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Reputation Management Grows Up February 2, 2017

A high school student’s reputation can fluctuate daily based on one person’s opinion. A reputation could be forever altered by popular opinion and by the time the student learned what was being said it was too late to intervene. Not much has changed since high school, but now we can envision a way to avoid the damage.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) services monitor the reputation of businesses (or individuals.) Social media platforms provide open forums for information, good or bad, that can infiltrate the masses and ultimately damage or help your business. An ORM service like can look out for you and circumvent a crisis from happening or to be there if crisis response if necessary. ORM allows you to spend your time doing what you do best: managing your business. ORM lets someone else manage existing comments or reviews and helps you with brand management.

ORM in the News

Information regarding shopping for an ORM service and what to look for is readily available. AllBusiness gives practical advice on what to look for when managing your online reputation. Here you can learn how to manage your online reputation. Business News Daily shares the companies with the best ORM services for specific needs. A little research can help a business owner determine what to look for in a service and help him or her to know their online perception and if their brand marketing is effective.

Knowing what people are saying about your business (or you) is longer a luxury. The prevalence of digital networking is equivalent to the high school bully who slammed your reputation in math class. An ORM service would have seen it coming or quickly intervene to bring your reputation back to where it belongs.


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