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Beneful Dog Food Improvements Please Pet Owners May 7, 2016

Beneful is a company that produces a high quality line of dog food products. They’ve delivered those high quality pet foods to the public since 2001. In fact, their line of pet foods is considered one of the top selling brand on Amazon. However, pet owner’s are starting to think more about healthy choices. Therefore, they would like their pet’s food to reflect those healthier choices. This has led to some people taking a closer look at the key ingredients in the dog food produced by Beneful. Their products have recently come under close scrutiny because of rumors spread by misinformed twitter bloggers.
Beneful Ingredients

A few misinformed bloggers mixed up a poisonous ingredient with an ingredient that is included in the dog food. The name of the poisonous product is ethylene glycol, which was confused with propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an ingredient included in Beneful dog food and it is definitely a safe ingredient and approved by the FDA. However, Beneful is very aware of the pet owner’s concerns about the ingredients and making the products healthier. They’ve changed the Beneful dry dog food formula. They’ve removed several ingredients that caused some concern. Still, they would like their customers to realize that those ingredients were safe for their pets. They would never add harmful ingredients to any of their products. They’re also decided to add more natural ingredients and real meat products. Now, Beneful is definitely one of the healthiest dog foods on the market that is also available at a very reasonable price.

Representatives for state that the company has been in the process of reformulating the dog food for about 2 years. They realized that customers were concerned about other things like sugar and artificial dyes. They decided to remove those ingredients too, even though they were considered safe by the FDA. Beneful made those improvements to satisfy their customers and let them know that they care. More information can be found on


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