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Mini pups love the flavor of Beef BenefulIncredibites August 29, 2017

Your small sized adult dog will love the big flavor that they will get in each and every bite of Purina BenefulIncrediBites. The mini sized dry dog food kibble that is made with real farm-raised beef as the main ingredient will have your pup begging for more. In addition to fresh beef, peas and carrots are also added to increase the nutritional value and the taste. Each cup contains 27 grams of protein to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. In addition, there are23 essential minerals and vitamins found in every serving. You can confidently serve Purina BenefulIncrediBites at every meal to your adult pint sized pup. A 15.5 pound size bag is available in most local retail stores or online for under $15. For best results, store this food in a dry place. There is a money back guarantee on the package, so there is no financial risk to you if your small dog does not totally enjoy this easy to chew mini bite-sized kibble and to know more

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Beneful offers the best possible dog food June 13, 2016

Dogs are the perfect pet. They are always happy to see their human friends. Many dogs assume responsibilities at the house, including grabbing the paper, guarding the door, and keeping their owner warm at night. Most members of the facebook dog owners community would do anything to keep their dog healthy and happy, but very few people know what to do to keep them that way. Your dog needs regular exercise, affection, and a healthy diet. Dog owners need to buy the best possible food if they want to see their dog stay healthy. There are many dog food brands on Wal-Mart supermarkets today, but the best brand available is Beneful.
Beneful has been in the dog food business for a little bit more than a decade. The company has built a reputation on providing the best possible nutrition for dogs. In recent years, the company has added premium ingredients to their line up of foods. Dog owners everywhere have started flocking to this amazing dog food brand to get the best nutrition and ingredients for their furry friends.

Beneful by Nestle Purinastore offers many dry dog foods, and they see dry dog food as the backbone of their line of products. Healthy Puppy is an extremely popular line of dry dog food. This food has been blended to create the best possible taste, but it also features every ingredient that a growing puppy needs. Puppy lovers everywhere rave about the results that Healthy Puppy gets for their dog. Dogs are wonderful companions, but their weight can get out of control. Dogowners that want their dog to achieve a healthy weight should try Beneful Healthy Weight. This blend includes all of the nutritious ingredients a dog needs, and it has a limited amount of calories. Beneful’s lineup of dry dog food includes something for everyone.

Beneful has many great dry dog foods, but they also offer great wet dog food. Beneful has a team of chefs that work constantly to create new and interesting recipes. Each of their stews is extremely delicious and features real meat and veggies. Chicken, lamb, and beef all feature prominently in their dog food recipes. Dog owners everywhere approve of Beneful Chopped Blends.

Beneful is an amazing dog food brand that offers several great food options. Dog owners around the country are turning to this brand to keep their dog in top shape.

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Dog Foods Making Big News January 27, 2016

Dog food is no longer just about crunchy pieces of something that is akin to corn meal. More and more pet parents are concerned about nutrition and dog food companies have quickly capitalized on this trend. You can now find dog food on Purina Store or on Amazon in every flavor from buffalo to wild salmon. Some of the other ingredients that are touted include things like sweet potato, blue berries, and flax. Foods are being sold on the benefits of what they can do for nutrition, skin, coat, eyes and longevity of life. There are also special formulas with glucosamine added to help with joints of the older canines in the family. While it is a great idea to feed the best foods you can get, it is possible that some of this is simply a marketing play and a great way to get pet owners to spend a lot more than necessary for proper nutrition. A decent brand that appeals to the tastes of virtually every canine tested also happens to be in a much more affordable price range. Beneful for dogs, made by Purina, is not only a very well known name that is there to stand behind their product, but dogs actually like it. In fact, they love it. Beneful doesn’t add a lot of fluff to their foods but they do formulate recipes for puppy, senior and adult dogs. Their formulas are straight forward and dogs like them. Beneful meets are exceeds the daily nutritional needs of your pet in every major category. There really isn’t much more that you need than that.

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Why Your Dog Needs a Brand Like Beneful January 21, 2016

Your dog eats the food out of his bowl every single day and you might not put a lot of thought into what you feed him. Most dog foods on the market right now are chock full of fillers and by-product chicken and beef meal. These by-products are doing nothing for your dog’s health and wellness. In fact, you might find that your dog has issues with aging or having a gorgeous coat because of the quality of food he eats each day. When you look at switching to a much better brand, you might notice that your dog benefits entirely from making this switch and this can benefit you as the dog’s owner.

