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Why IAP’s Latest Acquisitions are Part of Its Long-term Growth Strategy September 14, 2016

IAP Worldwide Services recently announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS). The former is an aviation and logistics firm based in Oklahoma while the latter is a mission support services, logistics, and aircraft repair management firm based in Aberdeen Proving Ground. TCNS provides its services to major agencies including the US Department of Defense. Acquiring the two firms clearly proves that IAP plans to maintain its dominance in global logistics for years to come.

The acquisition is strategic because it increases IAP Worldwide’s capacity to serve its global clientele. In addition, its addressable market will double, which means that the firm will be forced to expand its scale of operations. It has been announced that the two firms will be collapsed into a single unit, which has aptly been named Aviation & Engineering Solutions. This unit will be under IAP’s National Security Programs division. The company’s IAP’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Kitani states that the two acquisitions are a natural fit, and will go a long way in expanding the firm’s portfolio.

IAP’s New Strategy

Since the turn of the year, IAP Worldwide Services has been implementing a strategy, which is wholly based on gradual growth. The needs of its customers are also factored in whenever the company implements its growth strategies. The formulation of customer-oriented strategies, innovation, and lean operations have been its core objectives.

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IAP Worldwide in Brief

This is a leading provider of global logistics services. For more than 60 years, it has cut a niche for itself through the provision of exceptional services, more so to disaster prone regions. The firm has a global outlook with operations on in more than 25 countries. Its 2000-strong workforce mainly comprises military veterans who fully understand the challenges that come with working challenging regions.

IAP has registered remarkable growth since its formation. It has offices in the UK, Middle East, Florida, and Washington D.C. This enables it to respond to its client’s concerns in a timely manner. The firm has similarly been promoting various community-based programs on because it fully understands that it has a role to play at communal level. It has particularly been advocating for seamless reintegration of veterans into the community. This explains why it reserves a bulk of its vacancies to veterans.

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