agencies. The program is also open to profit as well as non-profit organizations. Troy McQuagge served the Allstate insurance company in the year 1993 where he began his career. The year 1995 saw him join the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance (UICI) Companies. Troy continued to advance his career by serving UICI Company as the president in the year 1997.

After joining the US health group in the year 2010, Troy McQuagge started off strategies to make the organization better than he found it. He began his mission by renovating the company’s primary distribution agency. He worked tirelessly and diligently in training the advisors, and this saw him elected the president and CEO of the company in the year 2014.Since the time he joined US health group, success has been the story as the company has recorded unmatched progress. His service as the president of these company sharpened his skills and gave him vast experience in management, and this saw him advance in his career. And his Twitter, Under the leadership of McQuagge, US health group became a well-known company across the globe. As a move to help the communities receiving services from the US health group McQuagge worked tirelessly to ensure health care affordability. As an insurance holding company, the US health group is highly committed to providing innovative health attention for self-employed individuals as well as those who own small businesses. The Company is aimed at developing the talents of its employees and the agents in marketing valuable insurance services. It’s the company’s obligation to provide viable customer service in every area of its operations and what Troy knows.

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Mike Baur from banking to startup May 25, 2017

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in the 1970’s. He had a love for banking and financing even when he was a teenager. Mike Baur is a co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 when Mike was 39 years old. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is independently financed and privately owned. Swiss Startup Factory was the first of its kind in Switzerland and offers digital opportunities for young entrepeneurs by providing a three month program that includes coaching, mentoring and office space. Mike Baur was employed within the banking industry for over twenty years when he decided to change his career path and begin investing in startup companies. While in banking Mike worked his way up from commercial apprentice to an executive board member at a large Swiss private bank. Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Max Meister has experience in the field of strategic management consulting and is currently responsible for the accelerator process at Swiss Startup. Oliver Walzer is the CIO at Swiss Startup. Mike is responsible for the financing rounds and the fundraising at Swiss Startup Factory. CTI invest named Mike the deputy managing director when Swiss Startup Factory partnered with them (CTI) in January of 2016. CTI Invest is a platform of financial specialists and speakers who offer consultation services. The University of St. Gallen hosts a start-up pitching contest referred to as the START Summitteer and Mike Bauer had the opportunity to participate as a jury member for this event. Swiss Startup Factory offered a accelerator program with the Goldback Group that Mike led. Goldbach Group is a network for electronic communication and logistics solutions. The Wall Street Journal featured a profile on Mike Baur in December of 2016 covering his early banking career and his investments in start-ups. Mike earned a MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and a Executive MBA from the University of Berne. One main goal of Swiss Startup Factory is to take new startup companies and turn them into global companies and make them business models for up and coming startups.


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Anthony Petrello, The CEO with a Big Heart for Children May 13, 2017

The community of Huston can attest to Petrello’s unwavering commitments to philanthropic activities and his love for children. He is a determined, visionary and open-minded business leader who is committed to bringing positive change. Tony is currently serving as the CEO and Chairman of an oil giant, Nabors industry. The company is present in over twenty countries around the world, and it chiefly focuses on directional drilling services and offshore drilling rigs. Nabors has endless achievements and is currently among the most profitable companies in the oil industry.

So, who is Anthony Petrello? Well, Tony is a lawyer, a mathematics wiz and reputable business magnate who earned his J.D degree from Harvard Law School. The exceptional CEO also received an M.S and a B.s from Yale University. Before Nabors, Tony started as a corporate lawyer at Baker & McKenzie law firm. He later resigned from the law firm in 1991 and joined Nabors the same year. His exceptional expertise secured him a position on the executive committee of Nabors. He became the CEO and President of Nabors in 2012. His strategic management approaches have seen Nabors crush its competitors and triumph in the oil industry and what Anthony knows.

Tony and his college darling, Cindy, have a disabled daughter, and this has led to their copious financial support children’s health initiatives. The family has committed over seven million in research neurological research especially those that deal with periventricular leukomalacia. Tony is also an enthusiastic member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children Hospital.



