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Philanthropist Bruce Levenson Brings Legal Claim Against AIG December 9, 2016

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, headed by Bruce Levenson may have sold the team over one year ago, but they have failed to find a resolution to an insurance claim lodged with the insurance giant AIG. The insurance claim was brought following the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry who agreed to the termination just two days before the sale of the franchise was announced; Bruce Levenson’s legal team had already discussed a claim with AIG prior to departure from the team because of comments and actions they believed amounted to constructive dismissal.

Bruce Levenson played a major role in the NBA community for over a decade after he and his consortium took control of the franchise and led the Hawks to become the number one seed during their final season as owners. As the head of The Hawks, Bruce Levenson spent much of his time seeking to protect and enhance the NBA brand through a dedication to joining the NBA Board of Governors, and a decision to lead the Hawks into various philanthropic pursuits. UCG Founder Levenson’s own career shows his skill as a business leader, which includes his development of new technologies used in the TechTarget and GasBuddy brands.

According to ESPN, the legal team for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC consortium have stated the financial settlement being sought is confidential, but the failure of AIG to respond to the insurance claim in any way has led the the case being brought in a Fulton County Court. Bruce Levenson’s legal team has stated they are bringing a case for breach of contract because of the failure of AIG to communicate with Levenson’s consortium over the status of the claim.


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Bruce Levenson Engaged In A Contentious Court Battle With AIG October 14, 2016

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) sold the last of their shares to Tony Ressler’s group back in 2015, but the story isn’t quite over for them yet. Now this group, led by chief owner Bruce Levenson is seeking damage compensation against AIG, the insurance company that covered them. AHBE decided to buy out former GM Danny Ferry’s contract when they sold the team so that he would get paid, and according to the policy they had with AIG all losses in such a situation were supposed to be covered. So far AIG has refused to accept the claims made for losses on the policy, and AHBE says they will seek payments not only for this, but also for court costs.

Bruce Levenson is a businessman, Forbes billionaire, political activist, and board member of several charity groups. His business career started in journalism, a side profession he undertook while he was attending law school at American University. He decided to go into full-time news publishing and his first publication was Oil Express, a journal about oil production and developments. This was where his media conglomerate company, Unified Communications Group (UCG) got started. UCG focuses on several industries, and later developed the GasBuddy app.

Levenson spent 11 years as the Atlanta Hawks owner from 2004 to 2014, and also purchased the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. While owner of the Hawks, he also helped fund several non-profit groups including Hoop Dreams and the Holocaust Museum. Levenson’s mother-in-law is a survivor of the holocaust, and the cause has led Levenson to start up programs teaching young people the importance of the event, and they can also become tour guides at the museum. Bruce Levenson is also patriotic towards Israel, and he once asked Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu to meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry to try and find initiatives for peace in the region.

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