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George Soros And Other Liberal Funders Hold A Meeting To Re-Strategize About The Future Of Democratic Party December 16, 2016

Recently, George Soros and other liberal donors held a closed-door meeting in Washington. They strategized on how to resist Trump and ensure the president-elect does not undermine the developments made by Barrack Obama in his eight years of presidency. This move came only a week after the announcement of the presidential results in which Hillary Clinton lost to Trump.

The meeting kicked off on November 4th and lasted for almost a week. Apart from George Soros, other prominent liberal funders that attended the meeting were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman, Keith Ellison. The influential Democracy Alliance donor club is sponsoring the meeting with George Soros.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel meeting was the first major gathering by the liberals. The group used the meeting to reassess their political plans. The meeting is of particular importance as Trump has on many occasions threatened to undermine projects started by President Obama. Besides, the meeting will be used to organize a trench warfare against Trump from Day One in the hopes of thwarting Trump’s 100-day plan. The 2017 and 2018 elections were also discussed in the meeting. The group believes that with adequate planning, it will be able to ensure America remains an equitable and just nation.

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The last election has made the alliance realize that most of the strategies they used were not effective. The group had hoped that by appealing to women and minorities, it would be able to tip the elections to Democrats. However, the so-called ‘rising electorate’ did little as the results confirmed. According to the outcome, Trump won the elections based on support from working-class whites. Moreover, exit polls indicated that issues like climate change and role of money in politics did not affect voter’s decision. These revelations have seen many people calling for the Democratic Alliance (DA) to retool its approach to politics.

According to Mitt Romney, the DA should avoid learning the wrong lessons from the election. He pointed out that although Trump won, Clinton had the popular vote. Trump won fewer votes than GOP’s last presidential candidate. Romney pointed out that there is the need to ensure that future Democratic candidates can inspire more voters. This will make sure that there is a greater turnout among Democratic supporters.

In his opening speech at the welcome dinner, Gara LaMarche said that DA lost an election that it was supposed to win. The loss is a clear indication that there were some serious mistakes made during the campaign process in terms of strategy, tactics, and assumptions. According to him, such mistakes call for reassessment to ensure that they are not repeated in subsequent elections. In addition, LaMarche contended that it was not time to point fingers, but rather work together in forming a sound strategy that would help DA resist the Trump administration.

George Soros was one of the key individuals at the meeting. George Soros has been a liberal donor in the previous elections and was one of the leading funders of Barrack Obama’s campaigns. Soros donated over $25 million to Democratic candidates in the just concluded election.

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