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Doe Deere and The Colors of Lime Crime August 18, 2016

Is it possible to follow a dream that’s uniquely yours, and still find success and an entrepreneur? In the case of Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO Doe Deere, the answer has to be a resounding yes.

Doe Deere is a creative spirit who emigrated form Russia at age 17. After enjoying a music career in New York, she set upon creating a fashion business via eBay. She used what she learned there and created another business that worked with her love of vivid colors. That company is the online makeup brand, Lime Crime, and its ongoing success (with 2 million Instagram followers and growing) is a testament to Doe Deere and her vision.

Going Beyond Beige

One big motivator for Doe Deere when she started Lime Crime online via website back in 2008 was her love of truly bold colors. Back then, the major makeup bands were very invested in the “nude and natural” look, with lipsticks offered in multiple shades of beige. Yes, it was fine as far as it went, but Deere wondered what happened to strong colors on women. She answered the question by launching Lime Crime, and it’s clear from the many followers who love to see all the new looks coming from this brand that this company is really catching on.

Vivid Colors

For Deere, just having lipsticks in various shades of pink and red wasn’t enough. Lime Crime offers lipsticks in its Unicorn Lipcolor line with colors ranging from bright blue to green, yellow, orange and many shades of purple, pink and red. These looks blend beautifully with the glamorous looks in eyeshadow and liner this company offers, and they enhance a woman’s natural look spectacularly.

The Velvetines Lip Color line from Lime Crime uses color in a pink and purple palette, but these lip colors go on liquid to matte. This is the first brand to offer this kind of lipcolor, and it’s an innovation that started in a lab with Deere and a chemist. Together, they saw this dream of creating an all vegan lip color that goes on and stays on.

Today there’s no doubt that dreams really can come true. Just ask Doe Deere. She’s a woman who followed her dream, and saw it though with Lime Crime.

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A Color for Every Unicorn – Lime Crime by Doe Deere June 8, 2016


Doe Deere’s bright and vivid view gave her unicorns—as she calls her fans, defining them as “people who were born different, are aware of it and proud”—everything they needed the burst through the dull and bland world as a radical rainbow. Deere founded her cosmetic company, Lime Crime, in 2008 to compliment the wonderfully outrageous colors she poured into the clothing she sold. With her dedication to her fearless sense of style, Deere was named by Self-Made magazine among their 50 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in 2010.

In a business world obsessed with normality and sameness in its employees, Deere built a company that does just the opposite and celebrates self-expression. Her signature purple hair proves success rides on a person and not outward conformity to what is ‘professional’. As the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen, Deere keeps her regal duties in mind with her cosmetics across the board. Deere personally tries every new product before putting on the market because she believes “it’s the only way [she] can be sure it’s authentic to Lime Crime and [their] customer!” She turned her dream of freedom of expression into a reality for herself and shared that world with all of her unicorns.

But Deere is admirable for more than turning her creativity and passion into a successful entrepreneur business—an undeniably incredible feat in itself! Since it’s launch in 2008, Deere has kept Lime Crime animal cruelty-free, and in 2012, she had any products that did not already qualify as Vegan reformulated to become so. And even with the hectic life of being her own company’s CEO, Deere finds time for the women she has inspired, ready with advice for those newly declared entrepreneurs who reach out to her.

Doe Deere has done something few people have accomplished. Lime Crime is a fantasy come true for women of all ages, from the intense colors that paint young girls’ imaginations to the independent woman who lives life unashamedly standing at the company’s top. Deere’s ambition took a risk and gave the statement that unabashed, colorful expression is wonderful, and the message was heard.

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Doe Deere Is The Magical Unicorn Queen Of Beauty March 30, 2016

Doe Deere is the magical unicorn queen of beauty in this country and across the world. She is the self titled unicorn queen that calls her followers her little unicorns. Doe Deere is also the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime produces a fabulous line of makeup filled with whimsical and magical colors that are fit for the unicorn queen of beauty and her followers. The founder of Lime Crime is the type of person that makes her own rules about beauty, fashion, and makeup. She believes that everyone should live by their own rules. Of course, this usually leads to breaking a few traditional rules concerning beauty, fashion, and makeup.

The Magical Unicorn Queen of Beauty
There are a lot of admirers that wonder about Doe Deere. Well, Doe Deere shares her secrets about beauty and creating your own fashion voice, in a recent revealing article. She is clearly an extraordinary woman with extraordinary thoughts on the subject. Doe Deere firmly believes that we should all break fashion rules. Just be sure that you know the rules that you are breaking. Her makeup line is proof that she does not follow tradition. The makeup line is filled with revolutionary colors that are actually quite glamorous. Doe Deere also believes that you should break at least one fashion rule a day to keep the creativity flowing. For example, one of her favorite rules to break is the one about dressing specifically for occasions. For example, if you feel like wearing an evening gown on a casual date, go for it. If you feel like wearing a casual pants suit to a formal affair, go for it. It’s all in your attitude and the way that you carry off the style.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is an amazing young woman that achieved success on her own terms. She was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City. Her love of whimsical colors led her to develop Lime Crime cosmetic company in 2008. Lime Crime cosmetics features very bold and intense colors that are very unique to the company. Deere shares that all her cosmetics are animal cruelty free.

Doe Deere reveals that the unique name Lime Crime is due to her involvement with fashion. She was obsessed with bright and whimsical colors. She decided to use the same type of name for her cosmetic company. Doe Deere is the main force behind the creation of the beauty line. She works closely with the chemist in her company that are developing the new colors and products. Often, Doe Deere likes to try the products before they go into production. She likes to make sure that they definitely fit in with the Lime Crime brand.

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Doe Deere’s Fashion Innovations March 4, 2016

Some women just have a very strong sense of what works them, no matter what the “fashion experts” of the world dictate. Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is undoubtedly one of these women. Deere created her own Internet cosmetics line based on her ideas about what works in women’s beauty and her own ideas about making a bold statement about who you are in the world.

All of the looks on the Lime Crime website are stunningly beautiful, but they are also bold and provocative, and that is the way Deere likes it. It’s no surprise then that Deere has her own ideas about what does and doesn’t work, fashion and makeup wise. It’s Deere’s philosophy that almost anything can work as long as there is a focus and some coordination to the overall look.

Here are a few of the solid fashion “rules” that Deere has no problem breaking, or at least bending.

Only Wear Neutral Outfits With Bold, Unnaturally Colored Hair

1. This is a rule that Deere loves to break, as she specializes in wearing bold hair colors like bright pink, purple, green or blue. While these colors can look great with neutrals, they also look great with clothes that play off the hair colors. Why not wear a pink and purple pattern with pink hair? On Deere, it looks good, so why not try it?

2. Don’t Wear More Than One Pattern.
Here’s another rule that Deere has no problem breaking. Again, for her, it’s all about coordinating the look. Some patterns can play off each other well, as long as they have some colors in common or textures that go together well. Don’t just reject the idea of mixing patterns, find a way to coordinate and have fun with it.

3. Don’t Play Up Both The Eyes and Mouth With Dramatic Color

One of the key aspects of the Lime Crime line is the incredible colors it offers in eye and lip color. Given that, there’s no way Deere would ever say no to great colors on both those key features. Her rule is to coordinate the lip and eye color so they play off each other well, and do some careful shading on the eyes for subtlety and interest.

Who says rules aren’t made to be broken? When you’re Doe Deere, it’s ok to break the rules, as long as you do it with style.

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