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Fabletics Adopts Unique Strategies To Establish Themselves In The World Of Fashion April 4, 2017

The world of fashion is a rather interesting one, with a lot of people wanting something new almost every day, but only a few brands being able to make it big in the market. Particularly in the current scenario, with the dawn of online shopping, it has become harder and more difficult for brands to establish themselves. Large e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon are currently the go-to destination for people who want to find something for themselves. Even then, a few brands managed to establish themselves and make a mark in the world of fashion – like Fabletics.


Fabletics was the brainchild of Kate Hudson. Kate, being one of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, has a large fan following, which she has managed to translate to her brand Fabletics. Fabletics mainly divulges into the sector of activewear and leisure wear, with a specific emphasis on being fashionably comfortable, and they have managed to do so extremely well. Because Kate is known for her fit body and healthy lifestyle, women all over America want to achieve the same thing, and with her beautiful activewear, they aren’t too far from it. Being a fitness freak herself, Kate was able to aptly discern what someone would want from their sportswear and what they wouldn’t want. Putting that knowledge to good use, she was able to give the world a brand that not only makes women feel like they are worthy of a cover of Sports Illustrated but also comfortable clothing that doesn’t put a damper on one’s fitness plans.


Fabletics was the answer to the fitness related prayers that women have been saying for a long time. Women want to look fabulous wherever they go, including the gym. But even if a brand’s clothing looks stunning, it does not guarantee that the brand will do well amongst its competitors. That’s why Fabletics had to take on a rather unconventional approach when it comes to selling their products. To retain their customers longer, Fabletics decided to launch themselves with a membership plan. With this program, people who sign up on their website receive a package from Fabletics every month with the latest trends in active wear and leisure fashion, all for a small monthly subscription fee. When customers log onto their site, they are directed to a form which they have to fill so that the site can give you the best products as per your needs and requirements. What makes Fabletics different is that their customers are still buying something from them every month without having to go through the effort of browsing a store, offline or online. With fashionable clothing, Fabletics has given their customers one other thing – convenience.


Fabletics has always strived to break away from the crowd and be unique, and they have surely been successful at doing so. Even when it came to starting up their showrooms, they adopted the technique of reverse showrooming. This allowed their customers to browse their clothes online and then come to their showrooms and try on what they saw, to get a better feel of their products.

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