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George Soros Baffles Investors by Dumping Energy Stocks March 3, 2016

A lot of people within the business world are aware of George Soros. He is an enigma to people who are involved in the world of business and politics, George Soros is an enigma. This 85-year-old Hungarian self-made billionaire is one of the most cunning and intelligent business operator’s on the planet. Soros has built up a financial empire that is big enough to make him one of the richest people on Earth.
Soros is such a magnate on business and politics that very few people who are involved in these fields cannot easily dismiss anything he does. Soros does not do things for no reason at all. He makes calculated moves that are designed to give him the best outcome. This is why many people are speculating as to why Soros is dumping energy stocks from his company Soros Fund Management.

It is no secret that energy prices have been fairly low since fall of 2015. While low energy prices are good for the short term benefit of the economy and consumers it is not good for companies. Many energy companies can wait out most market situations involving low energy prices. However, when fuel costs remain low for an extended period of time; this is cause for companies to worry.

Businesses will loose profits if energy prices do not rise. They will also stop production on fuel. This in turn will put strain on the economy causing it slow down. Inflation rates will start to decline and a recession will take place. People will lose their jobs because the demand for energy will not be high. As a result, companies will have to lay off workers to just to remain competitive.

Maybe Soros is currently seeing this happen in the market and he wants to remove his funds from this sector before he loses a lot of money. While this is only speculation it would help people to understand why Soros is dumping key investments from the energy market. Once again, Soros is not doing things within the energy market without justification.

People who are familiar with Soros knows that he has the ability to manufacture large amounts of income at a give notice. He is known for his uncanny ability to read a situation and then to make a sound decision based off of the facts. While Soros is not the only person who can do this activity, he is extremely accurate with the predictions that he makes. Soros’s involvement in the market is important for so many people since he is one of the most successful business men on the planet. To find outmore about George Soros’s and why he is dumping energy stocks you can read Week Ahead in Energy: Does George Soros Know Something We Don’t?

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