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Roberto Santiago’s Experiences with Manaira Mall July 18, 2017

The Manaira Mall is a direct result of what Roberto Santiago wanted to do to make Brazil better. He tried to do everything that he could to improve the country and to make things better for people who were visiting in the area. He chose a perfect location, made a luxury mall and now has more options available than any other mall in Brazil. This has given him the chance to make things better and to try and put more into the mall. There are many options that he had when working on the mall and he chose to offer all of these to the people who were a part of the mall. Because of the way that Manaira has grown, Roberto Santiago knows that it is a necessary part of the experiences that people can enjoy while they are at the mall and in the area of Brazil that the mall is located in.


For people to be able to visit the mall in other areas, they will either need to eat or shop. This is not the case with Manaira. There are many entertainment options that people actually visit the mall just so that they will be able to visit one of 11 theaters that are in the mall. While they are there, they can also enjoy the experiences that there are able to offer to people who are in the Brazil area. This is something that has given them the chance to try the new things that the mall has to offer.


While Roberto Santiago wants to offer entertainment options to his customers, he also wants to make things unique for the mall. One of the most important things that he did that made the mall profitable was created an expo center on the roof. The expo center features cultural events and other opportunities for people to enjoy. It also has the options that people need when they want to try and make sure that things are going to work out for all of the people who visit. It has been a huge change from what people were able to enjoy in the past and has also allowed people to try new things.


Those who visit Manaira Mall are able to get more out of the experience of visiting a mall. Whether they are local people who are looking for a place for clothes and some dinner or they are tourists visiting for the first time, the Manaira Mall has everything to offer them. Roberto Santiago made it so that people would be able to visit no matter what they were doing or what they were at the mall for. It also caters to people who have different budget ranges.


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