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Norka Luque Shines Brightly August 19, 2016

Norka Luque has managed to build a career that many people may not have saw coming. She has managed to become a budding Latin sensation. Over the years she has done a lot of different things, but Norka Luque has been managed to stay focused on her music career. The height of her popularity has come from her “Milagro” single, but she also has new music on the way. The “Tomorrowland” single is getting a lot of buzz, and people are currently waiting for the new album to drop.

There are people that are going to be able to embrace what Norka has done because she is a new Latin artist. She represents the void in Latin music right now. Jennifer Lopez is having a baby, and Shakira is home taking care of her family. Everyone in Latin music seems to be relaxing right now. That is why it is the perfect time for Emilio Estefan to help Norka get into the game. She is getting a lot of buzz because Estefan has brought some great producers into the fold. He is giving her a sound that is unique from anything else that is out there right now. The major buzz is about her authentic sound and her roots.

According to her MTV profile, Luque is from Venezuela. She is an artist that has also lived in Europe during her years of higher education. This has given her a diverse experience. Lots of people are looking to see what she will do next because they ha not seen anyone that has transitioned from urban or salsa to pop charts all with one single. This is all part of her excellent marketing skills. She has a marketing degree, and Estefan has connected her with some producers that are keeping things fresh. This is the thing that has given her the ability to transition. All of the different types of remixes have made her very popular to a lot of different cultures.

Right now she is producing some great content that will give her the opportunity to expand her audience. She is taking care of this by using social media to connect with fans. She is all about keeping fans posted. This is a good thing for any new artist. It sets the tone for fans. People are going to follow her because she is responsive. She connects by giving fans updates on her music and the videos.

Twitter: @norkaluque

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Artificial Intelligence Discovery Engine Flipora, Rebrands Itself And Goes By The New Name Of Rover October 16, 2015

When Flipora was initially established, the company proclaimed that their vision was to connect people with content that they genuinely cared about. As the company gradually grew over the last few years, the app has become so refined and intelligent that it is able to discover content that is highly relative to the individual user who is utilizing it even more so that it was previously capable of doing. Now, as the company rebrands its app to be named Rover as opposed to Flipora, it is pretty clear that Rover stands on a pedestal by itself when it comes to being the ideal companion for discovering inspiring, interesting and engaging content that strongly relates to the essence of who you are.

The advent of Rover is just on time. Many aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs are well aware of the profound effect that content marketing can have on a marketing campaign such as search engine optimization for example. As such, many entrepreneurs are heavenly investing on content discovery as a way to gain some traction in their business sector. And they invest rightfully so, as many website owners have proclaimed that content is one of the best tools that they utilize when it comes to sending traffic to their professional and personal websites.

Rover stands in a class on it’s own and literally has no competition. Similarly to that of NASA’s Curiosity whose tasked with going where no other human being has previously gone to discover tantalizing new territory, Rover has the ability to ultimately learn what your interests are and scours the surface to discover engaging content that flows in sync with your interests and personality.

While it may be true that search engines can display relevant content for a search query, the Rover brand takes that a step further by offering personalized discovery which in essence offers of a unique experience.

When you take a step and look at NASA’s Curiosity and Rover, you can see that they have some characteristics. For starters, they both utilize the concept of machine learning, in the sense that they are taught how to venture out and to conduct tasks on our behalf due to the share difficulty that’s associated with each respective task.

Rover has been essentially trained to gradually learn your interests, even if your interests fluctuate over time. However, as it gets more efficient at learning your interesting regardless if it changes, it still has the ability to discover content that you more than likely will enjoy.

It is this unique feature about the Rover brand, that can help us to connect with people of a similar interest on a level that we have never experienced before. It endlessly searches through vast amounts of topics that range in the tens of thousands, so that it can bring back the most relevant content to you as well as the people who share your interests.

What makes Rover so unique is the fact that what you see through its usage, will be completely unique to you which enables a highly personalized world of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

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