One of the absolute best and most popular brands on the market is known as Beneful. You have more than likely come across Beneful yourself whenever you have purchased dog food in the past. While you might have passed it up thinking it was nothing special, you would be surprised to know that Beneful on youtube is one of the absolute best brands currently on the market in terms of dog food. Most dog owners are choosing this specific brand and filling their dog’s food bowl with it every single day. The reason Beneful is so popular and why it was recently mentioned in an online article on dog food quality is because of the fact that it has wholesome ingredients with a pretty affordable price tag.

There are many brands of food out there for you to choose for your dog, but choosing Beneful is definitely the way to go for most pet owners. Not only are you going to be saving money in the long run because of the fact that you are getting away from the overly expensive brands, but you can feel confident when you feed your dog with this food. Beneful is a wonderful brand that offers a wide range of products within their line, allowing you to pick one and choose the different flavors to suit your dog’s needs so that they are kept happy and well at a healthy weight and with good intentions.

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Healthy Teeth Treats for Dogs Provide Owners Relief From Stinky Dog Kisses December 4, 2015

Dog and owner approved, Beneful, offers treats for fresh doggie breath. No matter what breed of dog you have Beneful makes some of the best treats on the market that Charlie and Otto will love. They come made packed full of healthy ingredients that your dog will fall in love with from the first bite. They are not only nutritious but they also help keep his breath smelling great. So when you hand your human friend with bad breath a piece of gum, make sure you also give a teeth twist to your pup, after all no one wants kisses from a dog with bad breath.

Beneful offers a fantastic line of dog treats called Healthy Smile Dental Twists. They work to help eliminate both tartar and plaque from a dogs teeth. In addition to that they freshen the dogs breath. Dog owners all over, truly appreciate when dogs have fresh breath and these treats certainly provide it. They also come in a flavor that dogs love. Peanut butter with real parsley, what dog doesn’t love peanut butter. They offer these treats in four different sizes: mini, small, medium and large treat. They also come in different size packages: 7.4 oz, 8.4 oz and 20 oz.

In addition to the teeth twists, Beneful also offers Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These come with real savory meat in the middle and parsley as well. They come in different size packages: 7.4 oz, 8.4 oz and 20 oz.

Beneful offers other treats that are sheer baked goodness on They are baked delights which come as heartfuls, hugs, stars and snackers. The heartfuls are made of apples and bacon, hugs contain beef and cheese, The stars come in two varieties bacon and cheese, chicken and cheese and lastly the snackers are peanut butter and cheese. No matter what your dog fancies there is something for him or her in the Beneful on purina snack line. These treats come in 8.5 oz pouches.

If a treat is part of your dogs food regimen be sure to check out all that Beneful has to offer. They have an incredible line of other products besides their treats, as well.

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Beneful: The Right Choice for Our Best Friends November 20, 2015

There are countless studies in scientific journals that show a direct correlation between having a pet and our emotional health. Some studies have even shown that people have a drop in blood pressure and stress hormones when they are petting an animal. In the beginning, dogs were domesticated to help humans with hunting and other chores. Even though modern dogs still are raised to help us, they have become an integral part of our family. Since we are ultimately responsible for the health and well-being of our beloved pets, we take them to regular checkups with our veterinarian and make sure that all immunizations are current. We also make sure that our faithful friends have good food and fresh water daily. Even when we do all these things, we might be shocked when we start looking at dog food labels. Not too long ago, I decided to look on Youtube at the ingredient list of the food that we were feeding our dogs. I was pretty surprised at what I discovered. Our dogs are part of our family and deserve the best nutrition we can give them. So, why was I feeding our dogs food that had questionable meat bi-products. When I did some research, I found that these “bi-products” that are found in a lot of popular dog food brands are waste products such as animal innards, scrap meat, skin, feathers, or bones. I certainly did not want my dogs eating junk like that. I also learned that many dog food companies use fillers such as corn and grains, which are not part of a canine’s natural protein diet. These were just some of the ingredients that I could recognize. There were other suspicious additives with names I could not even pronounce. Why would I want my best friends eating these things? After some solid research, I decided that I was going to serve my dogs Purina brand’s Beneful. For generations, dog owners have known and trusted Purina for their dogs’ nutrition. Beneful has real protein like chicken, beef, and lamb. It also has a healthy blend of delicious vegetables, like carrots, peas, and green beans. There are no junky bi-products or cheap fillers in Beneful. It has the nutrition I want for my dogs with the flavor that they crave. Beneful is available in dry or wet dog food and has a whole line for the stages of my dogs’ lives. I am glad that I did my homework and chose Beneful.

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