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George Soros Giving Warnings on the Brexit June 29, 2016

While the world is becoming a chaotic place for the financial realm, it is about to become far more complex. At least, that is what George Soros is preaching and he is hoping that those in charge are listening. While the British powers are preparing for a vote to possibly exit, many top individuals including George Soros are hoping that Britain votes to stay in the European Union and is predicting doom and gloom if they do in fact decide to leave. While there may not be full evidence of what could happen regardless of their upcoming decision, it is imperative to listen to those such as Soros who have had significant insight into these types of issues in the past.

George Soros is an individual who has had considerable success in the markets. However, when you think about the reason that Soros has been so successful, it has not been for a given strategy, a big bet, or even that he has significant understanding of financial formulas and has access to proprietary information. George Soros has found himself making significant moves that pay off simply because he combines common sense with an understanding of economics and then takes a position based upon what can happen.

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Beckham, Soros urge Britain to stay in European Union

George Soros – The New York Times

George Soros is now trying to tell individuals everywhere that there is a very strong chance the markets could take a significant tumble if Britain exits the the market. There could not only be major ramifications that could be bad for Britain and for the European Union, but many individuals including David Beckham are calling for Britain to stay because the effects could be felt all around the globe. When you imagine the power of Great Britain and the influence that the European Union has in general, it could be a major problem if this situation isn’t handled correctly. That’s exactly why Soros and others are so worried and are calling for this situation be remedied in a way that won’t result in a financial catastrophe.

Regardless of whether your believe George Soros or not, and regardless of whether you think this move will effect the markets as greatly as he is saying, you do need to pay attention to what could happen. After all, if the world is about to be in the middle of another financial crisis there could be a major problem on the horizon for the unforeseeable future. If there is even a hint of a chance that Soros is correct, now is the time to start making plans for the worst case and now is the time that you would want to put yourself in position to get ahead. George Soros may not be a fortune teller, but there is a realistic possibility he could be very right on the impending doom and gloom.

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The European Union in 2016 February 14, 2016

The grand experiment of the European Union has been several decades in the making. The current embodiment of the EU, as it is commonly referred, presents a homogeneous group of European States from Great Britain to Greece and as far east as slovic eastern european countries. Those that are serious students of history understand that the centuries of strife on the European continent has produced some type of unification or another spanning from Hitler’s near complete conquest of Europe through Napoleon’s invasion of Europe and the numerous wars before and in between. Europe both benefits and is cursed by the contiguous nature of its member countries. The common boundaries make trade much easier but it has also facilitated easy access in times of invasion and other military actions.

The modern era sees the nature of the EU is still a work in progress. The formation of the Union is one of this centuries success stories but the compactness of the member countries still concern some. One of those concerned is global investor George Soros. Soros is closely watching what happens in Europe and believes that the viability of the EU is still in question as the world deals with the declining economic markets. So far in 2016 all European markets have been in bullish territory, with most losing 2% to 4% of its value since the start of 2016. The market fluctuations is not what worries Soros though. It is the actions of the European Central Bank which has mirrored the money printing policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve which has Soros concerned.

George Soros believes that economic production has decreased globally and the data that supports this is the reduction of imports and exports among advance economies. He also notes that stock inventories are declining. He states that this is a sign that purchases of durable goods are declining and that the lag in orders is finally catching up to the purchase order pipeline.

The more immediate threat to the EU is how the current immigration crisis is handled. With the influx of millions of refugees and concerns that terrorist may be among some of the groups, the once solid EU block is showing signs of fracture as countries such as Germany adopt a more hardline position on the immigrant issue. Soros warns that what an economy does not need when it is going through times of uncertain economic times is social unrest. The immigration crisis has been just such a social event which the EU is struggling to deal with.

The EU just recently survived the threatened departure of Greece during the Greece 2015 economic crisis and Great Britain is evaluating its position in the EU among fears that instability in the weaker economic countries could spread economic instability across the entire EU landscape.


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