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Thor Halvorssen on Democracy, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Advocacy April 29, 2017

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights supporter and film maker with commitments in the fields of public interest advocacy, public policy pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights and public policy. Thor Halvorssen is originator of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly assembly depicted by The Economist as a “breathtaking human-rights celebration on its approach to turning into human-rights such as the Davos monetary forum. Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, an association dedicated to worldwide human freedom and rights.
Halvorssen stepped down from heading ( Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) FIRE in March 2004 to join its Board of Advisors and declared the starting of a worldwide team that would “champion the meaning of human rights that initially enlivened the human rights development, focused on the twin ideas of self-assurance freedom and that of tyranny. HRF was consolidated in 2005, opening its central station in New York City in August 2006. Its International Council incorporates several conscience prisoners such as Harry Wu, Elie Wiesel and Vladimir Bukovsky. More so it entails democracy activists, for example, Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. Václav Havel was its chairman before he died in December 2011 and read full article.
Halvorssen repeatedly advocated and lobbied releasing of Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese political prisoner during the helm of HRF. Come 2010, Halvorssen was an extraordinary visitor of Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Prize service giving the prize to Liu Xiaobo in absentia. Halvorssen is recognized as a supporter of Chinese Uyghur pioneer Rebiya Kadeer and has forcefully opposed the Tawainese Kuomintang government for its restricting visits by Kadeer. Halvorssen has bolstered UN-level activity to address the infringement of Uyghur rights in China.
As per the Hollywood Reporter, Halvorssen is at present delivering the Robert a film adoption. Halvorssen delivered The Sugar Babies, the film about Dominican Republic human trafficking and the predicament of its vagrant farm workers. The documentary targets are the politically and wealthy sugar barons who dwell in West Palm Beach – the Fanjul Family. There is a time the film was revisited at Florida International University before a heated exchange developed with the Dominican discretionary agent leading to police presence. It got various negative views being said that the film’s depiction of enormous business and its association with the Dominican government was a piece of a crusade against the nation’s notoriety. Today, Halvorssen has managed to touch different sides of people’s life and he has still dedicated his career and willingness to do so and Thor’s lacrosse camp.

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North Korean Human Rights Activist: Yeonmi Park October 7, 2015

Yeonmi Park is a twenty-one-year-old student and human rights activist who is fast becoming the voice of the voiceless in North Korea. She is an inspiration of freedom to millions of freedom loving North Koreans and the entire world. She currently lives in Seoul and soon becoming an author of a book entitled her life for Penguin. By the year 2014, Yeonmi Park became one of the most featured speakers of the One Young summit that was in Dublin at the Oslo Freedom Debate. She was so passionate about her dark personal life story of the brutality that was in the North Korean government and through that she became an international figure. Ever since she is being featured in numerous TV shows and media outlet by the BBC as one of the top 100 global women.

Park was born in North Korea in a small town by the name Heyman to a family of middle-class civil servants. She grew in a society that bestows two things that are to worship the North Korean leader who was Kim Jong-II and to hate all the foes of the government. She was taught not to trust anyone and what to think, say and feel. Her mother used to issue stern warnings to her about not to say anything ill about the government even if it is true. The words she may speak could be taken up to the Leader by the birds of the air. At the age of nine, Park witnessed her mother’s best friend being shot dead by a group of anonymous killers for a minuscule offense.

Yeonmi Park of watched a smuggled video of the Titanic where she witnessed the world where people can die for each other for love and not just for the state as it was in the case of North Korea. That was the very first time she tasted freedom. During that time, her parents smuggled gold and Nickel to Chinese traders to keep the family going during a famine season. Following that her father stood arrested in the year 2002 and convicted for seventeen years to a manual labor camp. In that realization, she thought that the only way out of hunger is to escape North Korea.

In the year 2007, Park’s sister crossed the border to China and then followed Park and her mother. In a new world, they endured hard times from the foreign authorities who were hunting down escapees and take them back to North Korea. She was raped by one of the traffickers in a promise to keep them safe. Her sister got lost, and they presumed she was dead. In the year, 2009 Park and her mother faced the South Korean Embassy and luckily her sister escaped and joined them in Seoul after five years.

She has become the changing will that has come to North Korea through the young people like her who are exposing to grassroots levels the capitalism in the area. Meanwhile, we must demand an end to the regime that oppresses the people.

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