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The Brown Agency: For the Well-Rounded Individual September 14, 2017

The Brown Agency, the biggest modeling agency in Texas, was established with the merging of Texas’ two largest talent agencies- Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. Separately, these two agencies were the best of their kind, but once they joined forces they started producing some of the most talented and well-rounded models in the area.

Previously, Wilhelmina Austin dominated as a modeling agency in Texas, whereas Heyman Talent-South took the cake as a successful acting talent agency. The idea was to create one full-service agency with the ability to hire those looking to model, to act or to do both and to help perfect their skills in both areas. Later on, an area was even created for those interested in theater. Employees of the Brown Agency say this alliance was the best thing that could’ve happened- the combination of people so skilled in these two very diverse talents has created something that is quite close to indestructible in terms of agencies of their kind.

Although these two agencies were superstars on their own, uniting them seemed to only make them all the more powerful. With the establishment of the Brown Agency, Justin Brown took on the roles of both CEO and president. The company’s headquarters are located in Austin, although offices have been created around Dallas and the company frequently shows its face in Los Angeles.

Models lucky enough to join this agency leave with very substantial additions to their resumes; throughout their time working with the Brown Agency, they become very well-versed in both acting and modeling. This experience helps shape them into highly qualified candidates for any future jobs they may take interest in. Whether one wants to be on the front cover of a magazine, strut down the runway or be the next aspiring actor, the Brown Agency provides these talented individuals with the fundamental stepping stones (as well as a few extras) to reach their goals.

Already having helped many aspiring actors and models reach goals that far surpass their wildest dreams, the joining of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South to create the Brown Agency has proven to be a good idea for everyone involved. Visit their Instagram account for more.


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How Instagram Can Help Boost Your Modeling Career: An Insider’s Look from the Brown Agency August 3, 2017


The Brown Agency has worked with some of the greats in the modeling world. They have been in the business long enough to know a thing or two about models and getting modeling jobs. Did you know that using Instagram can help aspiring models seek out and work with some of the better talents in the industry?

“It is all about how you approach the work and yourself. The way you act and look says a lot about who you are as a person. In order to work with the best, you have to think like one of them. You have to find unconventional ways of putting yourself out there to get noticed these days. Sometimes you have to be the one who actively grabs our attention. You cannot always wait around for us to notice you. The harder you work on your craft as a model, the more gigs you will get”.

The Brown Agency

Below you will find 3 tips on how you can use Instagram and your online profile to get the modeling industry to find you.

1) You have to get more followers. According to an insider at the Brown Agency, the job is going to go to the one who has more followers. The more fans you have, the more chances you have to score the job. Those who have a large social media presence, they are the ones who the agency will be cutting the check to.

Get social and use your media leverage you have already to boost your chances.

2) You have to maximize your potential. This goes for models who are both new and already established. You have to start posting pictures daily to your Instagram account. Reason number one is because it will increase your chances for exposure. Reason number two is because the competition is fierce. The competition is sometimes very cutthroat. You always have to stay on top. There are a million other boys and girls looking to take your place. Increase your exposure and pictures and you will be the one they call.

“The one who gets the kill gets the check”.

3) Sexy pictures are not going to land you the job. You need to show your personality more. Yes, looks do count, too. The Brown Agency wants to see there is a brain behind that body. Personality goes further than skin any day.

“Skin equals sin in many circles. Show class and less of the other stuff”.

To find out more about the Brown Agency or to book a gig, please click on or


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