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Three Reasons Why So Many Celebrities Practice Kabbalah November 3, 2016

Everyone comes to their own conclusions concerning spiritual matters. But one thing is generally accepted no matter which religion or spiritual path one decides to take, the journey and the end result should be one that satisfies the soul. Also, the person whose life is changed by a spiritual journey will likewise precipitate changes within the world. Maybe this is why so many celebrities endorse and practice Kabbalah Centre. From Paris Hilton to Demi Moore, Madonna, and other well-known celebrities, it may well be the following three reasons why so many celebrities follow Kabbalistic teachings.

Kabbalah is based on the ancient wisdom of the Zohar, the oldest body of spiritual wisdom. At its foundation is a universal wisdom and presents itself as a supplement to the established religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. The Zohar is a collection of commentaries based on the Torah and is interpreted and perceived to enlighten a person’s spiritual state.

Kabbalistic practices have been taught for thousands of years.The teachings reveal how the universe works and how to benefit the most in life. The idea is that everyone has a connection to the religion world and unblocking that energy opens individuals to experience more than the five senses allow.

Those who study Kabbalah live more fulfilling lives.By receiving answers to the existential questions regarding life, persons are free to experience higher levels of love, financial security, and stable relationships; all of which all lead to better physical, emotional and mental health. The practices embrace a system of logic, knowledge, and ultimately spiritual enlightenment.

The first step in this life-transforming journey is to seek a teacher to translate the complexities of this universal wisdom into practical life-affirming steps.The Kabbalah Centre, which was founded in 1922, has locations in over 40 cities – and makes available a wealth of indispensable online knowledge and guidance to beginners. To receive the greatest potential, instructors guide students into the practice of Kabbalah, and not simply the study of it.

The Centre’s methods require no previous knowledge of Jewish or Hebrew biblical text. But during studies, valuable direction is given to navigate the many disappointments and chaos which are a natural part of life. To help keep students actively engaged, The Kabbalah Centre offers books, mobile apps, and well-being products. Their teachers span the globe with a mission of teaching a living wisdom that adds meaning to life’s purpose here on earth.

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Creating a Fun Way for Students to Study July 2, 2016

ClassDojo is an application that enables teachers to communicate daily activities with students and their parents. ClassDojo was established by Sam Chaudhary and co-founder Liam Don in 2011. The application allows students, teachers and parents keep up with daily activities by use of interesting pictures and videos. The app also gives the teachers ability to teach their students complicated issues in a straightforward manner.

ClassDojo seeks to convert an ordinary classroom or school creating a community that helps teachers and students to grow together. The company’s mission is to provide the society with the ability to change the regular system of education for good. Over the few years, it has been in operation. ClassDojo has enjoyed a meteoric rise to become one of the most used educational application in the market. It is used two in every three schools in America and is present in over 180 nations worldwide.

The use of the app in schools has many benefits. ClassDojo helps to establish a fun classroom experience to help bring out the qualities in the students. The app also enables users to share photos and videos. The app promises to ensure that all the students love studying, and the teacher enjoys teaching them. The app creates a positive culture in the classrooms.

ClassDojo also has many benefits to the parents. A busy parent may not always have the ability to attend parent meetings. The application ensures that the parent can receive instant messages about their child directly. Parents are also assured to enjoy receiving photos of their children in class. At times the teacher goes through a lot to ensure that parents get notices about important dates and events. The app relieves the teacher of any stress by enabling them to communicate in an easy way.

In an interview with Mercury News, Sam Chaudhary gave some insight on the revolutionary app. He explained how ClassDojo was impacting the lives of the students and teachers. Chaudhary also stated that the company was aware of the importance of privacy and how they were addressing the matter. He insisted that the app was safe and that every individual user can make their info private.
When asked about how the company was intending to generate money, Sam answered by saying that although ClassDojo was free for anyone to use, they would come up with specific features that would require people to pay for in time. He was confident that the users would pay because they liked what they got from the app. Sam attributed his idea of the app to his experience as a teacher. His desire to help more kids to learn was surely a motivating factor.

In the interview, Sam had many positive things to say about the company and what he was expecting from ClassDojo in future. According to him, the company has just begun going forward. He expects the future to be brilliant for the communication platform.


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