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The Philanthropy Activities of Businessman Dick DeVos to the Arts and Education December 29, 2015

Recently Dick DeVos donated about $1 million to the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. As a result this donation helped the organization reach its goal of raising $125 million for its latest upcoming projects. While it was able to reach its initial goal of $125 million it has decided to increase the goal to $150 so that it will have even more funds to use for its projects. Since 2013, the center has looked to improve on its facilities and also help improve the overall infrastructure of its community. Since it has had a lot of wealthy individuals and organizations provide funding, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has been able to get the money it needs to stay in operation. 

One of the donors to this organization is businessman Dick DeVos. He has been involved in a number of businesses such as Amway, the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team and also the Windquest Group. As well as being a part of some key business ventures he has also participated in a wide variety of charitable activities as well. One of the main charitable activities he has played a role in is the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. DeVos has donated millions of dollars to this organization annually for a number of years. Since he is really into the performing arts he believes that giving this organization the money it needs is a worthy and beneficial cause. 

Another charitable activity that DeVos participates in scholarships. With this charitable activity, DeVos donates money to organizations that help provide money for those looking to get a free education. Since getting a good education is very beneficial, having the money to fund it helps very much and DeVos is very interested in helping people in this regard. He has donated a considerable amount of money for students looking to get advanced degrees in business. This will therefore help a number of aspiring top level managers get the education they need to improve their career prospects. 

DeVos goes beyond sending a check or two to educational institutions. He founded an aviation academy for high schoolers interested in aeronautics whom might never otherwise be able to pursue their passion without the academy. Dick is a talented helicopter pilot, which sparked his interest in founding the school. Check out his landing in his beautiful home of Grand Rapids.

Besides his charitable work, DeVos has been quite successful in a number of business ventures. He is the son of the co founder of Amway and he was the long time chief executive officer of this company. He has also been a part of the company known as Windquest Group which is an investment management firm. Lastly, DeVos has run for governor of Michigan back in 2006 but lost that election. Therefore Dick DeVos has had a very interesting and successful background in both business and philanthropy. 

Learn more about DeVos by visiting his personal website,

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A Company That Has The Products That You Like November 10, 2015

Qnet is a direct sales company like no other. Qnet is world renowned for being one of Asia’s main direct selling companies. Qnet sees its people and its clients as the most important part of their business. Qnet sells to people in more than one hundred different countries, and their employees come for more than 30 different countries. Qnet has the vision to be a global leader when it comes to direct selling, and their mission is to contribute to the world community by helping their employees and their clients to reach their lifelong goals and their full potential. Qnet has the core values of service, teamwork, integrity and results. The founders of Qnet were deeply influenced by the work and the life of Gandhi. Gandhi was a great humanitarian and world leader. He was an activist, and his main goal in life was to help humanity. The founders of Qnet follow that theory with the foundation of RYTHM.

RYTHM is Qnets acronym that stands for raise yourself to help mankind. Qnet truly tries to help their employees and their clients to be successful in their business and in their life. The products that are offered by Qnet are very diverse and unique. Their products are made to enhance the life of their employees and their clients. The founders of Qnet work with scientists, researchers, and market experts in order to see what is most popular out in the market, and to deliver the clients an amazing product. Qnet always adheres to its strict product philosophy and that has the focus on life enhancing, innovation, and uniqueness. Qnet offers an E-store that is much like a high-end department store that sells luxurious items such as jewelry, and watches. The wellness products that are offered by Qnet are unique and made of the highest quality.

There are hundreds of companies around the world that work in direct sales, but none of them are quite like Qnet. Qnet is truly a unique direct sales company. It is a company that focuses on diversity and on individuals. In reality Qnet is a company that stands in a class on its own, and that is one reason why Qnet attracts so much positive attention from all around the world.

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Adam Sender’s Art Investment Strategy October 21, 2015

Investors like Adam Sender are absolutely one in a million. He is someone who invests in art for the passion and love of it, and not necessarily just for the money. He invests in art because he loves and admires the artists that he invest in, he is very quick to put an unknown artist in the spotlight for others to see.

Adam Sender once purchased a photograph for $100,000 and today, that same photograph goes for $2-$3 million. When he purchased that photo, the expected price for the artwork was somewhere around $20,000. In fact, the person that took the shot would be happy if she earned maybe $10,000 from the piece of art, instead Adam purchased the painting for $100,000, which appeared to be completely ridiculous in the year 1999. When other people saw how much Adam was willing to pay for this brilliant artists piece of work, they clamored to commission the artist that orchestrated the piece and commission more pieces from her, thereby making her a very rich girl.

The entire world of art collecting is completely subjective, yet primal all at once. Good art is of scenarios that people identify with and want to amplify in their lives.

The science behind art collecting is one that is very sensual. If you like the way a piece of art feels, looks or makes others feel, then you are much more likely to invest in the piece of artwork. It is almost as if the piece of art inspires the people in your world to feel a certain way about you, which increases and improves the value and quality of your life.

I want you to imagine this – you go to a website and there are no images to convey the message that the site builder is trying to convey. All you see is a blank white screen with a bunch of script. This is probably not a website that you would be willing to spend hundreds of hours of time on, unless there was something very important there for you. And even so, you could probably think of 1000 things to do that are more of a positively sensual experience for you. Now, imagine that same, exact site had a very sensual undertone with different pictures, images and a web layout that was extremely beautiful to look at. Now, there is actually a chance that you are willing to spend hundreds, or even thousands of hours browsing and engaging in that website. Adam Sender looks at art investing as visual therapy for his clients and employees.

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