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About Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski April 22, 2016

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. Before that, he worked as a back-country ranger, EMT and firefighter in Colorado.

Forty-two miles from Reno, Nevada is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. It has 42 lifts and 6,000 ski-able acres. CNN named them, in 2015, to their list of Best Places to Ski on Earth. That same year Teckaroo named them the Best Ski Resort for Families with Preschoolers and Toddlers.

The Accident

After moving to Perris, CA; Andy Wirth became an avid skydiver and jumped as often as his schedule allowed. On this particular jump, the winds were high causing him to miss the drop zone. A nearby vineyard was the only possible place to land.

A post on a Facebook page reported that as Andy Wirth began to try to land a crosswind caught his shoot. That caused his right arm to catch one of the poles in the vineyard. His arm ripped from his body, severing his Brachial Artery.

He knew he did not have much time to act if he wanted to survive. He stifled the bleeding using his uninjured hand as he waited for help –

TahoeTopia reports that after 15 minutes another skydiver found Andy Wirth and helped him to tourniquet his arm. After transfer to the hospital he endured 24 operations over the course of his recovery. He has since gained back 70% usage of his right hand.

After surviving his accident Andy Wirth met up with a group of Navy SEALS, who were training in Squaw Valley. He credits training for the Ironman triathlon with them for his fast recovery. They participated in the Ironman and raised $40,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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