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Merits Of Davos CAP Calculator October 10, 2016

Recently, Davos Real Estate launched a mobile app, “Davos CAP Calculator,” a tool created to help investors understand the market dynamics when purchasing properties in the US. The affiliate company of Davos Financial Group seeks to offer unique real estate investments options that meet the high financial expectations of their clients. The company’s talented team of professionals can offer reliable advice on the sales process, mortgage, new developments, legal aspects related with the investment and rent.

Why consider a property as an alternative asset?
David Osio and his investment committee at Davos Financial Group recommend one to consider a property as an alternative investment. This helps you to balance the yield spreads by improving your investment return and reducing associated risk levels. However, one will have to observe various factors. They are the improved performance levels, diversification criteria, protection against escalation of rental income and the property’s ability to influence performance.

Special considerations and assessments are significant for real estate investments. This includes the estimation of buying costs, selling costs and the cost for property maintenance and its capitalization during that time. It is for this reason that Davos Real Estate Group created the Davos CAP Calculator. The app has given customers a clear financial vision of their considered property. This tool allows investors to calculate the net income of a given investment, the rate of capitalization and the cash flow of their real estate investment. Customers are also able to calculate mortgages and estimate how it can affect the profitability of an investment.

The director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez, said that people could download the application freely from Google play, iTunes store and Google play store. He added that the Davos CAP Calculator marked the beginning of a series of applications. Through the new apps, investors will be able to search properties on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), calculate mortgage and other processes of the same nature. These apps will be essential for both current and future investors in the US. This information was originally mentioned on Business wire as provided in the link below

About David Osio
David Osio is a graduate of the Catholic University Andres Bello and Estudios Superiores De Administracion IESA. He specialized in International Banking Law. David started his career in 1981 by serving as the CEO and president of OPED Enterprises. He later joined LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he rose through the corporate ladder. In 1984, David Osio decided to practice banking law. He joined a law firm known as MGO. After gaining immense experience in the field,David served in different capacities at the Banco Latino International. This information was published on the Official David Osio’s website as highlighted in this link

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Susan McGalla Helps Women Shatter The Glass Ceiling October 21, 2015

In the 21st Century, with a woman potentially well on her way to the White House, it can be easy to be fooled into believing that the glass ceiling has been shattered for women in leadership. But this is far from true. While there will, of course, always be men that legitimately hamper the upward trajectory of women, they are not the only problem nor are they possibly the most rigid obstacle to equality. The reality is that the most stubborn obstacle to true equality may in fact be ourselves.

Anyone who has ever been thrust into the limelight of leadership – man or woman – knows firsthand the discomfort of being put in such a position. Leaders are required on a regular basis to make decisions that have to constantly and consistently take into consideration the needs of multiple factions that are often in direct opposition to each other. To expand in one area often means having to make painful cuts in another and saying yes to one request often means having to say no to ten others. Invariably, there is almost always someone that is going to be unhappy with a leader’s decisions, and this can be extremely difficult on women who have been raised since childhood to believe that their primary goal in life is to keep people happy. What is commonly referred to as being a “people pleaser” is often the norm for how little girls are raised.

This can be a very difficult belief system for women entering into leadership positions to break out of. And there are many women who don’t want to break free of this belief system and they don’t want anyone else to either. These are the women that will often actively hamper and hinder the upward progress of any other women into leadership positions. Many women are very happy with the status quo where men lead and women follow – period.

One woman who understands full well the challenges and difficulties of being a woman in leadership is Mid-Western executive Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company, where she worked her way from a marketing position to a managerial positions, before being offered an executive position at American Eagle Outfitters. When she started her tenure at American Eagle, her fellow executive officers were quite literally “fellows” who focused heavily on the interests of its male consumers. As the daughter of a football coach, however, she was raised to not see herself as being less than any man and this has helped her enormously to succeed in numerous heavily male dominated business arenas. She eventually rose to the office of president of the brand, and oversaw the launch of two offshoot brands: Aerie and 77Kids. Since then, she has founded her own private consulting practice and is the Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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