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Robin Williams Dies as his Legacy Lives On March 7, 2017


Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians of the century and a famous ENFP, passed away on August 11, 2013. His death was ruled a suicide, and it was a sad end to a man who brought decades of joy to the world. Few people knew at the time that Mr. Williams suffered from severe depression and anxiety. He also had a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, which he kept private until his death.


His memorial service, called the “Celebration of Life”, was held some six weeks after his passing. Billy Crystal opened the service at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. According to his closest family and friends, he would want to be remembered with laughter rather than tears. There were plenty of both during the “Celebration of Life”, as his family and fellow comedians spoke from the heart about this incredible man.


Williams’ first most notable role was as the loveable alien, Mork in the hit series “Mork and Mindy”. He played the role for four seasons and became more and more popular as the years rolled by. He starred in such films as “Good Will Hunting”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”.


It seems his life, even at the age of 63, was cut incredibly short upon his entry to the celebrity morgue. His fellow celebrities have often lived far longer; for instance, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles, and Sidney Poitier are all currently 90-years old and going strong. It is amazing and it also makes many people sad to know that there is a chance that all of these brilliant celebrities will be gone in the next ten years.

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