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Betsy DeVos’ Desire to Offer Quality Education to All American Students August 6, 2017

For about three decades now, Mrs. Betsy DeVos actively engaged in various campaigns, political action committees and party organizations including being elected the chairperson of Republican Party in the state of Michigan. She was also involved in funding several educational initiatives in Grand Rapids and other parts of Michigan. She has been supporting initiatives that address numerous social problems facing individuals in modern days. Mrs. DeVos’ philanthropic activities aim to improve the quality of education to all American kids.Mrs. DeVos is married to fellow activist Dick DeVos. Several years ago, they began sponsorship programs to support needy students from Potter’s House school in Grand Rapids. This school was recognized in Michigan for educating students from needy families. The couple had selected specific students to benefit from their programs. However, the program would not address the entire problem because they could not mobilize resources to support all the needy students.The couple’s objective was to ensure that other parents are able to choose schools for their kids regardless of their family backgrounds.

In 1990, Dick DeVos was elected to head Michigan’s Board of Education, while at the same time Betsy DeVos established a foundation that offered scholarships to needy families so that parents can choose which schools to send their kids.To advance her cause, Betsy DeVos was directly involved in the operations of two charitable organizations that focused on the expansion of school choice program through incentives like tax waiver and vouchers. In 1993, Betsy and Dick mobilized political leaders to pass the first charter school bill in Michigan. In 2000, they were not successful in their desire to amend Michigan’s constitution to allow scholarships through vouchers or tax credits. Following that failure, Mrs. DeVos a Michigan based PAC known as Great Lakes Education Project. The organization was involved in promoting reforms in the education system through charter school expansion within the state.

Brief Overview of Mrs. DeVos’ Personal Biography

Betsy DeVos is the current Education Secretary in the United States. For nearly 30 years now, she has been advocating for students and also raising voice for parents. Her reforms agenda target under-served students so that they can be offered opportunity to receive high quality education. Her desire in education started early in her life after she witnesses local leaders in her home area funding projects in order to increase learning opportunities for students. In addition, she was inspired by her mother who she was a school teacher. For about 15 years, Mrs. DeVos was involved in counseling students at Grand Rapids Public Schools. She headed a movement that empowered parents the need to support implementation of educational choice initiative. She also served as The Windquest Group’s Chairman before she was nominated by President Trump.

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Creating a Fun Way for Students to Study July 2, 2016

ClassDojo is an application that enables teachers to communicate daily activities with students and their parents. ClassDojo was established by Sam Chaudhary and co-founder Liam Don in 2011. The application allows students, teachers and parents keep up with daily activities by use of interesting pictures and videos. The app also gives the teachers ability to teach their students complicated issues in a straightforward manner.

ClassDojo seeks to convert an ordinary classroom or school creating a community that helps teachers and students to grow together. The company’s mission is to provide the society with the ability to change the regular system of education for good. Over the few years, it has been in operation. ClassDojo has enjoyed a meteoric rise to become one of the most used educational application in the market. It is used two in every three schools in America and is present in over 180 nations worldwide.

The use of the app in schools has many benefits. ClassDojo helps to establish a fun classroom experience to help bring out the qualities in the students. The app also enables users to share photos and videos. The app promises to ensure that all the students love studying, and the teacher enjoys teaching them. The app creates a positive culture in the classrooms.

ClassDojo also has many benefits to the parents. A busy parent may not always have the ability to attend parent meetings. The application ensures that the parent can receive instant messages about their child directly. Parents are also assured to enjoy receiving photos of their children in class. At times the teacher goes through a lot to ensure that parents get notices about important dates and events. The app relieves the teacher of any stress by enabling them to communicate in an easy way.

In an interview with Mercury News, Sam Chaudhary gave some insight on the revolutionary app. He explained how ClassDojo was impacting the lives of the students and teachers. Chaudhary also stated that the company was aware of the importance of privacy and how they were addressing the matter. He insisted that the app was safe and that every individual user can make their info private.
When asked about how the company was intending to generate money, Sam answered by saying that although ClassDojo was free for anyone to use, they would come up with specific features that would require people to pay for in time. He was confident that the users would pay because they liked what they got from the app. Sam attributed his idea of the app to his experience as a teacher. His desire to help more kids to learn was surely a motivating factor.

In the interview, Sam had many positive things to say about the company and what he was expecting from ClassDojo in future. According to him, the company has just begun going forward. He expects the future to be brilliant for the communication platform.


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