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Bob Reina Pens Video Marketing Column for MarTech Advisor April 20, 2017

Bob Reina established the video marketing solutions company Talk Fusion back in 2007. Since then he has been focused on developing his work and cornering the industry as one of the biggest names in the marketing game. Reina properly forecasted just how integral video marketing solutions would be int he year to come. As a result he was brought on to pen a column in the Mar Tech Advisor back in 2016. The column was so successful that Mar tech invited Reina back for another chance to spread the word of what he’s doing with Talk Fusion.

CEO Bob Reina was excited to get back to work on a piece of writing for MarTech Advisor. MarTech Advisor is one of the top publications read by Chief Marketing Officers in the world. There are more than 1 million subscribed readers to the mailing list which makes it a great chance to really get solid marketing information out into the public. Reina decided to focus on his specialty: video marketing. Reina’s newest article is titled ‘Video Advertising Trends of 2017’. The article is now live on MarTech Advisor and it is currently racking up both page views and shares on social media websites.

Reina has written for more than a couple of huge publications during his public career as a marketing expert. Reina has content written for The Huffington Post, MarTech Advisor, and his own Talk Fusion social media outreach. Reina was more than happy to share his thoughts on MarTech Advisor. Reina stated, “I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers, so they can grow with this medium and learn why now is the time to make video the center of their marketing strategy.”

If you go back to 2004 you’ll get Reina’s first thoughts on Talk Fusion — three years before the company was established. Reina stated, “When I thought of the idea for our first product, Video Email in 2004, it was because I foresaw online video’s uncapped potential early on.” Reina goes on to explain how integral this strategy can be for start up companies and stalwart industry professionals.

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Soccer Plays A Key Role In Growth For Felipe Montoro Jens March 5, 2017

The development of the infrastructure of Brazil became a key issue for many during the buildup to the 2014 World Cup when concerns were raised about the standard of everything from stadiums to roads and hospitals. In 2012, the Odebrecht Properties brand was created as the gap in the market for developing funding options for this area of growth was established in a bid to develop new areas of innovation as possible under the leadership of Felipe Montoro Jens who has a long history of funding major infrastructure developments.

There is much to admire in the career history of Felipe Montoro Jens who has made his name on backing many major infrastructure programs in areas of Latin America and Africa where economic growth has been seeing major leaps forward. Through his work with the parent Odebrecht investment group and the roles played by Felipe Montoro Jens with Santo Antonio Energia and Braskem a new approach to developing nations has been undertaken; sustainable projects at have become a major part of the work of Felipe Montoro Jens who has helped source funding for hydro-electric power plants and many more important aspects of modern technology on

One of the areas Felipe Montoro Jens has been exploring to its maximum through his work as the principal of Odebrecht Properties has been the creation of multi use spaces that can be used as part of large sports, entertainment, and cultural events; knowing the continued use of these spaces is always important Felipe Montoro Jens has been developing links with many soccer clubs on from across Brazil. Among the soccer teams Felipe Montoro Jens and Odebrecht Properties have been working with include Fluminense and Flamengo, alongside winning the rights to manage and maintain the Brazilian national stadium of the Maracana complex.

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How to Find the Right Cleaning Company December 29, 2016

Having a tight schedule throughout the week may prevent you from doing the most important tasks at home such as cleaning. You can therefore decide to hire a specialist who is well trained to help you out. Handy Cleaning Company is one of the leading organizations in providing you with the most reliable and trustworthy specialists for any household chores such as plumbing, painting, cleaning and even handyman services. You can therefore decide to hire one of these specialists depending on the services you need. Handy has been in a position to expand and increase its profitability throughout due to the quality of services they offer and their new method of booking.

They understand how hard it may be for you to travel all the way to the company especially if you have to report to work early and maybe leave late in the evening. Using your phone, it is possible to book an appointment with and select the services you need, your location, time and date when you require the expert. There are many experts employed by Handy and they are all qualified to ensure clients are satisfied. Depending on your availability, it will be easy for you to book an appointment and get a specialist to help you out.


Handy Cleaning Company is trustworthy and reliable and has the best leadership to ensure it grows to offer services to more clients. Experts in Handy are insured and have been trained to ensure they are capable of offering the specific services. This is one way of keeping clients and workers safe during working hours. Handy will also replace any broken item by the specialist and you can also get full refund of your money in case you received poor services. Consider working with Handy Cleaning Company today and experience quality services at your own convenience! Check out today!


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