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Areas of Intellectual Property Laws That Frans Schoeman Specializes In October 3, 2015

Intellectual property laws are a set of laws, both state and federal laws, which have been developed to protect creative properties. According to this law, intellectual properties include music, writings, paintings, drawings, films, and photography. The law ensures that the usage of these properties does not violate their owners’ rights. It also controls their distribution and reproductions. This branch of law is sub-divided into trademark laws, patent laws, and copyright laws. Copyright laws make the bulk of this branch of law. Trade secrets and privacy rights are also part of intellectually property laws which Frans Schoeman on newsvine are practicing. The division of the intellectual property laws helps to develop laws that are exact and effective in respective fields.

Copyright Laws
Copyright laws are meant to control the redistribution and reproduction of intellectual properties such as movies, architecture, writing, painting, photos, software, music, and dance. Each of these works is protected differently. For any creative work to be protected by copyright laws, there are requirements that the work must achieve. The basic requirement is usually that the creative work must be original. The law recognizes the person who comes up with a particular work as the owner and, hence, someone else cannot copyright it. The law also spells how long it protects each type of creative work. After the elapse of the period, the work will be available for public use.

Trademarks are quite important to businesses. Trademark usually comes in the form of logos, names and slogans. Some of the popular trademarks include Coca-Cola, Nike, and Puma. State and federal laws recognize trademarks and protect them from being used by other businesses.

Use of another business’ trademark can lead to the owner losing lots of money in terms of counterfeit goods and deterioration of customer loyalty. Before a trademark is registered, a research is usually carried out to ensure that it is unique and does not imitate other existing trademarks. Unlike copyright works, trademarks do not enjoy protections worldwide. In order to enjoy worldwide protection, a business must apply for registration in each geographical area. This process is expensive especially when the business does not intend to expand into the said regions.

Right of Publicity
Right of publicity laws is meant to protect the usage of an individual’s name or image. This means that one’s image cannot appear in commercials or TV shows without the permission of the person. However, when one is at a public event such as national holidays, his protection by this law becomes limited. An individual can sue any company or business that uses his image or name under this law.

Frans Schoeman is an example of an experienced lawyer in Intellectual Property Laws. Frans is a lawyer at the Phatsima Diamond. He also serves as the Managing Director of the firm. He holds a law degree from the University of the Free State. Schoeman is also known for his expertise in corporate laws.

Intellectual property laws are frequently updated to reflect on technological changes that may compromise the already existing laws.

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