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Kim Dao Shows off a Kimono February 7, 2017

Kim Dao has gone to Kanazawa, Japan in order to show her YouTube fans all about kimonos. In the video she shows how to to put it on and the whole process of wearing them.

Her first stop is a kimono shop where she finds a kimono that she loves due to the design of flowers on it as well as it matching the color of her hair. She also purchases socks and hair accessories that match the outfit. Kim Dao has a hairdresser put her hair into the proper hair style which is called a “Moe Style”. She has the help of a professional in order to put the kimono on properly, which is an involving process of different belts and layers.

Kim Dao’s next stop is Higashi Chaya where she walks the street in her kimono and shows off its design. She also shows the beautiful cherry blossoms that cover the landscape. She stops to have a great curry lunch and then hams up in photos with her friends, as well as a short karaoke session. Kim Dao also shows us the fantastic street foods that you can buy in the area, and in particular the exotic ice creams.

Due to rain starting Kim Dao needs to go inside and change clothes out of the kimono. Taking a kimono off is almost as involving as putting one on due to the intricacy of them. Kim Dao gets to have pizza, chicken, and pumpkin soup as dinner that night to top off the day’s events. If you would like to watch this video please go to the link below.

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Young Entrepreneurs Can Show Off Their Skills Online November 23, 2015

YouTube has become a great source for entertainment and jobs over the years bringing in a lot of revenue from ads and sponsors. This is a site where young entrepreneurs can show off their skills online for an audience to seek out fame and fortune. There are all kinds of different videos uploaded every day. It takes a lot of time and effort to edit these videos, but it can be well rewarding seeing the nice comments under videos. Sometime it may take extra out of pocket money to buy equipment depending on the type of video.

Here are several of the most popular YouTubers that make all their money from ads seen in the beginning and sometimes the middle of videos:

1) PewDiePie:
This foul Swedish video game commentator is by far the most popular guy on YouTube. He commentates on a variety of video games and records his funny reactions on screen. There was recently an article about him describing the road to his success. He is the first YouTuber to reach a billion views. He has 32 million subscribers.

2) Smosh:
This comedy group does role play comedy series about video games and pop culture. It is sort of a satirical atmosphere featuring two guys named Ian and Anthony.

3) DisneyCollectorBR:
Believe me, this was surprising to me when I found out this information. But I guess anything is possible on YouTube. Basically what this Brazilian women does is open up Disney toys and commentates on them. She currently has 2.8 million subscribers.

4) TobyGames:
A lot of you might have heard about this guy. He is a very popular comedian that stated making parodies of the movie Click. Now he has been working on several other great parodies to add to the collection. He is also working on traditional media. He currently has 15 million subscribers.

5) BlueXephos:
This is more a group of video game comedians commenting on video games such as mine-craft and World of War Craft. They are also known for their great work raising money for charities in Europe. They have 7.2 million total subscribers.

Wendy Haung is another very successful YouTube entertainer and entrepreneur. Wengie has vast experience and expert knowledge on the subject of digital marketing. This is especially true with social media and video streaming.

She is also the founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. This is a well known beauty channel that she created and manages. It is one of the most subscribed to channels in Australia. There have been blogging campaigns that she ran listed in famous cosmopolitan publishers. In addition, Wengie is the CEO of StyleAlley where users buy, sell, and swap fashion.

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