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Napa the Land of Wine by Travelling Vineyard July 1, 2017

Napa Valley is known for its wine. The area has some of the best lands that grow grapes. While the wine in Napa is fine, there is more to the region. Most people who tour the area use the veer off the paved road, however, there are top things that Traveling Vineyard Wine guides love to do in Napa rather than drinking wine.

Strolling on Napa art walk

The 3-D art is one of the exciting features on Napa art walk. It features the creative works of the people in the region. Touring in this area, you can catch a piece that you can buy and put in your front yard it is hence important to bring your wallet.

Auberge spa

At Napa, they know that a vacation about relaxing. The spa session will help relax all your worries. It is known for its natural hot springs. The guests are well treated, you get to enjoy the baths using fresh spring water and mineral rich mud.

Napa Valley historical society

If you are a enthusiast of history, this is one area that will interest you. You will get to learn the kind of people who settled here in the early days. By signing up for tours led local historians, you will gain an experience you will never forget. Taking cooking classes and indulging in olive at round pound estate are other activities that will make your tour at Napa Valley memorable.

About traveling vineyard

The traveling vineyard is a company that allows individuals to work from home and earn income by being a wine guide. The company was founded in 2001; its first venture was a simple wine tasting in a back yard. Its main goal is to provide wine tastings in a relaxed setting so that customers can enjoy the beverages they consume. It offers individuals an opportunity to become wine guides at home. It provides a lot of training and support and to make the guides feel comfortable hence enabling them to set out on their own. Once one is ready to be a guide, they have endless opportunities that can make them money.

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