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Securus Technologies is on the Forefront in the Quest for Preventing and Solving Crimes September 11, 2017

With its main offices strategically positioned in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has become a leader in the correctional facility technology. The firm supplies technological products and services to 3,450 law enforcement, jails, public safety, and corrections facility. It also serves more than one million incarcerated people in North America and Canada. Services offered by this technology heavyweight range from public information, communication, monitoring, emergency response, investigation, and incident management products and services.


The innovative Video Visitation service


Through Video Visitation, Securus Technology enables you to enjoy a quality time with your imprisoned friend or relative. Depending on the availability of the facility, you can use a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to pre-schedule your online visit.


Anywhere Visit


With Anywhere Visit, you can start visiting your imprisoned loved one remotely utilizing a computer that has a web camera linked to the Internet. Ensure that you have a Securus Online account to enjoy this fantastic service. Then, scheduling an Anywhere Visit will be your next step.


Clients’ comments on utilizing Securus’ technology to stop and solve crimes


  • A jail officer applauded Securus Technologies and its employees for the many innovative products they have introduced to the corrections market. This officer said that information obtained from phone calls had helped his facility to acquire a search warrant for a fraudulent worker. Due to the evidence gathered, the individual was arrested and charged with contraband’s introduction.


  • Another client said that the investigative tools enable correction facility’s workers to carry out investigations when harassment complaints are filed or when there is a security threat.



  • A prison warden said that Securus’ covert alert feature had played a crucial role in generating enough evidence for arresting a suspect.


  • Sheriff’s department commended Securus for its exceptional LBS software that made recovery of illegal money, assets, and drugs easy.


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Securus defeats GTL by way of forfeiture February 9, 2017

Securus Technologies has established its place at the forefront of the prison communications industry. Yet some of its competitors, notably GTL, have insisted on being poor sports and disrespecting the venerable industry giant. Securus has graciously handled the ruthless vitriol and wild lies of its wayward competitor. But finally, it said enough is enough. GTL had built a bridge too far when it deludedly claimed that its video visitation technology was clearly superior to that of Securus.


The giant was waked from its benevolent slumber. It thundered at its opponent to present evidence of its parity or to cease its empty pleading at last. Securus, thus, offered a challenge. GTL would pit its video visitation system against that of Securus and the results would be judged by a third party. But GTL, in its craven frailty, declined. By forfeiture, then, Securus solidified its position as the undisputed heavyweight champ of the world of inmate communications.



Juggling two opposing interests


Despite the limp jabs of its opponents, Securus has performed admirably in a difficult and unique business climate. Securus has always viewed its sole mission to be in serving its customers and delivering the solutions that they need in a way that maximizes their individual satisfaction. While this may sound like a trite sound bite, it becomes much weightier when it’s considered that the two main customer groups who Securus serves are often at considerable odds. Those customers are prisoners and the guards whose job it is to control them.


How can one company create a product that serves two diametrically opposed customer groups simultaneously? The answer is in high-definition, low cost calls to inmates and a suite of investigatory tools and controls which help guards keep illicit activity in check. The needs of both of these customer groups can be met simultaneously through understanding both their needs and delivering with top-quality products.

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Finding the Benefits of Securus During the Holidays December 23, 2016

The holiday season is a time for you to spend quality Gathering time with your loved ones and this is sometimes a problem for individuals who have loved ones in the prison system. The person’s system is made to be completely secure and safe for just about anyone who might be involved and this is why a lot of individuals have problems keeping in touch with their loved ones because it is not necessarily easy for them to contact them on a regular basis. If your holiday season has been dull and dreary these past several years, it is time for you to consider using a system known as Securus that can help you to keep in better communication with your loved one each day.


Now that you know a little bit about Securus and how it can work for you, it is very important that you take a look at the different options that are available to you and anything else that might interest you at the current moment in time. Using secure it totally changed my own life for the better and finally allowed me to video visit with one of my loved ones without having to worry that I had to make a costly trip just to be able to see them face to face. This saved me a lot of money and it was also something that was Totally Secure and easy-to-use without needing a lot of Technology information to get it to work for me.


It is important that if you are interested in using Securus this holiday season, you check out the different options that are available to you and anything else that might interest you when it comes to getting the most from this technology. Having better quality technology for your prison relative can help you to have a better communication with them on a routine basis without always making those lengthy trips to the prison to see them. A lot of individuals are finding that it is just too expensive for them to get to a local person to see their loved one during the holiday season because they are on such a strict budget and secure it can completely change this for you and the rest of your loved ones in a short period of time whenever you make the decision that this is the right one for you and your loved ones.


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The Revolutionary Investigator Pro 4.0 Software Will Help Investigators Fight Crime Using Voice Recognition September 22, 2016

As one of the leading telecommunication companies in the prison industry of the United States, Securus Technologies has launched another groundbreaking product. Recently, JLG Technologies, a subsidiary of Securus, released the world’s first investigator software that allows investigators to select an inmate or the called party to match voices in other telephone calls. The Investigator Pro 4.0 allows investigators to select a voice sample from a list of calls generated from the inmate or called party side to search for related voice data stored in the telecommunication database.


Michael Kester, Chief Operating Officer at JLG Technologies, described the new software as instrumental in fighting the crime scene. He claimed that it can be used to counter various gang-related activities and other high-profile activities in the prison. In fact, the technology can help prison management to detect crime before it occurs.


The new software allows investigators to track criminals based on their voice instead of the traditional ID or telephone numbers. Using the software, investigators can quickly visualize who is calling a particular prisoner.


There are also a variety of other features that will interest investigators. For instance, the searchable voice can be combined to use the high-interest group tagging and voice identification confidence ratings. The technology will also help identify criminal networks and gangs operating over inmate telephone systems.


This is not the first time that Securus Technologies has produced such high-tech gadgets. As one of the leading companies serving approximately 3,500 criminal facilities and over 1.2 Million inmates across North America, Securus Technologies has a long track-record of producing innovative products for the prison industry.


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Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication June 1, 2016

Securus Technologies has delivered THREADS 3.1, which is the best possible outcome for all civil and criminal justice communications standards possible. This upgrade, available for free to people who already subscribe to Securus’s services, is the best of analytical communications, and it features ways to analyze data and listen to calls that have not yet been seen.
This THREADS update [see] also is sure to upgrade the website userface to the latest communication upgrade standard, so that all communications go smoothly and with as little trouble as possible. The interface for users has been streamlined, to make everything perfect and to eliminate unnecessary steps and to make the systems work faster for the users.

The 3.1 upgrade as revealed by allows the users to take advantage of HTML 5, which means that Securus allows direct integration between Securus products, such as Secure Call Platform. This tool is more proactive than you could imagine, making investigations easier and more agile, and making intelligence more focused on investigation and the proper techniques for getting the job done.

There are other pluses, including real-time analysis (with support), reports that are sensitive to context, and the ability to print custom maps and prints. So now, Securus is platinum-level security and communications, and intends to improve on this in the future.

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