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The Diverse Characters and Actors of One Life to Live November 20, 2015

In the history of daytime drama, few soap operas have shocked and delighted fans quite like One Life to Live. Known affectionately to soap fans as OLTL, this drama owes its longtime success to creator Agnes Nixon, a host of writers, as well as the fine actors and actresses who played characters from both sides of the socioeconomic tracks. One Life to Live aired on ABC for 48 years, and then continued on for two more years via episodes on Hulu and ITunes.

In the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania, the Lord family lived in a mansion on the hill, called Llanfair. Although rich, the Lord family had their share of scandals including multiple personality disorder, missing twins, and political scandals. When the upper crust of Llandview fraternized with blue collar townies and newcomers, fireworks naturally ensued.

Llanview seemed like a real town to the viewers, as each locale had similar names. all beginning with “Llan”, be it Llanview University, or the famous Llantano river, where more than one fascinating character made an untimely exit.

One of the female characters from the shady side of life who met her end by falling into the icy Llantano river was Stacy Morasco, a beautiful blonde schemer (and former stripper), who left Las Vegas and came to Llanview to reclaim the heart of her first love, sexy reformed bad boy Rex Balsam.

The character of Stacy Morasco was played by a talented, young performer named Crystal Hunt, who was already a seasoned soap star from her role as Lizzie Spaulding on CBS’s Guiding Light. During the dramatic climax of her intriguing storyline on OLTL, and even through her Instagram posts from behind the scenes, Crystal Hunt left fans both cheering and weeping when Stacy fell through the ice and plunged into the frigid waters of Llantano River. Alas, Rex was only able save his true love, Mimi, along with Stacy’s baby, whom Stacy tried to unsuccessfully pass off as Rex’s child.

The end of Stacy led to a new beginning for the versatile Crystal Hunt. Among her latest projects, Crystal has been filming Queens of Drama, as well as co-starring in Magic Mike XXL. Her recent resume includes credits as a producer for Talbot County, a horror film based on a true story.

Although transformed from soap actress to movie star, Crystal Hunt, along with other fine performers, will be forever part of One Life to Live’s rich daytime drama legacy.

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