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How did I function before White Shark? February 4, 2017


Just like any market place, success in the online market is not acquired by happenstance even when it seems so. The events surrounding viral videos and exploding visits to new sites providing success for their founders are not simply the result of excellent, but organic outreach or what would seem like outright kismet. It is actually the direct action of a savvy marketing team or person implementing a savvy plan.


I know this, so I instituted my hunt for an appropriate digital media and marketing team for one of my most important online ventures. This is where I found White Shark Media and began the ascent to success, and they really hit the mark. They are a digital marketing company so the term media could seem misleading, but content is the engine of search engines, and these search engines are the gatekeepers of success. This makes producing this content and in a ingenious way, very important.


It is this intricate digital knowledge especially in search engines that I was looking for. I understand that these search engines direct everything online and that Google owns a huge market share. I also understand that this means many people ignore search engines like Bing. So I wanted a company that has a leading knowledge in Google, but also in Bing. White Shark Media was the company for my small business, and I am proud to say that they have moved me far beyond being concerned about my business being sustainable by utilizing multiple search engine knowledge so successfully.


Before utilizing this company, my small business’s growth was contingent on how hard I worked to get the word out by old means, my time is utilized much more efficiently since hiring White Shark Media. This has created a positive cycle that has me enjoying business again.

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