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Fabletics Pushes Ahead with Summer and Spring 2016 Gym Gear March 18, 2016


People that have seen the commercials for Fabletics knows that Kate Hudson likes to have fun. These are comical commercials about working out and having fun while doing so. This is how the actress that is known for romantic comedies wanted to present her gym gear. It wasn’t going to be another boring brand of athletic clothing that didn’t have any flavor. To the contrary, Hudson was on a mission to create a brand of clothing for the athletes that was stylish and cool.

Her brand of workout gear is now taking the world by storm, and there are going to be a lot of people that become subscribers to Fabletics gear described on the The Clothes Maiden website. There are so many cute tops and outfits that are presented in the new line of garments for the spring and summer of 2016. Many women will find that it is difficult to buy just one outfit. There are some 2 and 3 piece sets that make it easy for people to diversify their gym workout gear.

Kate presents lots of picks that she has endorsed, and that is what drives a lot of her fans to the website. There are several outfits she has picked out for people that are into yoga. Some people may buy the yoga pants alone, but there are many instances where she has picked entire outfits. There are outfits with the dash bra, Hera tees and leggings that are among her favorites. For running outfits she has some great concepts that come together as well. One of her picks includes a Malindi bra and Carrie shorts. This a great combination for the summer that can be complimented with an Ithaca jacket – also sold online – for the fall months.

It has been a while since people have seen Kate Hudson in a movie, but her presence is certainly being felt in the clothing industry. She may not be walking the red carpet for a movie premiere in a designer dress, but it is obvious that stylish clothing is still on her mind. She has taken great strides to bring the Fabletics brand to life, and a lot of people are praising her efforts. Hudson has become a dominant player in the industry, and her brand appears to be growing in popularity. The opening of 100 stores in the next five years echoes her success.

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