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Handy Saved My Dinner Party By Cleaning My Home Beforehand November 3, 2016

Having a dinner party was something that was my idea, but I didn’t think of everything that needed to be done beforehand. Home cleaning is what I completely forgot about, and there was a lot of cleaning that had to be done. I told my husband to clean the home while I was away at work, especially since he had the week off, but he doesn’t listen so well. I thank goodness for my friend who told me about Handy because they really saved me, especially since it was only a couple of days before my dinner party.

I went on to the website, and it was the first time that I had ever been seen so many services in one place. I made sure to read all the details that I could find as well as some reviews, and to say that I was impressed is really a big understatement. I found that a lot of people were very satisfied with the cleaning services that Handy was providing them, and many stated that the workers were some of the best professionals that they’d ever seen. I was sold, so I created my account and made payment for the cleaning services.

Those workers are no joke because they were supposed to be at my home by 12 PM and were there by 11:50 AM. I was so delighted that they were early, and I had to go off to work by 1 PM, so having them there early was great for me. My husband stayed to supervise, but I came home to an exceptionally clean place, and I hadn’t seen my place that clean in years. I couldn’t believe that within the few hours that the Handy workers were my home that they made it cleaner than it’s been since I first moved in.

I know my home is very clean because some of my guests that came to my dinner party a day later were very impressed and notated how beautiful the place looked. I absolutely couldn’t thank Handy and their workers for everything they’ve done for me, and I’ve decided that making a regular appointment with Handy is something that I will do. I would always recommend a company like Handy to those who need their home cleaned quickly for any type of party or because they don’t have time to do the cleaning on their own.

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