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Dr Sergio Cortes Plans Tour of Flooded Regon to Evaluate the Situation February 5, 2016

When Extra.Global asked The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes plan was to combat all the illnesses that are related to all of the flooding and landslides that have besieged the area since the start of the new year. They were surprised that the complete and comprehensive plan that Dr. Sergio Cortes had drafted. Dr. Cortes was on his way to go survey some of the worst flooding was his evaluation team. Sec. Cortes of sergiocortesofficial is already arranged state to build seven emergency shelters that were designed with 12th hydration stations in each one. The hydration stations are needed to treat some of the first symptoms of patients have when they have contracted dengue. Dr. Cortes is plan consists of teaching the workers and emergency shelters how to be able to detect the early onset symptoms of some of the viruses and disease currently plaguing the area.

While building the emergency shelters and working with local residents as a positive step in the right direction but is not quite enough when dealing with the violent widespread rapidly growing health crisis that has been attributed to the stagnant floodwaters. The long list of diseases and viruses lurking in the these contaminated free standing waters is extensive.The State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes is also arranging on crunchbase for some proactive action from the state and the local community to help engage the Aedes aegypti mosquito. With over 200,000 troops deployed across the Brazilian nation with the intention of passing out bottled water to resident and the disinfecting the floodwaters that have accumulated in the area. 3000 antibacterial tablets have been dispersed as an early intervention against against leptospirosis. Dr. Sergio Cortes and state health department workers have passed out 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to help disinfect the waters and to help kill the larvae in the waters.

Originally Zika virus was more of a sleeper in the terrible menace that has become. The reason is that apparently was just one bite from the Aedes aegypti mosquito is all it takes to practically ruined the both the lives of the the child and that of the mothers.Many governments the issued a travel advisory to the area.

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