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Slyce Software Allows Consumers To Scan For Shoe Carnival Items April 15, 2016

Every shopper knows the frustration of spotting an item like athletic or casual shoes in a department store, and immediately being dissuaded from purchasing them because of budget woes, or availability problems. Software innovator Slyce has partnered with Shoe Carnival to provide a rather futuristic way of never having to pass by an item.

New scanning technology, utilized as an everyday App, is now available to all consumers with hand-held devices who shop at Shoe Carnival outlets. This technology allows shoppers to take a picture of any style of shoe they spot, and instantly find a comparable pair at Shoe Carnival.

Extremely precise scanning software reads the dimensions and characteristics of shoes in any display, compares them with similar brands and styles in the App’s database, and suggests an alternative. This virtual shopping tool allows shoppers to spot their favorite items, yet shop for them in a specific place like Shoe Carnival, without having to break a budget, or scale-back their love for a particular style.

Slyce has made phenomenal inroads into the world of e-commerce and marketing with cutting-edge technology that allows consumers to instantly connect with their preferred brands. This technology is specifically geared toward making the action of buying quality goods easier and more satisfying.

Slyce’s breakthroughs in image recognition software is revolutionizing the way people shop for items from clothing and personal items, to cars and other large ticket items. This company is paving the way for increased business-to-consumer relationships in all markets.

As reported on Marketwire, this new Slyce software is as easy to integrate and use with mainstream smart devices like any other App. The difference being, this type of software is quickly and radically changing people’s attitudes about shopping. Though they choose one store to find items like athletic shoes, the software allows them to take advantage of stock and pricing deals from virtually anywhere.

Retailers like Shoe Carnival are discovering the advantage of this type of shopping aid. If a retailer’s goods are included in a virtual database, more customers who rely on smart technology for daily tasks will be directed to satisfy their shopping demands in a specific location. A new and instant era of e-commerce and shopper relations is being perfected with online tools like those innovated by Slyce.

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